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This article is about the cruel Decepticon dictator. For the mirror universe counterpart who loves poetry, see Straxus (Shattered Glass).

Straxus is a Decepticon in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Mercy is not dispensed here, fools, only Pez.

A ruthless, fearmongering dictator, Lord High Governor Straxus is a threat to all under his rule - including his own inner circle. From his throne in Darkmount, there are none in Polyhex who don't feel his crushing influence. Straxus' word is law, unbound by reason or facts, and can and will change from thought to thought. A brutal powerhouse, he is more than able to enforce his policies, usually with a deadly blow from his battle axe. Do not try to appeal to his sense of pity; he has none.

"Mercy is not dispensed here, fools... only death!"
―Straxus, The Smelting Pool!


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

He's got a metal palm tree and he's not afraid to use it!

Following the assassination of the Decepticon warlord Trannis by the Autobot commando unit, the Wreckers, Straxus assumed his position as Decepticon leader on Cybertron.

When a Decepticon transmission beamed from the planet Earth circa the Earth year 1985 reached Cybertron, Straxus immediately arranged for the capture of the scientist Spanner so that a space bridge between the worlds could be constructed. Attempting to locate Spanner, the Autobot spy Scrounge learned of this plot, but was captured by Shrapnel and brought before Straxus, who maliciously destroyed his unique recording-device arm before consigning him to death in the smelting pools. In turn, Blaster came searching for Scrounge (against orders), was captured and brought before Straxus, and sentenced to the pools. There he discovered the dying Scrounge, was given the information he had acquired, and escaped with the aid of his Autobot friends who had come looking for him (against orders). The Smelting Pool!

Yeah, but where does the axe go?

The space bridge was subsequently completed, but its earliest tests reduced Straxus to rage when a malfunction caused the death of Crosscut, and he sent another unfortunate to instant death in an attempt to figure out what had gone wrong. As the tests went on, an Autobot raiding party planted explosives within Darkmount, destroying it, and sending an enraged Straxus after their heads. With the bridge unattended, Blaster intended to destroy it, but was confronted by Straxus in a one-on-one duel. Crippling Blaster with his axe, Straxus was duped into accidentally severing the bridge's fuel line, destabilizing its teleporting arch, through which Blaster then kicked Straxus, destroying him. The Bridge to Nowhere!

Teletraan-1, Rita's escaped, recruit a team of teenagers with, er wait...

However, while Straxus's body was reduced to ash, his head was salvaged and placed in a life-support pod that allowed him to continue on in his position as leader. Soon after, when Megatron arrived on Cybertron, Straxus immediately set in motion a scheme to restore himself to life, calmly following Megatron's directions to hunt down Optimus Prime, who had arrived on the planet with him. The Harder They Die After Prime carried out several successful raids alongside the Wreckers, Megatron began to grow more and more unstable, and Straxus more and more impatient with his deranged houseguest. Despite the warnings of his technicians as to the "unpredictability" of the machinery involved, Straxus made the final step, activating a device that would exchange his and Megatron's minds, giving him a body once more. Megatron resisted the transfer, however, leaving the two minds within Megatron's body, fighting for dominance, each one in control at a different moment. In battle with Prime and Ultra Magnus, Megatron prepared to unleash his destructive anti-matter powers, but in order to stop him, Ratbat activated the space bridge, teleporting the three Transformers back to Earth. Resurrection

Before this could occur, having failed to oust Megatron's mind, Straxus activated his contingency plan, "Project Re-Birth," and his consciousness fled into a body he had specially prepared - a duplicate of Megatron created from a "hapless trooper," complete with a copy of his brain patterns, beneath which Straxus's personality lay dormant. Two Megatrons Upon hearing of the true Megatron's seeming death aboard the space bridge a short time later, the project technicians activated the clone, sending it to the sewers beneath London where it came into conflict with a small group of Autobots, Action Force and Centurion. Straxus's mind had yet to take over the clone at this point, and it genuinely believed itself to be the true Megatron, but it was soon dealt with when an oil tank explosion sent it and Centurion tumbling into the Thames river. Ancient Relics

Some time later, seeking a weapon to use against the deranged future Decepticon Galvatron, Shockwave recovered the Megatron clone, also believing it to be the genuine article, only to find that "Megatron"'s mind had retreated into itself. Shockwave subjected the clone to the psycho probe, intending to force "Megatron" to face his fears - but instead, Straxus emerged, intending to fight Megatron's fears for him and finally take control of the body. Megatron fought back, however, ripping the mental image of Straxus to pieces and finally taking over their shared mind. Salvage

No, no! Aim away from the face!

