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"All I wanted was a place for Decepticons to call their own! A place I could rule!"
―Steeljaw to Megatronus. [src]

Steeljaw is a Decepticon leader of his pack. Initially a fugitive and prisoner on the Alchemor, Steeljaw escaped and is currently trying to rally the other fugitives under his command to conquer Earth and begin the Decepticon era anew.



Steeljaw was responsible for instigating rebellion and criminal use of subsonics, which eventually got him imprisoned aboard the Alchemor.

Robots in Disguise

Season 1

Steeljaw was freed with the other Decepticon prisoners when the Alchemor crashed on Earth.

Steeljaw smells the ground that the Autobots had walked on

Steeljaw made an appearance in Trust Exercises where he watched as Bumblebee and his team transform away. On encountering Strongarm, he tried to bluff her by claiming he'd been a guard aboard the ship. When that didn't work, he knocked her out, tied her up, and tried to convince her that he intended to dwell peacefully on the planet.

Steeljaw knocked into a tree after being kicked by Strongarm

Sideswipe distracted Steeljaw by masquerading as another Decepticon named "GrimBee". While Steeljaw and Sideswipe have a conversation, Russell attempts to free Strongarm. However, Steeljaw hears the lock on Strongarm's chains unlocked. He looked at Russell and asked what he was, besides being strange. Russell stated Steeljaw should be the one to talk and quickly walked away. Steeljaw discovers Sideswipe's incognito and engages the Autobot before he chased him. Sideswipe led Steeljaw to Strongarm, who was freed from her chains, and managed to kick Steeljaw in into a tree. However, Steeljaw escaped during the confusion.

After Thunderhoof was knocked into the blackhole of the space bridge in As the Kospego Commands!, he landed in a forest area where Steeljaw was hiding out. Steeljaw approached Thunderhoof, scratched his Decepticon symbol on Thunderhoof's chest, and invited him to team up.

In True Colors, Steeljaw used Minitron to control Grimlock, who managed to retrieve a stasis pod containing Underbite. However, he inadvertently led the Autobots to the Crown River dam which Steeljaw was using as a temporary base as Thunderhoof was scouting for a large base other than the Crown River dam. Following the inevitable battle with the Autobots, Sideswipe managed to grab onto Steeljaw and faced him in a short battle. Despite Sideswipe stopping the fight to help his teammates from Grimlock's beatings, Steeljaw managed to escape with the stasis pod.

After Fracture joined the gang, Steeljaw attempted to pick up Clampdown as the next inductee. Clampdown turned out to have a history with Thunderhoof and Thunderhoof immediately chased Clampdown, to which Steeljaw and the rest of his gang followed them. The gang was eventually led into a confrontation with the Autobots near a docks, during which Steeljaw got the better of Bumblebee and threw the Autobot in a trash compactor. Steeljaw activated the compactor with his tail and watched the machine crush Bumblebee. However Sideswipe managed to save Bumblebee and Steeljaw was thrown to the side by Bumblebee before he could attack Sideswipe. In their second fight, Bumblebee used his Decepticon hunter to hit Steeljaw with and incapacitated him. Trying to unlock his cuffs, Steeljaw succeeded in creating a diversion by mooring a garbage barge and releasing the other Decepticons while the Autobots had their hands full. Back at their hideout, Steeljaw inducted Clampdown into the gang by scratching his Decepticon symbols. Fracture asked if Clampdown would ever betray them and Steeljaw ensured that if it happens, he would not rest until he made Clampdown eat his own claws.

Steeljaw threatening to kill Russell if the Autobots didn't surrender their weapons

