Stratosphere is an Autobot from Revenge of the Fallen portion of live-action film continuity family.

When the Autobots need to be delivered to the front lines fast, they rely on Stratosphere. His cargo bay has enough room for an entire Autobot strike team, and his engines have enough power to get them to the other side of the world in only a couple of hours. High altitude weapons allow him to deliver a punishing barrage against Decepticon targets on the ground as his comrades move in for the finish.

"...It's gonna get mighty hot around here!"
―Stratosphere warning Jolt about the Airstrike in the Titan comics.


Titan Magazines

While on a routine patrol in British Colombia, Stratosphere is attacked by Devastator. Devastator Smashes on his wings causing him to crash. A NEST outpost a few miles away tracks him, sending out Jolt, Dune Runner and Rollbar to rescue him. Stratosphere comes round from the crash and manages to transform. From his position, he can see Devastator in the distance, and that he's under repair, rigged up to cranes and fuel lines. Stratosphere tries to contact base, but his radio is damaged, so he has to go on alone.


When he gets closer, he can see Skywarp is in charge with a bunch of drones at his command. He also spies a signal jammer. Stratosphere attacks, killing some of the drones. Skywarp kicks him in the chest and pins him down. Just as he's going to shoot, Stratosphere recovers and trips him up knocking the Decepticon of his feet, immobilizing him. Stratosphere then proceeds to destroy the signal jammer and calls in an air strike, designated: Scorched Earth. Skywarp transforms and goes to attack Stratosphere. Stratosphere make a smoke screen with a piece of wreckage, causing Skywarp to crash into a mountain. Then, the other Autobots arrive with two NEST fighter planes. They bomb Devastator and destroy him. Head in the Clouds

Unite for the Universe

Under escort from Highbrow and Tomahawk, Stratosphere carries Ratchet to the battle between Megatron and the Unite-powered Starscream.


Dark of the Moon game


In Chapter One, Stratosphere transports Bumblebee to a drop point in South America where Bumblebee sent on a covert mission to plant Wheeljack's virus on a Decepticon transmitter located in a Soviet relay facility, and later delivering MechTech equipment across the globe, using his abilities as a transport plane to do so.

In Chapter Five, Stratosphere is stationed at a secret NEST facility in the snowy ravine of Nepal when he was ordered to deliver the remaining MechTech weaponry to Optimus Prime before being attacked by Starscream and deploys the Aerialbots, consist of Breakaway, Silverbolt, and Air Raid to defend himself, before revealing his powerful "Stealth Force" mode in an attempt to shoot Starscream down, but fails. Starscream then breaches Stratosphere's hull and kills him from the inside, destroying the MechTech.


Revenge of the Fallen


  • Stratosphere (Voyager, 2009)
Stratosphere transforms into a cargo transport plane. The little (smaller than Legends, and indeed smaller than World's Smallest!) (transforming) Optimus Prime mini-figure fits into the cargo hold in the aft section of the plane, and can deploy from the ramp by rotating his tail fins.The head features light piping, but oddly, this doesn't illuminate the eyes but rather the "windows" of the plane cockpit that makes up the top of Stratosphere's head.


The hole on the top of Stratosphere's hull was meant to accommodate a small space shuttle, this would give him the look of the Boeing 747, that carries the shuttles to their launch stations. It would've become his gun in robot mode. His hands were left with the peg holes still in them.


Concept art of Stratosphere's Stealth Force mode.

  • If Stratosphere's size were proportional to the Optimus Prime figurine that accompanies him, he would be as big as or bigger than Devastator. He is even quite an muscle airpower for the Autobots should they need him.
  • His appearance in the Titan Magazins is the only time, in anything, that Stratosphere is seen in robot mode.
    • In said appearance, there is a mistake: his wings are missing when he slides down the hill to attack Skywarp.
  • Stratosphere had never shown his robot form in Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon games.
You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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