Sumdac Tower is a building in the Animated continuity family.

Sumdac Tower, a skyscraper in downtown Detroit, is the home of Isaac Sumdac and his daughter Sari. It also appears to be the center of Sumdac Systems, Professor Sumdac's corporation. The tower is massive, armed with impressive security features and and staffed by both humans and robots.

Unfortunately, there is evil in that tower...evil which does not sleep.


Transformers Animated

In addition to what is presumably the penthouse of the Sumdac family, Sumdac Tower also includes Professor Sumdac's private laboratory, where he keeps the severed head of Megatron, as well as Megatron's severed hand (which he uses as a chair!). Transform and Roll Out!

Whenever the Tower is under attack, it engages an automatic force field to protect those inside the building. Good idea it you're under seige from the bad guys. Bad idea if the bad guy is already in there. Total Meltdown

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