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Specifics: fictional appearances

The name or term Strafe refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Strafe (disambiguation).

Strafe is a nice guy, one of the kindest, gentlest mechanoids you could ever hope to meet, and he's a crack shot with his heat-ray rifle, too. It's said that Strafe can burn a hole in a screw head (size not specified) from two miles away. Too bad he can't tighten up the loose screws in his own cranial module, though. He's got a case of nerves that could very well cause Red Alert to fear for his job security, and when startled he tends to SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT FIRE FIRE BANG BANG BANG KILL KILL KILL IT DEAD DEAD DEAD without stopping to aim or analyze the threat, and doesn't quit until he's shot down or runs out of heat-ray charges. Sometimes, though, all is quiet...too quiet...and he doesn't like that, either. SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT FIRE FIRE BANG BANG KILL KILL KILL...

He can combine with the other Technobots to form Computron, and seems to make a rather calm limb.

"Yahoo! It feels great to be a Technobot!!"
―Strafe, always excitable[[Grimlock's New Brain| [src]]]

French name (Canada): Mitraille
Italian name: Rocketbot




Generation 1 cartoon[]

Marvel Comics continuity[]

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Strafe was part of Fortress Maximus' group of Autobots on Cybertron. Ring of Hate! When Fortress Maximus decided to leave the war and head to Nebulos, Strafe and the other Technobots agreed to follow him on his quest for peace, which would have done the high-strung fellow a world of good. Alas, the Decepticons followed the Autobots to Nebulos and brought the war with them. Broken Glass! In the Nebulan resort city of Splendora, Strafe and the Technobots fought Abominus as the combined Computron. Love and Steel! Though Abominus (and its component Terrorcons were defeated, Splendora lay in ruins. The Autobots and Decepticons ultimately left Nebulos for Earth. Brothers in Armor!

Strafe fell bravely (and rather instantly) in the defense of Buenos Aires against the Underbase-powered Starscream. Dark Star!

Marvel UK future timelines[]

In 2008, Strafe and several Autobots under the command of Ultra Magnus responded to a mysterious call for help on Cybertron. Astonishingly, the call came from the Decepticons. Even more astonishing, it was genuine. Strafe and the Autobots joined forces with their Decepticon counterparts in driving a marauding crew of Quintessons off the planet. Space Pirates!

After Time Wars rebooted future history, Strafe was next seen stationed at Autobot City in 2009. When the Autobot shuttle from Cybertron crashed down instead of landing safely, Strafe flew out to help alongside Blaster, Perceptor and Afterburner. Shadow of Evil What they found was Autobot commander Rodimus Prime, aglow with evil and possessed by the living malice of Unicron that had infected the Matrix a year earlier. Strafe was apparently killed in the resulting conflict before Rodimus regained control of his actions. White Fire

In another future, the last Decepticon was destroyed by Springer and the Wreckers in 2510. However, the Autobots soon came to blows over a misunderstanding, and war broke out again almost as soon as it ended. Strafe and the Technobots formed a new faction under Ultra Magnus against the Wreckers. Peace

Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Steve Bulin (US), ? (Japan)

Strafe was created,like the other Technobots, by the temporarily super-intelligent Grimlock. Grimlock's New Brain Less than a week later, he and the other Technobots were sent to Earth to learn how to interact with humans, where they encountered the unscrupulous trader Dirk Manus and his business partners, the Quintessons. Money is Everything

IDW comics continuity[]

Strafe and the other Technobots crew the Autobot vessel Calabi-Yau, under the command of Jetfire. Stormbringer, part 1 After landing on Cybertron, Scattershot, Lightspeed and Strafe accompanied Jetfire on a reconnaissance mission and were captured by Bludgeon's group of Decepticons. They were used as "raw materials" to allow the group to undergo the polydermal grafting process, but were rescued by Optimus Prime and the Wreckers.

S-Strafe had a n-noticeable s-stutter. Stormbringer


Generation One[]

  • Strafe (Technobot, 1987)
Team ID number: TK3
Japanese ID number: C-87
G1Strafe toy

Only Technobot knowhow could get this much firepower from a pair of Cheetos.

Strafe turns into a futuristic flying spaceship thing, protectively colored for the red-and-white battlefields of the future, with two detachable and frequently lost orange cannons. (They're colored orange; they don't fire oranges, although that would have been a clever way to get the endorsement of the citrus growers.)

Generation 2[]

  • Strafe (Cyberjet, 1995)
For Generation 2, Strafe was given an altmode much more closely conforming to traditional aircraft designs. As a redeco of the Decepticon Cyberjet Space Case, the aircraft is a curious blend of features from the F-22, F-23, X-29, and countless other "cutting edge" aircraft.
This toy was released with no deco changes (but with an extra decal sheet) in Japan as the former-Decepticon-turned-Autobot Strafe. This mold was also used for the Universe version of Space Case and Robot Masters X-Gunner.

Genkei! Genkei![]

  • Strafe (Deluxe, 2009)
Genkei Strafe is a Japanese credit card exclusive repaint of Universe Cyclonus. He comes with a repaint of Universe Nightstick named Rocketbot. Strafe features red chromed wings and transforms into futuristic jet.
While some argue that the Universe Cyclonus mold is too unique to be used for any other character, the accurate paint application does represent Strafe reasonably closely.


  • Strafe's Generation One toy is one of the few Transformer vehicles without a clearly-defined cockpit.

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