Sumdac Systems is a corporation in the Animated continuity family.
Sumdac Systems

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Founded by Isaac Sumdac, Sumdac Systems is the Earth's foremost producer of automatons. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan's Sumdac Tower, Sumdac Systems produces a fantastically wide range of automatons, with functions ranging from law enforcement to janitorial work to entertainment. Thanks to a series of mergers, Sumdac Systems owns a number of facilities across Detroit, including the abandoned car factory the Earthbound Autobots call home.

Unknown to anyone but Isaac Sumdac himself, however, is that he owes his success to Megatron, whose body he scavenged and reverse-engineered.

Known employees

  • Isaac Sumdac - founder/CEO
  • Porter C. Powell - chairman of the board/CEO (former)
  • Henry Masterson - engineer (fired by Sumdac, brought back by Powell, and Powell fired by Sumdac)


Transformers Animated cartoon

Sumdac Systems was founded by Isaac Sumdac using technology he reversed engineered from Megatron's severed head. Over the next fifty years, Sumdac Systems came to dominate the robotic market it had created, becoming the backbone of Detroit's economy. Transform and Roll Out!

Sumdac Systems' protoype turbo-blade cyber suit was appropriated by Megatron, who gave it to small-time hood Nino Sexton. Using Isaac Sumdac's stolen financial information, he paid the criminal to use the suit to rob a Sumdac facility of the unstable experimental compound Destronium. While the Autobots eventually apprehended Sexton, the Destronium was destroyed. Nanosec

Sumdac Systems has a notable zero-military hardware policy. Isaac Sumdac is rather adamant about this, no matter how "wicked sweet" explosions are, nor how much "total ownage" would result. Headmaster However, the company does have contracts with the Detroit Police Department, including fully armed police drones. Isaac Sumdac doesn't seem to find this a contradiction. Total Meltdown

In the wake of Professor Sumdac's disappearance, board member Porter C. Powell was rather cold-hearted towards his daughter's "wasting" of company resources to try to locate him (never mind the fact that the company depends on his brain for their products). The second she stepped out of the office, he began a hostile takeover and had the board name him CEO. He also took the liberty of disproving that Sari exists, legally. What a charming fellow. The Elite Guard

As CEO of Sumdac Systems, Powell reversed several of Isaac Sumdac's policies, notably his "no military hardware" rule. He also lowered the recruitment criteria for Sumdac Systems, proved by his re-hiring of former employee Henry Masterson, who was not only insane, but had also tried to blow up Michigan a while back. He also banned the Autobots from Sumdac Tower. No Autobots allowed, but terrorists welcomed, apparently. Yeah, that's certainly not going to be something to regret... The Return of the Headmaster


  • The Sumdac Systems emblem (seen in the lobby of Sumdac Tower), bears a superficial similarity to the 'S' emblem of the DC Comics villain Slade/Deathstroke as portrayed in the Teen Titans cartoon, which incidentally was a previous project for many of the staff of Transformers Animated. It also resembles the 'C' icon of 'Cybus Industries', a mega-corporation from the TV series Doctor Who. Like Sumdac Systems, Cybus is run by a reclusive genius and has its hand in (amongst other technologies) some very advanced servo-mechanics. The emblem also looks almost identical to the S insignia of the Sphere in the cartoon Skyland, which bears little resemblance to Sumdac Systems apart from extensively using robots.
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