This article is about Streetwise the Micromaster combiner from Universe. For Streetwise the Scramble City combiner from Generation One, see Streetwise (G1).

Streetwise is an Autobot from the Universe conflict.
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A member of the Micromaster Protectobots, Streetwise fights against the forces of the evil Unicron. He forms the right arm of Defensor. His relationship to any other "Streewise" is unknown.


3H Universe comics

Streetwise only appeared as an arm to the Protectobots' combined form Defensor. The team were among the numerous prisoners in the Cauldron set free by Trailbreaker and Silverbolt


Universe (2003)

  • Streetwise (Micromaster Protectobot, 2004)
    • Accessories: Defensor right fist, radar assembly

An exclusive to Kay-Bee stores, Streetwise is a (slight) redeco of Circuit. He came with Defensor's right fist and a radar-like shoulder assembly. He's street wise, but not street legal. Ironic, no?

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