Street Demon is a television program from the Animated continuity family.

Go, Street! Go!

Street Demon, hosted by Master Disaster, is a pirate television show which broadcasts illegal street-races in Detroit.


Animated cartoon

Having been outrun by a mysterious blue race car, Bumblebee had Sari tune into Master Disaster's broadcasts of Street Demon to try to get a lead on his new rival. With this knowledge, Bumblebee crashed one of Master Disaster's "invitation only" races wherein Disaster revealed his remote that controlled automobile and Cybertronian alike. When Bumblebee transformed into robot mode, Disaster invited Bumblebee to the next race, reasoning that should the Autobot suffer a "tragic accident", the show's ratings would skyrocket.

The next race began without Master Disaster, who was busy looking for his lost remote, but the race was joined by the Decepticon Blitzwing. Sari, who stole the remote, realized it was how Disaster fixed the races. Later, Master Disaster was apprehended by Captain Fanzone, likely putting a stop to Street Demon. Velocity

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