RID2015art Stormshot

Stormshot's domain is the sky. From the air, he can observe and track his Decepticon enemies and formulate a plan to take them out. He puts his sneak attacks into action with his twin blasters, or maybe even an airstrike.


Robots in Disguise (2015)

  • Stormshot (Warrior Class, 2016)
    • Accessories: 2 blasters
Part of the 9th wave of the Warrior Class line, now sporting the "Combiner Force" subline, Stormshot transforms from a robot into a fighter jet of fictional origin, seemingly based loosely on the MiG-29 "Fulcrum".
The two blasters included are designed to combine together to form a larger weapon, with the smaller of the two pegging into the back of the larger one. Not documented in the instructions, the second peg hole on the smaller blaster is meant to allow for an alternate means of storage for the weapons in vehicle mode. Turning the larger blaster sideways and plugging it into the top peg hole allows for the combined weapon to be plugged under the nosecone of the jet, with the handle of the smaller blaster serving as landing gear. Using the bottom hole of the smaller blaster or the longer handle of the large one results in clearance issues with the flip-down landing gear.


  • Stormshot's early working name was Skyfire.
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