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This article is about Streetwise the Autobot combiner from Generation One. For Streetwise the Micromaster combiner from Universe, see Streetwise (Universe).

Who's the black-and-white Protectobot
That knows every street and parking lot?
Ya damn right!

And who is the bot that would risk his spark
For his brother bots?
Can you dig it?

What interceptor won't back down
'Til his target's run to ground?
Right on!

They say this cop car is a bad mother—
I'm just talking about Streetwise!
We can dig it!

He's a combination bot,
But no one gets to use him but Defensor!

French name (Canada): Aviso
Italian name: Phantom


Streetwiseg1 (1)


Marvel Comics continuity[]

Generation One[]

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Get me Undercover Brother!

Streetwise and the other Protectobots were created on Earth by Wheeljack and the Autobots after they stole a recording of Devastator's combiner transformation sequence and modified it (and after Optimus Prime and Buster Witwicky shared a Matrix-induced vision of the future with the Special Teams in it) Second Generation!.

On their first mission, the Protectobots joined Optimus Prime in protecting Energy Futures Industries and the hydrothermocline from Megatron and the Combaticons. After agreeing to battle for the prize in a virtual reality so that neither the hydrothermocline nor innocent bystanders would be harmed, Optimus and the Protectobots entered the bizarre landscape of Multi-World. Searching for the Combaticons, Streetwise and First Aid entered Vineland. On a hunch, Streetwise chose to lift a falling web of vines out of their path instead of blasting through it. This left them open to attack by Brawl and Swindle, but it also earned the respect of the living vines populating Vineland, who entangled the Combaticons long enough for the Protectobots to beat their opponents. Afterdeath!

Later, Streetwise helped a young boy to teach Starscream the meaning of Christmas. Okay, so actually he was trying to shoot Starscream. And sure, Starscream didn't actually learn the meaning of Christmas so much as deliberately fake it in order to piss off Streetwise because the humans liked him better than the Autobot. But spirit and all that. Stargazing

Generation 2[]

When Optimus Prime and Grimlock discovered the threat of the Cybertronian Empire, they called in Autobots scattered across the galaxy, including Streetwise. And, when Grimlock chose to disobey Prime's directives and make a tactical first strike against Jhiaxus's ships, Streetwise went with him. They were quickly found out and captured, though, leaving it to Optimus to bail them out of trouble. Devices and Desires!

Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Peter Cullen (US), ? (Japan)
G1 RevengeofBruticus FirstAid Streetwise help

If you see me walking down the street / walk on by, walk on by

When the Insecticons attacked an inhabited city on Earth, Optimus Prime called upon the Protectobots to evacuate the civilians caught in the crossfire. Streetwise was carrying civilians when he discovered an injured man and called First Aid over to help him. Later, as Earth's orbit was diverted to the Sun by the Combaticons, Streetwise and Groove commandeered a meat locker to keep the overheated humans cool. Streetwise assured Groove that given the constantly rising temperatures outside, the humans would not freeze to death. The Revenge of Bruticus

Streetwise, as part of Defensor, totally blew up Bruticus. Afterward, he was with the Protectobots when they saved some window-washers from a burning skyscraper, catching the humans when Blades blew them off their platform. Later still, Streetwise and the other Protectobots were ordered to help defend Autobot Headquarters from a Decepticon attack. They merged into Defensor and activated his useless force field, which almost immediately deactivated, allowing the Decepticons to blast Defensor back into his component parts. B.O.T.

G1 UltimateWeapon HotSpotStreetwise covering FirstAid

Bad Boys / Bad Boys / Watcha gonna do / Watcha gonna do when they come 4 u.

In the year 2006, the Autobots were asked to help the Dutch authorities deal with French rebels. After dispersing the human aggressors by crashing a trash can into them, the Protectobots came under attack from the Decepticons. Streetwise expressed concern that the Decepticons didn't care how many innocent humans they killed so long as they destroyed the Protectobots. Later, it turned out the battle was only a diversion to allow Swindle to steal Metroplex's transformation cog, First Aid left the Autobots when he failed to stop the theft. Unfortunately, just as First Aid left, the Autobots were called upon to deal with a rampaging Trypticon. Hot Spot ordered the remaining Protectobots to combine into Defensor, and they successfully saved a train full of civilians, even without First Aid. The Ultimate Weapon

Later in 2006, the Protectobots arrived at the aftermath of the battle between the Technobots and Terrorcons at Mark Morgan's laboratory. They transported the injured Jessica Morgan to County General Hospital and watched over her as the doctors restored her ability to walk with an exo-skeletal structure, enraging the robo-phobic senior Morgan. This had negative consequences. What a jerkface. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

The Headmasters cartoon[]

Four Warriors Come out of the Sky, A Dream Is Born, Double Prime

Dreamwave comics continuity[]


Hot buttered 'bot

Streetwise stuck with his team after the signing of the Crisis Intervention Accords and took part in the battle against Devastator in the Tagan Heights. Streetwise flipped the switch which overloaded the giant Ultracon. Of course, he couldn't be too proud, since not long after, he was hypnotized into blasting First Aid by Mindwipe.


Generation One[]

  • Streetwise (Protectobot, 1988)
Team ID number: P1
Japanese ID number: C-73
Streetwise transforms into a Nissan 300ZX Turbo police car. In robot mode, he uses a photon pistol. In car mode, he has a large, rear-mounted, double-barreled cannon accessory. He can also form a limb of any Scramble City-style combiner, but his usual place is as Defensor's left leg. He was available both on an individual card or as part of the Defensor gift set.
This mold was also used to make Streetstar.

Generation 2[]

  • Streetwise (Unreleased)
Team ID number: P4
Streetwise and the other Protectobots were slated to be redecoed and re-released as part of the Generation 2 toyline. However, they and the redecoed Stunticons were canceled, with less than a half-dozen production samples of each mold known to exist (save the BotCon 1994 Breakdown, of course). The reason for the cancellation is unclear; it's possible they were considered redundant product due to the Aerialbot and Combaticon re-releases, especially since Hasbro was putting out entirely new-mold Transformers then, and would most likely have wanted those to have as much shelf space in toy aisles as possible.



Ahhhh .. Freak out! Le Freak -- c'est chic ... Freak out!

  • The toy of Streetwise is unique amongst Scramble City-style combiner limbs in that he has a "normal" robot head that does not also function as a connector peg - instead he features a fold-out connector peg to attach him to Hot Spot.

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