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Stinkbomb is an expert at psychological warfare. Once his teammates got past his odor, they saw his true value. Cunning and intelligent, Stinkbomb has an understanding of how the Predacon mind works, and takes great enjoyment from getting under their skins.


IDW Beast Wars comics

Stinkbomb was one of the protoforms jettisoned from the Axalon on prehistoric Earth. He was activated and put in chronal phase by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request, but was protected from Magmatron's Predacon shell-program by Razorbeast's viral code.

Soon after awakening, he joined up with Bantor, Noctorro, K-9, Armordillo, and Torca. During their journey to meet up with Razorbeast, Torca got stuck in some mud, and Stinkbomb and the other helped free him. After following Razorbeast's signal for days, and picking up more Maximals along the way, Stinkbomb and the rest rushed into battle against Magmatron's Predacons. In the ensuing battle, Stinkbomb took on Injector.


Beast Wars

  • Stinkbomb (Basic Transmetal 2, 1999)
Stinkbomb transforms into a Transmetal 2 skunk. His tail features a swiveling double blade and ends up on the back of his head in robot mode, making for one killer ponytail. A small panel on his right hindleg/right forearm flips open to reveal his spark crystal.
This mold was redecoed to make Gas Skunk. Presumably, he was to have been the basis for the unreleased Beast Machines Spiketail toy.

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