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Sunburn is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

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Every member of the Aqua Raider Team is a cruel and dirty pirate, and its female member Sunburn is certainly no exception. The classic "vamp", Sunburn delights in tormenting her victims both physically and mentally.


Micron Legend: Linkage Mini-Comics

The Aqua Raider Team was sent to Hawaii to capture the Super Stunt Team and Sonic Assault Team, or at least hold them off long enough for the Speed Chaser Team to arrive with the massive Ravenus. While Bilge and Freeboot invaded the Mini-Cons' shuttle base (finding it empty), Sunburn was on backup patrol and observed the energy discharge that signaled the unlocking of the Master Key. The Aqua Raider Team charged in, but were easily captured by the newly powered-up Redline and Combusta.

When Ravenus captured Twirl, Sunburn joked about whether or not Redline could catch up with the escaping Bulk in time. Combusta overheard her and used her new powers to extract from Sunburn everything she knew about the Doomstone held within Ravenus. When Redline and Kingbolt were able to stop Ravenus and contain him, the Aqua Raider Team retreated via trans-phase mode, which let them slip through their energy wall bonds and return to their dark master Unicron.

Though Sunburn is not explicitly shown in the final battle where Autobot, Decepticon and Mini-Con alike faced off against Unicron, it is assumed she was part of that final battle, since Freeboot is shown to have been there, and it is highly likely that she met her end there.



  • Sunburn (DVD Mini-Con, 2004)
    • Accessories: Missile
Sunburn is a redeco of the Sea Team Mini-Con Oceanglide, available only with volume 10 of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) DVD in Japan. She transforms into a turbine-driven boat with a "solar sail" assembly, and features a pressure-launch missile in both modes.
The same mold is also used by Solar.


  • The information on Sunburn comes directly from Linkage author Hirofumi Ichikawa, who was unable to get in as much characterization for the later DVD-exclusive Mini-Cons as he wanted in the final chapters of the comic series, as he needed to wrap up the story.

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