In Lockout, seeking access to the scrapyard, Steeljaw engineered a diversion by using Kickback as bait. While Bumblebee's team was distracted, Steeljaw broke into the scrapyard, and his gang quickly took Fixit, Russell, and Denny hostage. Steeljaw also rigged up a sub-sonic pulse that would disable the Autobots and prevent them from gaining access. As an added measure, Steeljaw also had the Autobots surrender their weapons as he threatened to kill Russell in front of them if they didn't comply. Steeljaw then tried to get Fixit to free the other Decepticon convicts, then ordered Thunderhoof and Clampdown to try and recapture the missing humans. Denny was captured and Steeljaw threatened to harm him if Fixit did not comply with Steeljaw's demands. Fixit managed to stall long enough for the Autobots to break in and deactivate the sonic weaponry. Bumblebee managed to jump at Steeljaw and in the ensuing fight, Steeljaw was defeated yet again when the pods closed. Surrounded by the Autobots, Steeljaw promised that he will make Earth a place for Decepticons with him as their leader. Enraged by his defeat, Steeljaw escaped with Fracture's mini-cons and soon gave them back the Fracture as Steeljaw led his pack out of the scrapyard. Back at the Decepticon hideout, Steeljaw exploded at his comrades for their incompetence and scares them to leave. The arrival of a mysterious entity snapped him out of his funk. The entity informs Steeljaw that he was responsible for the Alchemor's crash and enabled Steeljaw and the other Decepticon prisoners to escape. While Steeljaw remained unimpressed by the entity's power of affect things on Earth from another dimension, the entity then orders Steeljaw to build him a gateway. Steeljaw reluctantly agreed for the time being as the entity disappeared.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Steeljaw and his gang followed under the entity's instructions in gathering various supplies to build a gateway. Steeljaw was most impressed when his team not only gathered the required items but also brought Sideswipe and Strongarm, who were unconscious, as captives. Steeljaw sees this as an opportunity to send Fracture to go to the scrapyard to free the other Decepticon prisoners while the Autobots were in search of their friends, leaving Fixit alone with the humans. Steeljaw is contacted again by the entity to check on their progress on the construction of the gateway. He ordered Steeljaw to begin the construction even with Steeljaw wanting to have his army at that exact moment. The entity makes an example of his powers on Clampdown by making him grab his left arm and squeeze it for Steeljaw and the other Decepticons to witness. While Thunderhoof was entertained by Clampdown's ordeal, Steeljaw ordered the entity to stop as he agreed with the entity's demands. The entity also explains that they will need a place where the energy of the gateway can ensure the entity's arrival and demands that they pick some place other than the abandoned steel mill. While on their way to build the gateway, the intercepted and captured Windblade as well. During their progress, they built the gateway and a Spark-fuser, which the entity demanded Steeljaw finished up with their progress. Steeljaw, enraged by the entity's impatience, vowed to personally ensure the entity received his termination by Steeljaw's hand. Steeljaw was left to finis the construction of the gateway while his pack was busy delaying the Autobots. At the moment the gateway opened, Optimus Prime appeared to destroy the device even as Steeljaw attempted to prevent him. However, as Optimus destroyed the gateway, the Autobots and Decepticons were blasted away by the explosion, only for the entity to come out of it. He revealed himself as Megatronus.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Steeljaw and his gang regained themselves and stopped the Autobots for Megatronus, but when Steeljaw asked when he would take possession of Earth, Megatronus revealed he hadn't been entirely truthful with him. Revealing that he intended to use the spark-fuser to harness Unicron's anti-spark from Earth's core and summon the AllSpark from Cybertron and merge them, which can destroy both planets, Steeljaw realized he and his pack had been lied to by Megatronus. In his rage, Steeljaw attacked Megatronus, which he was tossed to the side and ordered his pack to help him. With his pack fighting the Autobots, Steeljaw was left to fight Megatronus. He told Megatronus that all he wanted was a place for Decepticons to call home and a place where he could rule. Megatronus sarcastically apologized for Steeljaw's lost dream and used his telekinetic powers to hurl Steeljaw away in a distance. In the aftermath of the battle, Steeljaw's pack was captured by the Autobots and placed in stasis pods while Steeljaw himself still remains at large.

Season 2

In Metal Meltdown, Steeljaw found Kickback collecting junk. Kickback recognizes Steeljaw as the guy who used Kickback for bait to lure the Autobots. Steeljaw attempts to make an apology and offer Kickback to join Steeljaw in Steeljaw's pursuit of building a new and better team. Kickback declines Steeljaw's offer as he states he already joined a team, which left Steeljaw intrigued. Kickback kicks Steeljaw to the side while he escaped, though Steeljaw managed to catch up to him. Steeljaw tracks Kickback to a swamp and discovers the back end of the Alchemor being used a base. As he followed Kickback inside, Steeljaw introduces himself to his fellow Decepticons Scorponok and Glowstrike.

In Misdirection, promising his new friends some "elite warriors", Steeljaw directed Scorponok to a disused drive in before leaving a trail of energon from there to the scrapyard. Feigning an injury, he was taken into the scrapyard and sealed in a stasis pod, which he was able to escape courtesy to a subsonic device that he hidden. He sealed Fixit and the Autobots' human allies in a force field and freed a bunch of the prisoners. Thunderhoof had doubt of trusting Steeljaw again due to Steeljaw's last set of failures. Steeljaw revealed his new alliance with a group of Decepticons and gave them coordinates to the location just before Strongarm arrived. Though he attempted to obtain some weapons to go back with, he engaged Strongarm when she came and was bested by her in combat. He was also impressed when Strongarm took his subsonic device that controlled shrinking the force field that Fixit, Denny, and Russel were in. He escaped and was later able to present the Decepticons he'd rescued to Glowstrike. Glowstrike and Saberhorn congratulated Steeljaw as they also pointed out on Scorponok's "betrayal".

Steeljaw sent Springload to retrieve a high output cable for him and, in return, promised to lead Springload to Doradus in Bumblebee's Night Off.

