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Utter destruction...


Thunderwing continues to devastate the surface of Nebulos, while on Cybertron, Bludgeon prepares to submit himself to the polydermal grafting process. On the dead planet's surface, Nosecone and Afterburner are attacked by Centurion drones, but are rescued by the Wreckers, who have arrived with Optimus Prime. The Autobots breach Bludgeon's bunker and rapidly overcome his team-mates. Iguanus flees to the pressure vat chamber, seeking Bludgeon, only to discover a massive figure wielding a glowing sword.

Darkwing orders the Decepticon infiltration unit on Nebulos to attack Thunderwing, but the monstrous being eliminates over half the attacking Decepticons within seconds. After their own attacks prove ineffective, Darkwing and Dreadwind abandon Nebulos. They send a message to Razorclaw, who in turn contacts the High Command. After being briefed, Megatron authorizes Razorclaw to do what ever is necessary to stop Thunderwing, even if it means destroying Cybertron in the process.

The Wreckers breach the pressure vat chamber and discover a catatonic Bludgeon within his shell, Iguanus, dying from being cleft in two by Bludgeon's sword and Jetfire, who tells Prime to shut Bludgeon's control throne down. Jetfire gets to work on the data in Bludgeon's computers, but an orbital warning sounds — with Bludgeon's control system destroyed, Thunderwing is returning home.


Writer(s): Simon Furman
Art: Don Figueroa
Colors: Josh Burcham with assist by grungewerx
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Editor(s): Chris Ryall and Dan Taylor
  • Originally published: September 6, 2006

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons


"Suppose there's no point in asking you to stay up here, out of the firing line."

—Springer and Optimus Prime.

It's all gone to Hell!"

—Iguanus is having a bad day.


  • Iguanus has a different design for his face during his "death" scene with Prime.

Items of note

  • Megatron's brief appearance in this issue links directly to the final panels of Infiltration #3.
  • The Decepticomments section had readers' mail answered by Chris Ryall.
  • Optimus Prime's hand-held rifles are pretty obviously those from his Powermaster body. This in mind, his arm-mounted twin-cannons could be inspired by the same toy.

Covers (3)

Stormbringer 3b

Cybertron is spiky

  • Cover A: Wreckers wraparound cover by Don Figueroa. This cover can be combined with similar ones from the other three issues to form a giant battle scene.
  • Cover B: Cybertron sketch wraparound cover by Don Figueroa; this was later colored for The Best of Simon Furman trade paperback.
  • Cover RI: Cover A uncolored


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