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Megatron wants Doctor Biggles-Jones... at least, the head part of her.


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Specifics: a shot of Megs with his protoplasm stripper.

In the brainwashed town of Milleville, Megatron is beginning to find Cobra Commander bothersome, and transforms back to robot mode. He calmly informs Cobra Commander that he's got a bit of a security problem in his sewers, then calls down the Ark. (It was apparently just hovering somewhere near town. Inconspicuously hovering, no doubt.) As Cobra Commander berates him, Megatron reveals the true nature of their deal. It's not just Cybertronian technology in exchange for a new body and some Cobra tech; Megatron also gets to keep Doctor Biggles-Jones, the inventor of his new hypervelocity railgun.

As Megatron gets some equipment from the Ark, he mentions that he intends to pack the doctor in liquid hydrogen for the trip back to Cybertron. Zarana asks him to explain further, and he reveals that he doesn't bother freezing the entire organism, just the brain and central nervous system. He's got a protoplasm stripper prepared for just such a purpose.

During all this, G.I. Joe is invading Milleville in force, with some success, but eventually is forced to pull back.

Doctor Biggles-Jones is sharing revelations with the hospitalized Scarlett when Megatron reaches through the window and snatches the doctor up. He attempts to stuff her into the protoplasm stripper. Scarlett leaves her hospital bed, and confronts Megatron with a sword, telling him to put her down. "Right now!"


Script: Larry Hama
Pencils: Steven Leiber and William Rosado
Inks: Scott Moulter and Chip Wallace
Colors: Bob Sharen
Letters: Rick Parker
Editor: Mike Lackey

  • Originally published: October, 1993

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  • On p.1, Tunnel Rat is observing Megatron through binoculars. Since Megs has changed every part of his body but his head, Tunnel Rat doesn't recognize him, and says, "I see [...] a large Decepticon — one I've never seen before!" The problem is that, last issue, Tunnel Rat observed Megatron, passed a message to Hawk, who passed it to Mainframe, who sent it to Bumblebee, who explicitly told Optimus Prime that Megatron is on Earth. So, either A) Tunnel Rat described Megatron's head in enough detail that one of the other people in the communications chain was able to ID him, or B) this is a continuity error.
  • When Zarana wonders what Megatron meant by the "liquid hydrogen" crack, Megatron hears and responds to her from inside the Ark, which is clearly hundreds of yards away (given its size). With his upgraded sensors, yah, he could probably hear her, but he'd have to really yell to respond, and there's no indication he's talking loudly.
  • The cover says that this issue is, "Continuing the greatest Joes action saga of all time!" Not by a very long shot, bub.

Items of note

  • The cover title of the series for this issue is G.I. Joe Starring Snake-Eyes and Transformers Generation 2. However, the title in the indicia (and hence the legal title) is G.I. Joe A Real American Hero.

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