In Portals, taking advantage of a growing ideological rift among the Decepticons, Steeljaw gathered his team on the roof of the ship, where he mused about the possibility of staging a coup and overthrowing Glowstrike. He was interrupted by the return of Glowstrike and Saberhorn, who were pleased with his performance. Rather than having to take the position through force, he was promoted to sub-commander of the Decepticon forces. To prove his loyalty to the cause, he savagely attacked a Sharkticon whom Glowstrike had accused of treachery. That job done, Steeljaw joined the other two Decepticon commanders, who were hoping to gain access to the ship's armory, particularly a pair of Decepticon Hunters.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), after he summoned Saberhorn and Glowstrike, Steeljaw found a way to access the armory and took possession of the two Decepticon Hunters. Although his allies were pleased by he opened the armory, Saberhorn asked for Steeljaw to give them the weapons but Steeljaw immediately took advantage of the Decepticon Hunters, using them to overthrow Saberhorn and Glowstrike as he also seized control of the ship and its inhabitants. When Bumblebee's Autobots broke into the ship, Steeljaw had his new Decepticon army surround the Autobots. He walked behind Saberhorn and Glowstrike as he presented himself to Bumblebee's team with both of the Decepticon Hunters. He advised them to not consider fighting as it would be very unlikely to succeed and grandly welcomes them to the first settlement of his new Decepticon empire.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Steeljaw paraded his prisoners out in front of the Autobots as proof of his victory, disarming Glowstrike using a Decepticon Hunter. The Autobots managed to make a break for it, but Bumblebee left his Decepticon Hunter behind in the escape when Steeljaw blasted him and Drift, which angered Steeljaw to order his fellow Decepticons to get the Autobots. When Glowstrike attempted to take back command over the island with Bumblebee Decepticon Hunter, Steeljaw blasted Saberhorn and Glowstrike which he also obtained Bumblebee's Decepticon Hunter. Steeljaw managed to intercept Bumblebee and Optimus Prime at the ship's ventilation hub, where he proudly displayed all three of his new weapons before using them to power himself up. Bumblebee and Optimus struggled with Steeljaw as Optimus tripped Steeljaw and then attempted to strike at him but the armor prevented any damage on Steeljaw. Steeljaw evilly laughed while he stated the armor was more than a fashion statement before he blasted Optimus with a force beam and knocked Bumblebee to the side when the Autobot attempted to fight back. Steeljaw was about finish Bumblebee off until a swarm of escaped Mini-Cons who were commanded by Fixit stormed the room, occupying the Decepticon leader long enough for Bumblebee to finish arming the cryo-gas. As Toolbox joined the other Mini-Cons, Steeljaw knocked them out of the way as he headed towards Bumblebee. Optimus kicks Steeljaw from attacking Bumblebee as the Autobot successfully sets the stasis bomb. With the aid of the Mini-Cons, Bumblebee and Optimus held Steeljaw long enough for the Mini-Cons to zap his hand with their system probes which got him to let go of his weapon, thus reverting him to normal. Bumblebee took advantage of Steeljaw's momentary weakness to activate the Decepticon Hunters. Thus empowered, Bumblebee trapped Steeljaw into the floor before escaping, leaving the would-be Decepticon conqueror to promise it wasn't over and that he will tear Bumblebee to bits. With no way of escaping the stasis bomb's detonation, Steeljaw howled in rage at his failure as he was placed back in stasis along with the other Decepticons on the island.

Season 4

Unbeknownst to the Autobots, the Decepticons that had co-opted and taken over the High Council had ulterior motives for the prisoners that the Autobots brought to Cybertron. Hoping to summon Megatron so that he could restart the war and conquer Cybertron once more, Cyclonus and his underlings arranged for the release of Steeljaw, Quillfire, Clampdown, Underbite, and Thunderhoof as revealed in Exiles and in Freedom Fighters. These five Decepticons were offered full pardons and sent back to Earth to eliminate Bumblebee's team of Autobots.

In Exiles, while on Earth, the Decepticons tracked Bumblebee and his team to the scrapyard and opened fire on the area, forcing the Autobots to retreat. Steeljaw, however, came up with a new plan to force the Autobots out of hiding by sabotaging the Crown River Dam, which would threaten thousands of human lives and bait the Autobots into intervening. Steeljaw and his pack ambushed Bumblebee at the dam, and in the ensuing chaos the Decepticon leader escaped and blew a hole in the dam - distracting him just long enough for Sideswipe to knock him over the railing and into the river below.

In Breathing Room, Steeljaw's Decepticons would then try to capture the Autobots again, this time luring Bumblebee, Strongarm, and Sideswipe into a trap in the city's subway systems. Despite Steeljaw's torture, Bumblebee refused to give up the location of the Autobots during the interrogation, and the subsequent escape of Sideswipe and Strongarm from their improvised prison forced the Decepticons to retreat, using a passing train as cover.

In Prepare for Departure, the pack was contacted by Soundwave and his Activators, who informed them that they would soon need to prepare for the arrivals of the High Council on Earth. Steeljaw decided to focus on aiding Soundwave and the Activators in their quest to release Soundwave from the Shadowzone so that the ex-lieutenant could contact his old leader. This mission required excavating some nuclear waste from a human disposal site. They towed their find through Crown City, but the Autobots caught up with them inside a hydrochloric acid warehouse. In the ensuing fight, Steejlaw lost the nuclear waste but managed to use the acid to engineer another quick escape for his team.

