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Strika is Megatron's personally chosen "General of Destruction", and for good reason. She lives for war, for the glory of war. She is the ideal mix of brains and brawn, as her immense strength and brilliant military tactical mind make her a worthy adversary and a dangerous foe to the Autobots. To add to her power, her multi-wheeled heavily armored battle tank mode is equipped with weaponry that produce an enormous amount of fire power. On top of all this, she brought many victories to the Decepticons during the Great War on Cybertron.

She is also Lugnut's "consort", which means spouse... what Lugnut and Strika are married?! actually is pretty surprising.


Animated cartoon

Voice actor: Tara Strong (English), Rikako Aikawa (Japanese)
Animated Strika on screen

Mick Jagger called. He wants his lips back.

Strika sabotaged Rodimus's group on the asteroid holding a space bridge. She leads the Decepticon group, Team Chaar, containing Blackout, Spittor, Oil Slick, and Cyclonus. Megatron later ordered her group to fall back, and not to engage the Elite guard. TransWarped

Shockwave with Team Chaar

Where did the rest of my team go?

Strika and several other members of Team Chaar (except for Cyclonus and Blackout) were among the Decepticons present in Soundwave's alternate reality. Human Error, Part 1


  • Derrick J. Wyatt said this about Strika: "another personal Transformers life goal for yours truly".
  • Her Beast Machines counterpart had Obsidian, a small skinny tactical genius, as her consort. Transformers Animated Strika, in contrast, apparently has Lugnut, who is huge, bulking, powerful and not too bright. Quite a switch eh?
  • In the Latin American dub, Strika is turned into a male character by the name of "Strik".
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