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Template:Infobox combinerThe Stunticons plot to take over planets' roads in any way they can. Whether that be searching for Cybertronian weapons that can help them or setting up posts at different roadways, controlled by one of their individual members, it doesn't matter. As long as they can take over the roads, they'll be satisfied.

They are currently focusing their attention on Earth, but unfortunately a group of stupid lawbots is constantly interfering with their plans in order to defend the squishies. Stocking up on Cybertronian relics is the only way they can defend themselves, and the tracking device they found will certainly help.

The group includes:

  • The rough and tough leader Motormaster, obsessed with being "ruler of the roads".
  • The brutish and overconfident Heatseeker, who fires heat-seeking missiles.
  • The confidence-lacking Wildbreak, who can emit painful energy waves through the air or ground.
  • Wildbreak's "buddy ol' pal", the scheming and opportunistic Dragstrip, who leaves enemies in the dust with his nitro boosts.
  • The snobbish and snarky Slashmark, who literally rips at the roads with his energy-induced tires.

The Stunticons are accomplished combiners with multiple tricks up their sleeves. They can double-up to share power: Dragstrip and Wildbreak have been known to form Dragbreak, while Heatseeker and Slashmark form Heatmark. The entire group can also combine into the fearsome (if unstable) titan Menasor.