In Prisoner Principles, still hoping to recover radioactive energy sources for Soundwave, Steeljaw led his gang in an attempt to infiltrate a local power plant; after Clampdown was taken into Autobot custody, the rest of the pack gained access by disguising themselves as nuclear waste disposal vehicles. The Decepticons quickly began robbing fuel rods from the plant, but the Autobots caught up with them. Hoping to distract the Autobots, Steeljaw sabotaged the reactor to melt down while they escaped, but the capture of the rest of his teammates prompted him to cut ties and run, taking the fuel rods with him. Some time later, he met with the Activator Stuntwing, but told him that he would only deliver his prize to Soundwave in person.

In Collateral Damage, using the stolen Decepticon Hunters, Soundwave was able to escape the Shadowzone and began working on his ultimate plan to contact Megatron: using the radioactive fuel sources Steeljaw supplied, he constructed a trans-galactic beacon generator that would contact Megatron at the cost of irradiating all life on Earth. Furious at the thought of losing the world he planned to rule, Steeljaw attacked Soundwave, but was soundly beaten by the faceless Decepticon and fled. Soundwave was soon defeated and the Autobots returned to their pursuit of Steeljaw.

In Five Fugitives, after catching him on a country road, the Autobots pursued him but were intercepted by Dropforge and several Autobot police officers, leaving Bulkhead to match wits against the Decepticon alone. Luring Bulkhead to a natural gas refinery, Steeljaw confounded Bulkhead with several subsonic fields before igniting the gas in the pipe. Autobot backup arrived in the form of Bumblebee and the others: join him or he'd blow up Crown City. Dropforge's arrival and his destruction of Steeljaw's detonator gave him the opening to unleash a powerful subsonic pulse on all assembled and retreat to manually prime the charges, but Dropforge managed to clout him and force him to retreat.

In Enemy of My Enemy, shortly afterwards Steeljaw — forewarned of the eventual Cybertronian invasion of Earth that would deny him the chance to rule the planet as his own — opted to stow away aboard Prime Force One when the Autobots traveled to Cybertron to confront the High Council, proposing an alliance of convenience with Bumblebee when the Autobots found him out. Though rightfully skeptical at first, Steeljaw helped Bumblebee fight off Cybertron's orbital drone defenses, though Bumblebee remained skeptical and knocked him out at the first opportunity.

In Freedom Fighters, on reaching Cybertron, Steeljaw once again offered his assistance, acknowledging that they would need his knowledge to breach the Council tower's sonic defenses. With no other options left, Bumblebee reluctantly brought Strongarm along during their trip through Kaon. The ruse quickly went south when the Council's police found them out, Enemy of My Enemy but were rescued and escorted to the Council by Dropforge. On reaching the High Council Tower, Steeljaw deactivated the shielding systems, but was nowhere to be found when the Autobots confronted Cyclonus' team and their combined form of Galvatronus. When Fixit located the mind control transmitters that were responsible for keeping the population of Cybertron docile and easily manipulated, Steeljaw smashed the console, telling Fixit that this was his revenge against the Council that had betrayed him — and that Earth could once again be his for the taking.

Indeed, even after Cyclonus had been defeated and Autobots had returned to the scrapyard, their arguing was interrupted by one of Steeljaw's howls; realizing that their old foe had followed them back to Earth to make trouble, the Autobots rolled out to stop him.


Steeljaw is a scheming, charismatic, cruel, and loyal Decepticon, notable for his usually-calm-headed and suave demeanor. His demeanor makes him a very good liar, a highly persuasive recruiter, and an in-control leader. Upon their first meeting, Steeljaw was able to first catch Strongarm off-guard by claiming to be an Autobot guard. He was almost able to convince Strongarm that he was seeking a peaceful existence on Earth, which nearly led to Strongarm reveal the location of the scrapyard. However, whenever his plans are on the brink of failing or failed, Steeljaw's smooth charisma and calm patience can be replaced by intense anger, wrath and frustration on anything or anyone.

Steeljaw's main goals are making Earth a conquered and official Decepticon world for Decepticons, mostly those who were imprisoned on the Alchemor, with him as their ruler. Steeljaw is remarkably intelligent and cunning as well, being able to form highly competent and strategic plans and schemes against the Autobots, and also proving very fast-thinking and resourceful in the battlefield. He also has the patience to wait until the moment to strike is right and is a skilled schemer.

