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Much like his fellow Pretender, Iguanus, Submarauder has developed an intense connection with the creatures represented by his outer Pretender shell. He enjoys spending extensive periods of time alone underwater, observing all that the living seas have to offer. Interrupting his musings is a serious mistake, as his explosive temper will be instantly turned on any Autobot who dares enter his domain. Unfortunately for his fellow Decepticons, they too will suffer the same fate if they disturb the creatures of the deep.

French name (Canada): Sousmaraudeur
Italian name: Reptilo


Marvel Comics continuity

After commandeering a genetics research lab on Earth, Scorponok was able to recreate and perfect the science of Pretender shells using synthoplasmic chambers constructed by him and Vorath. Submarauder was one of six Decepticon volunteers transformed by the process into new Pretenders. Pretender to the Throne! When Scorponok designed a complicated scheme for turning all of Manhattan into a massive lightning rod, he used to Pretenders to help carry out his plot. Submarauder and Finback arranged the conductor cables to transmit the electrical energy across the river from New York to New Jersey. King Con! Later, he was on stand by when Lord Zarak observed Roadhandler's wrestling match, and ferryed the Decepticon leader back to their base on the New Jersey shores. The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship!

Dreamwave comics continuity

Submarauder served as a member of Ratbat's Ultracon faction during the Dark Ages. He was present as Tyger Pax for the signing of the peace treaty between Ratbat, Shockwave, and Ultra Magnus. He fought alongside various Autobots and Decepticons against the Predacons when they interrupted the proceedings. The Age of Wrath issue 1


Generation One

G1 Submarauder toy

Me and my friends get no respect. What does Scooby do that we neglect?

  • Submarauder (Pretender, 1988)
    • Accessories: Pretender shell, sword, "torpedo rifle", shield, belt
Submarauder transforms into a cybertronic submarine thing that's vague and purple. His gun is mounted on his back in this mode. As with most Pretenders, Submarauder has a rather generic looking robot mode with no distinct details and is rather monochromatic, but less so than his mostly purple vehicle mode.
His outer Pretender Shell is a sea creature guy with gills, a head-mounted dorsal fin, and scales. The shell wields Submarauder's sword and gun, and can mount his shield on his forearm.
This toy was released in Japan without changes as Gilmer.


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