Strong-Bot is a character in the Go-Bots continuity.
Strongbot intro pose

Bulldozer treads: they lift and separate for maximum comfort and support!

Strong-Bot is the biggest, toughest, and strongest Go-Bot there is. He's persistent and determined, and won't stop until the job is done.




Voice actor: Brian Dobson (US), ??? (Japan)

Dear Strong Bot, How do you type with shovels for hands? Strong Bot: How do you type with a Wikipedia:Homestar Runner reference in your hands?

Strong-Bot was chosen by the Go-Bot Council as "the strongest" of the available Go-Bots to join the Earth's Go-Bot Team on their mission to help Earth.

When Silver-Bot arrived on Earth and created a hurricane (or a typhoon, you know, some kinda big water storm, why give little kids the correct terminology?) near a human beach resort due to his reckless fun, Aero-Bot, Speed-Bot and Strong-Bot were dispatched to save the people and stop the big doofus. First Strong-Bot towed a cruise liner to safety (by dragging it across shallow water), then dug a cave for the tourists to hide out in during the storm. Typhoon Twister

In all other known missions, Strong-Bot stayed in the Go-Pod and monitored the Go-Bots' actions. He got a Go-Shield symbol for his work. Racer-Bot Road Rally

Online Comic

When Reptron knocked a comet towards the Earth, Strong-Bot stayed back in the Go-Pod to monitor the situation with Buzzer-Bot while Aero-Bot went to stop the comet.


Playskool Go-Bots

  • Strong-Bot (Basic Go-Bot, 2002)
A yellow bulldozer with an action feature: push down on his windshield to make his scoop move up and down. Available by himself or in a K-Mart exclusive 2-pack with Beast-Bot II. Released in Japan as Beck, recolored as Scrap-Bot, and remolded as Randy.
  • Strong-Bot (Botropolis, 2003)
Strong-Bot gained a second form: a yellow and orange dump truck. Released in Japan as Gong.
  • Strong-Bot (Secret Shield, 2004)
Released in the "Secret Shield" assortment, Strong-Bot turned into an all-terrain vehicle. This was actually a recolor of "Invisibility Force" ATV Strong-Bot, but that toy was held back until 2005.
  • Strong-Bot (Invisibility Force, 2004)
Another new mold for Strong-Bot: this time, a clear-yellow cement truck.
  • Strong-Bot (Basic Go-Bot, 2005)
Just before the line was cancelled, Strong-Bot got a pickup form that was remolded from Flash-Bot.
  • Strong-Bot (Invisibility Force, 2005)
An all-terrain vehicle made from clear yellow plastic, this is one of the "Invisibility Force" toys that was intended for release in 2004, but was held back until after the line was cancelled in 2005.

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