The Substitute Autobots is a subgroup from Transformers Animated continuity.
TFA Substitute Autobots

The Substitute Autobots

The Substitute Autobots, just as its name suggests, is a substitute when the Autobots on Earth led by Optimus Prime are brained washed by Soundwave.

The individual members of the team are:


Transformers Animated

When Soundwave took control of the Autobots with his (awesome) keytar, Sari flew to Dinobot Island for the Dinobots to help her defeat his awesomeness. After finding out Snarl "betrayed" the team, she flies over to Scrapper, with Snarl as his pet. He and his pet join the Substitute Autobots due to Dirt Boss and Mixmaster being lost for 48 days. They build a raft to swim back to Detroit when Wreck-Gar, the "Leg-Pulling Hero", jumps out of the water and joins Sari in the fight. After maneuvering through the zombiefied Autobots' attacks, they managed to free them from their awesome mind control (Wrecky served as a good shield). After fighting Soundwave in an awesome "battle of the bands", Optimus forced Laserbeak into a guitar and cut its master into a bunch of awesome pieces. At the end of the day, Scrap and Snarl went back to their home for a long vacation, and Wreck-Gar started singing (awesome) Christmas carols. Human Error, Part 2


  • Each of the substitute Autobots were brought to life on Earth.
    • 3/4 of them were built on Earth.
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