When it comes to his pack subordinates, though Steeljaw normally treats them with fairness, respect and partnership, he does not respond positively at all to their incompetence. After the disastrous failure of his pack's invasion of the scrapyard in Lockout, Steeljaw completely throws a tantrum at his subordinates over their failure. And there is no one he wouldn't sacrifice to get the job done. Despite this, Steeljaw may still actually care about his pack, judging from how Megatronus successfully forced Steeljaw to back down to his wishes by using his telekinesis powers on torturing Clampdown in front of him. When Megatronus revealed his plans to Steeljaw and his gang, Steeljaw seemed hurt and betrayed by the whole ordeal as he revealed to Megatronus that he simply wanted a place for him to rule with other fellow Decepticons during his fight with him.

He would even injure himself as shown in Misdirection where he scratched his right side to put his plan of freeing some of the Decepticons prisoners and bring them back to the Decepticon island. He even fabricated stories that led Glowstrike and Saberhorn to believe Scorponok had betrayed their cause but the truth was that Steeljaw had lied to Scorponok in promising "elite warriors" but got him captured by the Autobots.

Powers and abilities

Steeljaw is a formidable Decepticon. He is fast and strong as he is able to overpower Sideswipe, Strongarm, and Bumblebee. He is also strong enough to push a huge boat into open water and held his ground against fighting Megatronus. Similar to Starscream, he possess razor sharp claws to attack his enemies with and also has a tail to smack around his enemies as well. He is also quite clever, which he scratched his Decepticon Symbol that would set a tracking implant for the Autobots to hunt him down and is a master of persuasive speech in bringing other Decepticons into joining him. He is a skilled persuasive speaker telling a bot what they want to hear and planting careful suggests so that the bot will do as he wants them too without much fuss.




Steeljaw with Thunderhoof in Lockout.

Steeljaw met up with Thunderhoof in As the Kospego Commands!, where he scratched Thunderhoof's Decepticon symbol and invited Thunderhoof to join him. In Sideways, Steeljaw tried to prevent Thunderhoof from attacking Clampdown when Steeljaw and his pack found out that Clampdown was the reason Thunderhoof was caught and placed on the prison ship. However, Thunderhoof chased after Clampdown to a wasteland where Steeljaw and his gang were in a confrontation with the Autobots. In Lockout, Steeljaw and his gang secured the scrapyard and was close to releasing the Decepticon prisoners in the stasis pods. Thunderhoof also tried to remind Steeljaw that he was a boss on Cybertron when Steeljaw ordered him around. Steeljaw reminded Thunderhoof that they were not on Cybertron. Steeljaw ordered Thunderhoof and Clampdown to locate the human prisoners and only Denny Clay was apprehended. However, the Decepticons were stopped by the Autobots and their human allies. Steeljaw and his gang retreated back to their hideout where Steeljaw took his anger out on them and told them to leave him alone. Out of the members in Steeljaw's pack, Thunderhoof appears like a close friend and ally to Steeljaw.


Steeljaw rarely interacts with Underbite. However, they seem to have a respectable connection. In True Colors, Steeljaw used Minitron to control Grimlock to steal the stasis pods that contained Decepticons in the scrapyard. However, Underbite's pod was the only one secured and Steeljaw took it while he was escaping as the Autobots attempted to take down Grimlock. Underbite was released by Steeljaw and join his gang. In Sideways, Steeljaw introduced Clampdown to Underbite and Fracture until Thunderhoof came and chased Clampdown which resulted in the Decepticons facing against the Autobots. The Decepticons were freed from their cuffs by Steeljaw and retreated back to their base where Steeljaw made Clampdown an official member of their group. In the ending of Lockout, Underbite and the other members of Steeljaw's gang were scared out when Steeljaw took his anger out on them and told them to leave him alone. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Steeljaw complimented Underbite for throwing a chunk of metal at Windblade.


Steeljaw interacts the least with Fracture. Though they both have respectable relations. Steeljaw welcomed Fracture into his gang after the events in Hunting Season. In Sideways, Steeljaw introduced Clampdown to Fracture and Underbite.


Steeljaw met up with Clampdown in Sideways where the latter saw Clampdown trying to run from the Autobots. Steeljaw and Clampdown drove back to the Decepticon's hideout where Steeljaw introduced Clampdown to Underbite and Fracture. When Thunderhoof came in, he recognized Clampdown and started to go after him. Thunderhoof revealed that Clampdown was the reason why he was placed on the prison ship before he chased Clampdown. After a confrontation with the Autobots, Steeljaw and his gang were placed in cuffs but Steeljaw managed to distract the Autobots by mooring a ship and freeing his pack. Back at their hideout, Steeljaw scratched off Clampdown's Decepticon symbols and made him an official member to their gang. Fracture asked if Clampdown would betray them and Steeljaw ensured that if something like that happened, he would not rest until he made Clampdown eat his own claws. In Lockout, Steeljaw referred to Clampdown as "brother". Near to the end, Steeljaw retreated with gang back to their hideout where he took his rage out on them and told them to leave him alone. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Steeljaw prevented Megatronus from torturing Clampdown any further, which would show he does not tolerate when one of his pack members are being oppressed.



