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Street Demons is an illegal pirate broadcast Television show in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

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Street Demons is an underground racing show hosted by Master Disaster.


Transformers Animated cartoon

While searching for an AllSpark fragment, Optimus Prime's crew find several dangerously fast drivers in race cars. Believing he is faster, Bumblebee easily outraces several of them and finds a mysterious blue race car who he is unable to beat. Meanwhile, Optimus, Prowl, Ratchet and Bulkhead help two racers who were knocked off the road out of their cars. This scares one of them half to death. One of the racers also seemed to need medical attention but was instead arrested by Captain Fanzone who explained to the autobots all about the race being illegal. Back at the plant Bulkhead got mad at Sari for not telling him about the races being illegal. Afterwards Bumblebee asks her to show him the races so he can find the blue racer, she also finds out where the broadcast came from.

After Bumblebee got chased (backwards) by the blue racer, Master Disaster asks him to appear on the next race.

Sari came along with Bumblebee and found a weird control with an Allspark fragment inside and discovered it was used to fix the races. The race started early because Bumblebee had to drive away quickly to get away from Master Disaster. The race was later interrupted by Blitzwing who was also looking for the fragment but the blue racer saved them from him and drove off mysteriously.

The show was officially canceled by Fanzone when he arrested Master Disaster. And Sari was no longer allowed to watch pirated satellite TV. Velocity

Cast of races

  • Master Disaster (arrested)