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GI Joe vs Transformers 5a

Nobody editing this wiki is ever as cool as Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow (Thomas S. Arashikage) is a ninja. You know he's not Snake-Eyes because he's the one in white.

Sometimes he switches sides to keep things interesting.


Marvel comic continuityEdit

He switched sides a lot, and once he came back from the dead.

Image/Devil's Due comic continuityEdit

G.I. Joe vs. the TransformersEdit

Using a S.N.A.K.E. he had branded with the Arashikage logo to designate it as his own, Storm Shadow loyally defended Cobra Commander when things on Cobra Island became hot (due to Wheeljack freeing the enslaved Autobots and Decepticons). He was even able to decapitate Trailbreaker. Joes vs TF v1 #5

Later, he leads an attack on the good guys inside of Cobra's main facility, disrupting the Joes' attempts to stop the island from being destroyed. Eventually Bumblebee manages to subdue the ninja, but a stray shot from his unit caused the computers to go haywire. This resulted in the SPS Satellite to rain hot laser death over the island. Joes vs TF v1 #6

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers IIEdit

G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers: The Art of WarEdit

Having switched sides, Storm Shadow fought with G.I. Joe alongside the Autobots against Serpent O.R.'s new Decepticon army. The Art of War issue 5

Dreamwave Transformers/G.I. Joe comics continuityEdit


They ate me! A F***ING SHARK ATE ME!

Stormshadow (sic) had a long-running rivalry with Snake-Eyes. From Snake-Eyes' narration, it can be inferred that they were friends when they were young ninjas-in-training, but Stormshadow became a traitor and eventually joined Cobra. However, Stormshadow still retained delusions of honor.

As G.I. Joe began their attack on Cobra's stronghold, Stormshadow led his sword brother on a long journey across the landscape, at one point injuring Snake-Eye's face. To prevent the wound from bleeding, Snake-Eyes had to use gunpowder to cauterize the would, but this ruined his visage. Transformed

After leading Snake-Eyes into the clutches of Ravage, Stormshadow was eventually thrown into the water below, where a shark bit his legs off. In his final moments he admitted that he was the one without honor to Snake -Eyes. Wolves


  • Storm Shadow & Optimus Prime Statue

First4Figures has revealed images of a statue showing Storm Shadow taking a stance above Optimus Prime's damaged head. The piece was made in limited numbers (1000 internationally) and it is unknown if the statue was ever publicly released as of fall 2007.

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