In Trust Exercises, Steeljaw engaged in a small conversation with Strongarm. Steeljaw tried to trick Strongarm into believing he was a guard aboard the Alchemor. When that did not work out, Steeljaw knocked Strongarm unconscious and chained her up. Steeljaw tried to convince Strongarm that he wanted to live peacefully without being persecuted when Strongarm woke up. However, Sideswipe and Russell rescued Strongarm and Sideswipe led Steeljaw right for Strongarm to kick him into a tree.


In Trust Exercises, Sideswipe disguised himself as a Decepticon called "Grimbee" to distract Steeljaw while Russell unchained Strongarm. When Steeljaw discovered it was a trick, he immediately engaged Sideswipe and chased after the Autobot. Fortunately for Sideswipe, Strongarm kicked Steeljaw into a tree before he could continue to chase Sideswipe further. In True Colors, Sideswipe fought Steeljaw at the crown river dam and demanded that Steeljaw ceased from controlling Grimlock. Their fight was cut short as Sideswipe had to save his comerades from being beaten up by the controlled Grimlock. In Sideways, Sideswipe stopped a garbage compactor from crushing Bumblebee as Steeljaw had thrown him inside and turned on the machine. Steeljaw stated it was a clever move and was prevented by Bumblebee from attacking Sideswipe.


Their relationship appears to be similar to that of Megatron and Optimus Prime. In True Colors, Steeljaw faced off against Bumblebee and escaped while the Autobots were trying to get Minitron off of Grimlock. In Sideways, Steeljaw engaged Bumblebee again only this time he got the better of Bee. He tossed the Autobot into a garbage compactor and turned the machine on to watch Bee get crushed. However, Sideswipe saved Bumblebee and Bee engaged Steeljaw and managed to defeat him. Steeljaw slipped through his cuffs and freed the other Decepticons. In Lockout, Steeljaw and his gang attempted to take over the scrapyard and free the Decepticon prisoners who were held captive in the stasis pods. However, their plans were foiled by the Autobots and Bumblebee engaged Steeljaw as the Autobots prevented the stasis pods from releasing the Decepticon prisoners. Steeljaw vowed to make Earth a place for Decepticons to rule and where he is their ruler before escaping the scrapyard with his pack. In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Bumblebee and Optimus along with escaped Mini-Cons who were led by Fixit fought an empowered Steeljaw who was in control of Decepticon Hunters. Although Steeljaw proved to be a handful for all of them, including Bumblebee, they managed to get the Decepticon to drop his weapon and thus resulting in his defeat as Bumblebee used his returned weapon to trap Steeljaw in the floor. Steeljaw vowed it wasn't over and that he will tear Bumblebee apart.

Steeljaw may appear to be strong enough to take on Bumblebee and would not hesitate to finish him off at any point during a fight.

Megatronus (former ally)

Steeljaw was contacted by Megatronus near the ending of Lockout where Megatronus had struck a deal with Steeljaw. Steeljaw agreed to gather up the materials that Megatronus told him to get to build a portal for Megatronus to escape from his imprisonment in a dimension in exchange that Steeljaw and his gang get Earth. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Megatronus checked on Steeljaw's progress on building the device but when Steeljaw demanded he needs more Decepticons to help with the task, Megatronus used his telekinetic powers to torture Clampdown until Steeljaw had capitulated. Megatronus then informed Steeljaw that they would need a better place that would enable the device to use its energies to open a portal. Later, Megatronus grew impatiently as he checked on Steeljaw and his pack again. Megatronus told Steeljaw he threatened to make them pay if he remains in his imprisoned dimension any longer. With the interference of the Autobots, Steeljaw was able to activate the portal. Even when Optimus Prime intervened and destroyed the portal, Megatronus was able to get through and stood before all of them. When Steeljaw and his pack got the Autobots temporarily out of the battle, Megatronus credited them for their efforts as he retrieved his Spark Fuser. Steeljaw reminded Megatronus of their deal and Megatronus stated Steeljaw earned it but also revealed his plans to destroy both Earth and Cybertron. Realizing he was used, Steeljaw charged angrily at Megatronus, only for the First Decepticon to reveal he spoke only truth and that Steeljaw heard what he wanted as he threw Steeljaw to the side. As Steeljaw fought Megatronus further, he told him that he only desired a place for Decepticons to rule with him as their leader. Megatronus mockingly apologizes for Steeljaw's "loss" as he used his telekinesis on Steeljaw and tossed the Decepticon in the distance.

