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Storm Jet is the leader of the Air Team, five robots who make up the legendary super-energon-fueled super robot Superion Maximus. Even though he's an expert marksman with heavy firepower, Storm Jet is a brawler at heart, a rowdy robot who's always itching for a fistfight. If there aren't any Decepticons to smash, then he'll pick on his fellow Autobots in order to instigate a brawl. Even warnings from his commanders don't seem to dampen his need to smash stuff... he just takes it out all the more on whatever luckless Decepticon happens to cross his path.

Japanese name: Afterburner


Energon cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Paul Dobson (English), ? (Japanese)

Storm Jet and the Air Team took part in a bizarre tag-team tournament (by themselves) against Barricade and the Destruction Team and Steamhammer and the Construction Team. Even combining his components into Superion was not enough, and was defeated by the Decepticon gestalts. Distribution

In the final fight with Constructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus, Superion launched his limbs and pinned Constructicon Maximus against a wall. Storm Jet flew at him and crushed his Spark, killing him. Bruticus Maximus, angered by this, grabbed Storm Jet and started to crush him. However, the ghost of Superion's brother appeared and somehow shot off Bruticus Maximus's right arm. While Bruticus Maximus was confused by this, Storm Jet flew over the Decepticon and powerlinked with the Construction Team and destroyed Bruticus Maximus.



  • Storm Jet (Deluxe, 2004)
Team ID number: A5

Not Silverbolt.

Storm Jet transforms into a Cybertronic jet based vaguely upon an SR-71 Blackbird spy plane. He also forms the torso to the Superion Maximus combiner robot, capable of using any "Powerlinx Combiner" limb-robot combination thanks to the universal connector points used for the Air Team, Destruction Team and Construction Team toys.
Early releases of the Hasbro Storm Jet lacked the blue "Powerlinx" cog tampograph, which was added midway through the run.
  • Superion (Multi-pack, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-26
In Japan, Storm Jet (aka "Afterburner") was only made available as part of a complete Superion gift set. The two versions are largely identical, the main difference being that the Takara release uses a darker clear-blue for the "energon" bits than the Hasbro version and gray instead of tan.


  • Storm Jet (Deluxe, 2005)
Storm Jet was repacked on a Universe-themed card (but still in the longer-than-tall configuration) and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!. No mention of his combining ability is made on the cardback.


  • Storm Jet's bio mentions he has a large arsenal of firepower - yet not only does he have no accessories, but there are very few features on his toy mold that imply "gun". Maybe they all flip out of hidden panels or something.
  • Storm Jet's shoulders seem to be mis-assembled, since there is a molded chevron — in his armpit.

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