Stripmine is a Gigantion Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Not as unattractive as Uma Thurman.

Stripmine is the Mini-Con partner to Quickmix, Gigantion leader Metroplex's right-hand mech. Presumably, this means Stripmine holds a similar position among the Mini-Cons of Gigantion.

Japanese name: Kill-Bull




My shoulder-angel!

When Starscream began powering up the crashed Atlantis starships' main guns, Quickmix decided to cut him short by covering the entire ship in his quick-drying cement. Stripmine leapt to his station on Quickmix's vehicle-mode tower, and soon the Atlantis was entombed, a job well-done! City

Stripmine later helped Quickmix and Menasor in the making of raw materials to build a new Space Bridge generator so they could return to Cybertron. Guardian

He was present at the launching of the four colony-world ships after the death of Galvatron, and said good-bye to the Recon Mini-Con Team, since they were staying on Earth with their human friends while (presumably) the other Mini-Cons were sticking with their larger partners. As such, it's likely Stripmine was part of the new crew of the Ogygia, though he isn't explicitly shown. Beginning



  • Quickmix (Voyager-Class, 2006)
Stripmine transforms into a Cybertronic treaded vehicle with a cannon of some form on the top, possibly a laser-drill or a variant of a MASER tank. He can stand on the "control panel" portion of Quickmix's vehicle mode above the mixing drum He was available only with his larger partner.
Due to a design flaw, Stripmine cannot Powerlinx to most toys in vehicle mode, due to the treads blocking the socket. However, though Quickmix's instructions fail to show it, he does have a peg that allows his big buddy to hold him as an odd rifle-sorta... weapon?
In Japan, Quickmix was only available through Takara's e-Hobby internet store.
This mold was also used to make Universe Drill Bit.

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