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The Street Action Mini-Con Team are a trio of adventurous Mini-Cons and friends to the human kids Rad, Carlos and Alexis. The humans and Mini-Cons work together with the Autobots to find and save more Mini-Cons from the ambitions of the Decepticons. These three can form the incredibly powerful robot Perceptor, possibly the most powerful warrior of their race.

In another universe, the Decepticon Sunstorm has control of an evil incarnation of the Street Action Mini-Con Team.

The Street Action Mini-Con Team is composed of...

  • Grindor the skateboard / hovercraft.


Armada cartoon

Street action team

Good morning, Angels.

Energon cartoon

The Street action team continues to follow the Autobots, but this time do nothing really.



  • Street Action Team (Basic, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-01


  • Magna Convoy DX Set
The X-Dimension release was part of the Magna Convoy DX set, which also included the Japanese release of Powerlinx Optimus Prime and a clear redeco of Overload. This set was only available at Japanese Toys "R" Us stores.


  • Perceptor (Basic, 2004)
Japanese ID number:: SC-09




  • These three Mini-Cons are essential to story lines of episodes throughout the Armada anime. They are seen in nearly every episode and play an important role in restoring peace among the Transformers.
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