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Stormcloud is a member of the Destruction Team, five super-energon-powered military vehicles who combine to form the mighty Bruticus Maximus. Gifted with an awesome name, fit for the cover of one of the better heavy metal albums, he had no such destiny. No, his fate was to become a cloud - a cloud of ionized particles, that is.

Japanese name: Vorter


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  • Stormcloud (Basic, 2005)
Team ID number: D1
Stormcloud shares a mold with his teammate Blackout, transforming into an assault helicopter somewhat similar to an Apache. He can also form the arm or leg to any "Powerlinx Combiner" super robot combination, though his nominal placement is as the right leg to Bruticus Maximus. He comes with a quintuple-barreled "super energon" cannon that forms a hand or footplate for his limb-modes, plus a blue Decepticon-style energon chip.
  • Bruticus (Multi-pack, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SD-21
In Japan, Stormcloud (aka "Vorter") was only available as part of a complete set of all five Destruction Team members, never as an individual.

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