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The name or term Stormcloud refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Stormcloud (disambiguation).

Storm Cloud is a Decepticon in the Generation One continuity family. He is sometimes a Micromaster.

Accept that handshake so he can punch you.

Storm Cloud is like Starscream, except with less brains, talent, self-control, or chance of success. He always announces his plans, including such brilliance as: "I'm going to replace Whisper as leader of the Air Strike Patrol!" In front of Whisper. Sigh.[1] Despite this flaw, he is still good at his electronic warfare job... In some continuities.


Marvel Comics continuity

When Roadhandler became an overnight wrestling sensation, Scorponok requested new warriors from Cybertron to counter the Autobot Micromasters' building public adulation. The Micromaster Air Strike Patrol, including Storm Cloud, subsequently arrived on Earth, donated by a Decepticon on Cybertron with an unknown, mysterious identity. Storm Cloud challenged Roadhandler in the ring, with the stipulation that if Roadhandler didn't demonstrate Autobot inferiority by throwing the match, Roadhandler's fan club would be in danger. Once the threat had been removed, Roadhandler clobbered Storm Cloud easily. The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship!

Unknown to Scorponok, Storm Cloud's secret employer was Megatron, who then sent Storm Cloud and his teammates on a mission to MacDill Air Force Base. En route to the base, Nightflight and Storm Cloud indulged in some showy aerobatics, nearly crashing in the process. Admonished by Whisper, they reached the base and captured the B-204 refueling plane. Storm Cloud interrupted Whisper's ultimatum to the humans, issuing... basically the same ultimatum. When the Autobots inevitably arrived, the team contacted Scorponok to tell him that they were under attack. Back From the Dead During a brief confrontation with Optimus Prime, Storm Cloud disabled Optimus' attempt to contact the Ark and accidentally let slip part of his team's plans. With the arrival of Scorponok's Decepticons, Storm Cloud and his teammates fled, their mission completed. The Resurrection Gambit!

Storm Cloud, Nightflight, and Tailwind came to the aid of the assassin Whisper when he was chased into an Earthen jungle by the Autobot Rescue Patrol. The outcome of this battle is unknown, although Optimus Prime ordered his troops to disengage to prevent environmental damage before its conclusion. The Greatest Gift of All!

A news team followed the Air Strike Patrol across the southern United States, where finally the group descended on an oil refinery. When they attacked, the human civilians were defended by Hector Dialonzo, a human with extraordinary powers. While on film, Storm Cloud and his teammates met their apparent demise at Hector's hands. Storm Cloud's body was last seen clutched in the arms of an outraged Whisper, the only apparent survivor of the attack. The Human Factor!

Marvel UK future timelines

The Air Strike Patrol took Megatron's side in a Decepticon Civil War against factions led by Scorponok and Shockwave. Near the end of that war, the Patrol chased Scorponok, alone, into a human settlement, where Storm Cloud mused that the infighting between the other three members of his team would allow him to prove himself. Scorponok manoeuvered a team of Autobots into combatting the Patrol for him, with the Autobot unit leader Hot Rod shielding Scorponok from one of Storm Cloud's strikes. The Autobot interference enabled Scorponok to escape. Aspects of Evil!

IDW comics continuity

Storm Cloud was among the legion of pint-sized soldiers employed by Jhiaxus on Gorlam Prime. He can be seen at the front of the flyers that attack Hardhead. Spotlight: Hardhead


Generation One

  • Air Strike Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
Storm Cloud transforms into a lavender and black Dassault Rafale fighter jet. He was only available as part of a four-pack with his teammates Nightflight, Tailwind and Whisper.
His mold was redecoed to make Skyhopper.

Universe (2008)

"NOW I'm going to replace Whisper as leader of the Air Strike Patrol!" Facepalm...

  • Storm Cloud (Ultra, 2008)
    • Accessories: Spring-loaded cannon, missile
A redeco of Universe Powerglide, Storm Cloud transforms into an A-10 Thunderbolt II assault plane (though the nose looks more like that of its canceled counterpart, the Northrop YA-9, probably for licensing reasons). He has light and sound gimmicks. Oh, and a heart. Hey, he can't be all bad.


  • In addition to his overall black and purple color scheme, Universe (2008) Stormcloud pays additional homage to his aircraft mode markings. MM - 89 is printed on the sides of his engines; MM is an abbreviation for MicroMaster and 89 is the year most of the Micromasters were first produced.


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