Sun Raid is an audio adventure with accompanying Colorforms book.

The Decepticons plot to steal energy from the sun.

Vital Statistics

Audio duration: 0:26:15

The audio cassette was also available - without the Colorforms book - as a "Listen 'n Fun" adventure gift-set with either red or yellow Cliffjumper.


Cliffjumper reports to Optimus Prime on a new Decepticon raid on a power plant and the Decepticon plans to attack of the Autobots in 2 days. Optimus then tells Cliffjumper about how he had Bumblebee and Huffer plant false information with the Decepticons that the Autobots had come into a new source of evergy. The Autobot then scramble to come up with a new source of energy to before the attack. Optimus decides to find Doctor Heath Blaisedale to help them.

In the meantime Doctor Blaisedale is being awarded by the U.S. President for her breakthrough in solar energy. Megatron is informed by Soundwave about the Doctor's discovery and cancels the upcoming attack on the Autobots, instead scheduling the attack on the Doctor's solar reactor.

Starscream leads the Seekers on a scouting mission. Optimus sends Cliffjumper to bring back the Doctor, but they are interrupted by Ravage, who also wants the Doctor. Cliffjumper fights off Ravage and takes the doctor, by force, to Optimus Prime.

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"If you just get in, then I won't have to kidnap you."

Cliffjumper makes a sound argument.

"Well you are quite a gentleman for so large a robot."

Heath Blaisedale is grudgingly impressed by Optimus Prime.


  • In a rare case of acknowledging the Mini Vehicle gimmick in fiction, Cliffjumper calls himself a Minicar.
  • Unlike most audio books with Megatron and Soundwave, Megatron isn't abusive and actually compliments Soundwave for his abilities.
  • Ravage speaks.
  • Megatron refers to the trio of Decepticon planes as "Deceptiplanes."
  • The plot of the Decepticons using a machine to steal energon from the sun, but then possibly destroying the planet in the process, is not unique to this story.
  • While not named, the President of the United States is clearly voiced as an imitation of Ronald Reagan.


  • Cliffjumper is described as a red truck.
  • Ravage transforms between a panther and a robot.

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