Saberhorn (former ally)

Saberhorn was quite impressed at Steeljaw for freeing escaped Decepticon prisoners and informed the latter was going to go far in the Decepticons in Misdirection. In Portals, Saberhorn and Glowstrike had a private conversation with Steeljaw that would place Steeljaw in a well deserving position in the ranks. They were both pleased that Steeljaw showed "good faith" by attacking a Sharkticon traitor and placed him to aid them in unlocking a vault with Decepticon Hunters. However, in Decepticon Island (Part 1), Steeljaw called Saberhorn and Glowstrike as he managed to open the vault and took the Decepticon Hunters for himself. He used the weapons to overthrow Glowstrike and Saberhorn as he took control over the leadership in the Decepticons. In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Saberhorn argued with Steeljaw over the latter's betrayal but Steeljaw countered by stating they placed him in a position to possess the Decepticon Hunters. When Glowstrike attempted to take back leadership with Bumblebee's abandoned Decepticon Hunter, Saberhorn and Glowstrike were merely blasted by Steeljaw.

Glowstrike (former ally)

Steeljaw introduced himself to Glowstrike in Metal Meltdown. In Misdirection, Glowstrike was very contented as Steeljaw managed to free Decepticon "elite warriors" in Misdirection. In Portals, Glowstrike and Saberhorn had a private talk with Steeljaw about placing him in a well rank. After witnessing Steeljaw attacking a Sharkticon traitor, they were so very satisfied by his showmanship that they wanted him to open a vault containing Decepticon Hunters. In Decepticon Island (Part 1), Steeljaw summoned Glowstrike and Saberhorn to witness him opening the vault. Glowstrike was astonished but when Saberhorn asked for the weapons from Steeljaw, the latter used them to overthrow Glowstrike and Saberhorn as he took over the leadership. In Decepticon Island (Part 2), Glowstrike attempted to strike at Steeljaw but had to stand down since he had two Decepticon Hunters. Although Glowstrike found Bumblebee's Decepticon Hunter and attempted to take back leadership, she was blasted along with Saberhorn by Steeljaw.


