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"Prepare to be defeated by your better, Optimus Prime. "
―Stockade to Optimus Prime. [src]

Stockade is a Decepticon general who resembles an Earth-based animal called a badger.

Transformers Robots in Disguise[]


As a decorated Decepticon general during the Great War, Stockade was arrested after he tried to stage a military coup and interred in a stasis pod aboard the Alchemor.

Season 2[]

Freed after the ship crashed on Earth, Stockade and a legion of Cyclones set about scavenging weapons, and stumbled across one of Windblade's supply caches. They lay in wait until Windblade- accompanied by Sideswipe, Drift, Jetstorm, Slipstream, and Optimus Prime- arrived to resupply. Eager to face off against Optimus Prime, Stockade ordered his troops to press their numerical advantage. Before long he had split the team up.

Stockade issued an ultimatum to the divided Autobots: if they offered the cache, he would spare their lives. Drift tried to bluff the general by claiming to be in possession of a doomsday device, but Stockade suspected a ruse and ordered his troops to scan the cache. Sideswipe then attempted his own feint by pretending to surrender, forcing Stockade to divert some of his troops to secure the Autobot. Sideswipe had teamed up with Jetstorm and Slipstream, and the trio managed to overpower their would-be captors. While the other Autobots faced off against the Cyclones, Stockade was not going down and he wound up fighting with Optimus as the Prime appeared with Sideswipe and Windblade. They fought in a little scuffle which Optimus wound up defeating Stockade by slicing Stockade's gun and kicked him to the floor. Sideswipe had managed to take out Stockade by deploying Jetstorm and Slipstream at him. Stockade vowed to return but Optimus stated not any time soon. Stockade and his troops were subsequently returned to stasis pods in the scrapyard.


  • Stockade is never seen without a "cigar" in his mouth... or in his case, a chomped-up screw.