This article is about the Generation 2 Decepticon subgroup. For the Star Wars soldiers, see Stormtrooper (Star Wars).

The Stormtroopers are a squad of Decepticons who use high-pressure fluid weapons. Sometimes it's simply water, sometimes it's acid, sometimes... don't ask.

The team includes:


They were part of Bludgeon's raiding party in the attack on London. Their job was to trash the city, and they were good at it.

They later attacked Megatron with the intention of killing him, and they were not good at it. Generation 2 (Fleetway comic)


  • According to their Tech Specs, the Stormtroopers are the most intelligent AND skilled team in Transformers history. Aquablast, Drench, and Hydradread each have an intelligence ranking of 9, while Rage has a 10. In terms of skill, Drench and Rage have rankings of 9, while Hydradread and Aquablast both have a 10. Hell, the team is so good that two of them outrank their own leader, Rage, while the third is merely his equal. Go figure.
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