This Megatron proceeded to battle Galvatron Altered Image, and then sided with him to battle Autobots of the present and future in the "Time Wars". Time Wars Faced with destruction on all sides, the Megatron clone opted instead to return to Cybertron, where he dethroned the decadent ruling Triumvirate and took control of the Decepticons on the planet once more. The Rise and Fall of the Decepticon Empire Soon, however, he began to suffer from nightmarish visions of the lives lived by both the trooper whose body became his, and of Straxus, just as the true Megatron - having recovered his memories after a period of wandering amensia in the Dead End - attacked his base. Mind Games The two Megatrons battled, with the true one revealed the clone's nature to him, and all at once, everything made sense to the clone. Along with this revelation, another immediately arose - Straxus's mental defeat was a sham, and he had been dwelling within the clone's mind all along, steadily growing in power as the clone weakened. Straxus made one final attempt to seize control of their mind, and the clone committed suicide, blowing his own head off with his fusion cannon, rather than allow Straxus to win. Two Megatrons

It is possible that in the original un-altered pre-Time Wars timeline, the Straxus-Megatron clone may have been the Megatron transformed into Galvatron, but the shifting nature of the timelines makes this open to debate at best.

All very simple, isn't it?

Note: The true nature of the Megatron clone was not revealed until the story which depicted his death. This was because, for all of the clone's other stories, he was regarded by characters, readers and writer Simon Furman as actually being the real Megatron, having survived his supposed death in the US comics. The US comics, however, continued to treat Megatron as pushing up daisies, so when Simon Furman took over writing that title and penned Megatron's return, he needed an explanation that would reconcile Megatron's continual appearances in the UK title with his lack of activity in the US. Relegating the Megatron of the UK comics to a clone was that explanation, revealed in UK-exclusive strips which ran concurrently with the reprints of Megatron's US return.

Generation 2

Jhiaxus referred to Straxus as one of the petty, small-minded dictators he left in charge of Cybertron when he left to start the Cybertronian Empire. War Without End!

IDW comics continuity

This section covers fiction that is ongoing. It will be added to as the story progresses. If it isn't current, you can help by updating it.

What's a... "Decepticon"?

Straxus (not a "Lord" in IDW)[1] was part of the crew of the first Ark, which left Cybertron long before Megatron's uprising. Spotlight: Cyclonus

I may or may not be here in subsequent panels, depending on how the artist feels today.

Later, at the beginning of the war, as the Decepticon movement was just beginning to reveal its true menace, Straxus returned to Cybertron for some reason to work security at the Kaon Security Headquarters. When the Decepticon Starscream was brought to trial before an emergency session of the Kaon Council, the accused started a prisoner revolt. Megatron Origin

Note: Straxus is also included in Marcelo Matere's unused version of this page [1], proving his presence was likely dictated by the script.

Millions of years later, Straxus had apparently returned to the Dead Universe. When Nightbeat was abducted on Gorlam Prime, Straxus implanted a device in his brain that would make him a sleeper agent for the Dead Universe crew.[2] Spotlight: Nightbeat After Cyclonus secured the Nega-Core and activated its guardian, Straxus initiated the Expansion with Nemesis Prime and the rest of the Dead Universe crew. Spotlight: Cyclonus

Later, Straxus attacked Earth with Grindcore. His job was to bombard the surface in his jet mode and then operate an energon drill while Grindcore set up a Space Bridge. Spotlight: Doubledealer

Note: it's likely that Eric Holmes didn't consult with Simon Furman when he had Straxus as a cameo in Megatron Origin. Since he was never mentioned by name in Origin, and he has a different design in the later Spotlights, it can be easily retconned that the character in Megatron Origin was "Straxus's brother", since Straxus was supposedly in the Dead Universe at this time.

Universe Classic Series toy bios

During Straxus's rule over Polyhex, he put a lowly, unknown warrior through an excruciating rebuilding process, tortuously reforging him into the very image of Optimus Prime. Through forcible data uploads and brainwashing, the Decepticon was imbued with memories and skills culled from many sources, giving him much of Optimus Prime's knowledge and combat algorithms. However, Straxus perished before he could complete this "Nemesis Prime," and his creation was left without a framework with which to process the mental injections. Straxus's legacy was this mad wraith, haunting the back alleys of Cybertron, hunting down Autobots and Decepticons alike.[3]

Note: Nemesis Prime's backstory was certainly inspired by the Megatron-clone plot, but their relation to each other in-fiction is unclear. A straight reading would suggest that Straxus merely had more than one clone project in the works. However, if one assumes that the Classic Series bios are meant to follow the Classics comic, then Nemesis Prime would be Straxus's ONLY known clone project in this universe, since the UK comics are not part of that continuity.


Transformers Generations

Official image of Generations Darkmount

  • Darkmount (Deluxe, 2010)
Straxus is officially renamed Darkmount due to the license issue. Darkmount is a triple changer: He has a stationary turret mode, a half-track mode, and a humanoid mode, whose weapon is a short-handled glaive, much like that used by Straxus .


  • For some reason, Straxus' colors changed drastically between the two sole issues he was in for the US comic. Also, sometimes between panels.


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