This article is about the Universe Autobot tank. For the Movie-series Decepticon SUV, see Stockade (Movie).

Stockade is an Autobot from the Universe portion of the Generation One continuity family.


Stockade backs up his partner Magna Stampede as a guardian of the Cybertron High Council estates. A fully-mechanical being on a technorganic world, Stockade packs incredible power into his comparatively small frame (certainly compared to the newly-reappeared Decepticon forces on the planet). His methods are brutal and his personality isn't much cheerier, but he's a steadfast warrior who does his job no matter what.

(Note: Stockade's bio information comes from an unpublished, yet officially-approved, bio (for Magna Stampede) written by 3H. It is just one of many Universe profiles written and approved, but unpublished for whatever reason.)



  • Stockade & Magna Stampede with Prowl & Terradive (Ultra, 2004)
A redeco of the Beast Machines Vehicon Tank Drone, Stockade transforms into a Cybertronic four-tracked assault tank. Pressing the spark crystal on his cannon fires a spring-loaded "energy blast" missile. A gear-wheel system on the underside of his tank mode also activates this attack, while spinning his tank barrel in the process. He was available only in a multi-pack with Magna Stampede and the Mini-Cons Prowl and Terradive.
This mold was also used to make Beast Wars Returns Tankor.

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