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Stoker is a human from the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Stoker, alias Finklerock, is an agent of the mysterious Machination. He's good at his job - which bodes ill for him, as his job entails messing with big angry robots.


IDW comics continuity

Apparently operating out of a trailer in Tucson, Arizona under the name "Finklerock", Stoker infiltrated a Decepticon bunker in Nebraska and took pictures of the interior, storing them on his SM-40 computer. Infiltration issue 3 Stoker boarded a bus in Phoenix, and had his SM-40 stolen by Verity Carlo while he napped. Before he could discover the theft, he was killed by Decepticon agents Runamuck and Runabout. Infiltration issue 0 His body was somehow removed from the bus and dumped in the desert, where it was discovered by the police (among them a Machination agent, who reported his demise to his employers). Infiltration issue 2 Stoker's trailer was subsequently destroyed by Blitzwing and Skywarp Infiltration issue 3, and his SM-40 eventually fell into Autobot hands, leading his Machination comrades (via a homing device in the computer) to their base. Infiltration issue 4

While investigating the SM-40, Nightbeat designated Stoker "Rogue-1." Devastation issue 1


  • While he first appears in issue #0, Stoker isn't named until issue #4, several issues after his death.
  • Stoker's alias of "Finklerock" is likely derived from the names of Donny Finkleberg and G.B. Blackrock, human supporting characters from Marvel's original Transformers comics.
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