Storm Surge is a Decepticon from the Movie continuity family.

Storm Surge is a bad guy, apparently hiding out in Sector Seven's naval vehicle pool. He is well known for his tendency to attack literally everything in a fight. Corrosive salt blasts, napalm, depth Autobot avoids getting hit by these in a fight with him. Neither do his fellow Decepticons. This is in large part because Storm Surge doesn't believe in aiming. He believes that if he discharges a lot of ammo over a lot of ground, he's more likely—not guaranteed, just more likely—to hurt the opposition.


Transformers (2007)

  • Storm Surge (Target exclusive Scout Class, 2008)
Accessories: Pistol, Cybertron Decepticon Cyber Planet Key
Movie Storm Surge toy

No, he's still not Seaspray. Or a Sweep, come to that.

A redeco of Cybertron's Shortround, Storm Surge transforms into a hovercraft. Inserting a Cyber Planet Key into his key jack swings a pair of (non-firing) torpedo racks up into firing position. This gimmick is available in both vehicle and robot modes. There is also a small, non-firing gun that can be held in either of his hands or can be mounted on the top of Storm Surge's hovercraft mode.
Like many Basic molds originating from the Cybertron line, Storm Surge has exceptional articulation, with ball joints at the hips, shoulders, and neck, with the rest made up of hinges and swivels. During transformation, snapping the torso into place also forces the head up, making it easier to twist into place. He also has wheels on the underside, allowing him to be rolled on a smooth surface in vehicle mode.
Storm Surge is part of the "AllSpark Power" series of Target-exclusive Scout Class toys.


  • Storm Surge was "revealed" in Target's online catalogue when his pictures were accidentally put on the page for the Star Wars Transformers General Grievous toy. Whoops.

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