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Strongarm suddenly remembers he left his boxing gloves at home.

Strongarm would rather be working on machines than fighting. Generally good-natured and light-hearted, Strongarm's gift for mechanics and electrical systems make him an invaluable asset for the Autobots, constantly fixing broken or faulty weapons systems. He'll keep on talking the entire time, too... if there's no-one else in the room to converse with (or, more accurately at), he's got his own voice-activated computer to jibba-jabba at.


Titan Magazines

As a recruit, Strongarm underwent training missions with Ironhide - said training being "attack that heavily armed Decepticon base!". He did a flanking run to draw enemy fire. Transformers Comic issue 5

In an alternate reality where the Decepticons captured the All Spark, Strongarm was one of the six Autobot reinforcements hiding on the moon. Transformers Comic issue 9 When Starscream attacked and it seemed clear their plan was ruined, Strongarm was the one who decided to go to Earth anyway, as they had nothing left to lose. However, this is what Starscream wanted them to do... Transformers Comic issue 11 Strongarm managed to help save Bumblebee from Megatron but actually fighting the Big Meg was out of his league (he has the dents to prove it). Transformers Comic issue 12 Despite this, he still wanted to get in the middle of Optimus Prime's fight with Megatron as he's nucking futz. Transformers Comic issue 13

He was extremely relieved when the war appeared to be finally over, to the point of making a very inappropriate joke about the All Spark's destruction. Unfortunately, it never ends, and Strongarm (looking quite resigned) had to defend the Savannah Shelter from a Decepticon massacre. Transformers Comic issue 14 When Starscream manipulated NATO into joining the battle, Strongarm was taken down by tank fire. Transformers Comic issue 15 Getting no rest, once repaired he was constantly sent to protect human convoys against inevitable Decepticon attacks. Transformers Comic issue 16

IDW Transformers (2007) comics continuity

Despite his name, Strongarm was never really much of a warrior. He preferred to spend his time as a repairman or a mechanic. However, after the war broke out, he was part of a team that was ambushed by Decepticon forces. His entire was killed and he was left for dead in the aftermath. However, he was found soon after and repaired but he refused to allow the damage to his face to be fixed, wanting it to serve as a reminder to the dead teammates that he failed to save.

During the period when most of the Autobots left to find the All Spark, Strongarm was part of a small resistance group who stayed behind. Later when Arcee was found back on Cybertron, he took part in an attack to rescue other Autobots who had been put to work creating Starscream's very own replica of the All Spark. As part of the attack he left for Trypticon with Wingblade and Breakaway as part of a team to initially create a diversion for Arcee's team (as well as get some payback for himself) to rescue the other Autobots, however they were soon drained of their life-force. After Dreadwing began his attempted takeover the plan changed for his group to shut down the Dreadwing, Swindle and Payload drones, so that the odds of the other group winning the battle were increased considerably. He shut down the drones personally and the Autobots were successful in their mission.


Transformers (2007)

  • Strongarm (Scout, 2007)
    • Accessories: Crane boom/rifle, spare tire halves, Autobot-type energon star
Strongarm is a redeco of the Energon series Strongarm toy, transforming into a Cybertronic jeep. He has a clear-plastic "energon" crane-boom/rifle and spare tire which can combine to form a large axe.
This mold was also used to make Fallback and Crosshairs. The axe mold was separated and used for multiple Takara promotional energon weapons, as well as being released in reddish-orange with the Japanese "Wild" redeco of Energon Ironhide.


  • Strongarm's bio pegs him as an Autobot, where his toy's only "faction" marking is for Sector Seven (apart from the molded in Autobot logo). It's possible Strongarm is hiding out among the Sector Seven motor pool disguised as one of their jeeps.
  • Due to Strongarm and Crosshairs BOTH appearing in Reign of Starscream, an effort was made to give Strongarm a different look. In issue #4 Strongarm has a "battle mask" covering his nose area. In issue #5 (ironically, just before battle) the battle mask is "open" and shows that Strongarm has a gaping hole in the middle of his face. Ouch! Perhaps this is the source of the "payback" he seeks.

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