  • "Autobots". - Steeljaw after sniffing tracks by Grimlock in Trust Exercises.
  • "Prepare for freedom, brother."
  • "Hello sister. Did you fall out of the sky too? I'm so glad we found each other."
  • "I wasn't a prisoner on that ship, I was a guard."
  • "My pod programmed to wake me in case of a riot."
  • "The logo was meant to confuse the other *roars and attacks Strongarm*"
  • "Yes, I am a Decepticon, but I've changed."
  • "I apologize for the things I've done, but I can never go back to Cybertron."
  • "I'd be locked up again, just the way you wanted to jail me, - before I could explain anything."
  • "But on this planet, I can begin anew with fellow prisoners who feel the same way. In peace. Now, is that so wrong?"
  • "I would love to meet your superior officer and the rest of your squadron."
  • "How many of you are there? Where are you based?"
  • "Greetings, brother."
  • "I'm glad you are free, Grimbee. Step into the light and join me."
  • "I destroyed it and its tracking mechanism."
  • "The Autobots mustn't capture me before I can prove to them that I have reformed and want to live here now, peacefully. As I'm sure you do too."
  • "Tell me more about yourself, Grimbee. How were you captured?"
  • "What are you? Besides strange."
  • "Treachery. How like you Autobots."
  • "Sorry about the pain. It's temporary, and, you'll soon come to understand, necessary. In the meantime, you want to remain free? You stay with me. I'm Steeljaw." Steeljaw introducing himself to Thunderhoof in As the Kospego Commands!
  • "I didn't expect you so soon. Thunderhoof's still scouting for a larger base, but I'll be glad to help you with the pods. After all, a good leader is only first among equals." Steeljaw to Minitron controlling Grimlock in True Colors.
  • "Let me guess. You ran away."
  • "That's a rather cowardly way to justify failure, but as far as my intention to make this world a home for all Decepticons, you and Underbite are at least a place to start."
  • "Savor the daylight. Things are about to get rather dark."
  • "Get a grip on yourself."
  • "Oh, is it so hard to believe the Dinobot would chose me over all of you?"
  • "I believe you have more pressing concerns."
  • "Oh, I doubt they're going to survive this."
  • "Oh, you have me all wrong, brother. I've been watching you but I'm no Autobot. In fact, I'd like to make you and your very impressive claws a proposition." - Steeljaw upon meeting Clampdown in Sideways.
  • "Fracture, Underbite, meet the newest member of our crusade to turn this into a world for Decepticons. This is Clampdown."
  • "That is enough. The past is the past. Clampdown could be of great use to us. End of discussion."
  • "Clampdown, why did you run off so fast from your new friends?"
  • "Oh, I highly doubt that!"
  • "There. It's official. Clampdown is one of us now."
  • "Clampdown realizes that, after all we've done for him, if he sided against us, I wouldn't rest until I'd made him eat his own claws."
  • "No, brother Clampdown. Not with the Autobots so close by." - Steeljaw to Clampdown in Lockout.
  • "This has been very illuminating, but there's one more thing I need to Ahh."
  • "If we did, Kickback wouldn't make very good bait, now would he?"
  • "Well, well. A welcoming committee. How very kind."
  • "Fracture, perhaps one of your little friends can relieve the Mini-Con of his duties for a while?"
  • "Not to worry, just upgrading your security system."
  • "Oh, but you're wrong. Or are you not aware of my previous crimes? Bring up my dossier, Airazor. This should be fun."
  • "Subsonics, precisely! Your security system can easily be rewired to emit sonic pulses that don't affect bots outfitted with the special chips I cobbled together for my friends and me. But aren't nearly as kind to standard Auto and Dinobots, as Bee and his team will soon discover."
  • "Do you like the tone of our new doorbell, Bumblebee?"
  • "I would have modified the defense fields' subsonics to destroy you, but the power source was too limited."
  • "Thunderhoof, bring them here."
  • "This isn't Cybertron."
  • "Fine, just leave them here. There is no way for you and your motley crew to retrieve them through the sonic field."
  • "You can try. But I would advise you all to flee instead. Because soon you'll be far outnumbered. And torn into spare parts."
  • "Clampdown, open these Pods and set our Decepticon brethren free."
  • "Then you'll open the pods."
  • "Thunderhoof! Clampdown! Locate the prisoners, now! Now!"
  • "Where is the smaller one?"
  • "Mini-Con! Open the stasis pods now, or I make a painful example of this one!"
  • "Do you want a non-functioning human? Accelerate the process and open the pods right now!"
  • "You're too late, Lieutenant."
  • "I will give the Decepticons their own world. This world. And I shall rule them!"
  • "Incompetents, get away from me! *throws pieces of metal at his pack* Get out!"
  • "Who are you?"
  • "You? The pack obeys my orders."
  • "Play all the tricks you like. I do not scare. And soon I will have a legion of Decepticons. No bot will interfere with my plans to rule this planet!"
  • "Agreed. *First Decepticon disappears* For now. - Steeljaw after agreeing to follow under the first Decepticon.
  • "Not only do we have the electronic components, but you've brought me useful bargaining chips too." - Steeljaw commending his pack on capturing Sideswipe and Strongarm in Battlegrounds, Part 1.
  • "I don't know and I don't care. I just want him off my back long enough to make this planet safe for Decepticons. Under my benevolent rule, of course."
  • "Oh, I'm sure they're on their way now. Which is why Fracture is going to go to their base and capture their Mini-Con. He should be quite exposed at this moment."
  • "We have secured everything you asked for. We'll begin construction of the devices as soon as my Decepticon army is released from captivity."
  • "I need my army to help build the devices you require."
  • "Enough. Enough!"
  • "We're in a steel mill. That should be more than enough mass for whatever you're talking about."
  • "Secure our new captive and bring her along. One can never have too much leverage."
  • "One day, you other-dimensional blowhard, you will receive your comeuppance by my hand."
  • "Underbite, Thunderhoof, deal with them while we finish the arch."
  • "Along with building the machines that brought you here, it was the least we could do. Now, shall we discuss when exactly I will take possession of this world, as you promised?" - Steeljaw in Battlegrounds, Part 2.
  • "But combining the sparks will blow both planets to-"
  • "You lied to us! To me!"
  • "Don't just stand there."
  • "That's quite a list, friend." - Steeljaw to Kickback in Metal Meltdown.
  • "Let me make it up to you, brother. I want to assemble a different team, a better team. Join me, and together we can take over Earth, and make it a homeworld for our kind."
  • "Excuse me, friends. But I couldn't help overhearing."
  • "But this time, instead of rewiring your equipment to project such a field, I brought my own. It also let me cast a barrier around myself to protect me from your Cryo-Gas, and pop your stasis pod's lock from the inside. And it was so easy to hide. I just had to convince you to let me in." - Steeljaw in Misdirection.
  • "Your friends are busy being taken apart by acquaintances of mine. Or the other way around. I'm fine with either."
  • "Now, excuse me while I reunite with some old friends."
  • "Greetings, brothers, old and new. It is time to return to our work. And at last succeed in making this planet a Utopia haven for Decepticons."
  • "And now I've freed you. And while you slept, I have allied with many Decepticons who will help make our dreams a reality. I don't blame you for not trusting me, Thunderhoof, but see for yourself. Go to these coordinates. If you do not like what you find, enjoy my gift of your freedom."
  • "They are so easily led. Or is it misled? Now, then The last time I was here, you demonstrated impressive weaponry. I'd hoped to take some with me."
  • "I see you've come alone. The inexperienced student."
  • "You've improved, cadet. But this is no sanitized academy exercise. In real life, enemies fight dirty!"
  • "Quite a decision you have to make, Strongarm. Either let me go free, or they'll all be squeezed to pulp by my subsonic field."
  • "Now, now. Frustration never solved...(Strongarm reveals she took his subsonic device) I'm starting to like you, cadet."
  • "If you think you're qualified, Thunderhoof then take your best shot. Otherwise, be silent and listen. Not everyone on this little hive of Decepticons is pleased with the current leadership. Some want to follow them off Earth, others want to stay and rule it. We can use that division. We just need a little more support, and a little more firepower." - Steeljaw in Portals.
  • "Not busy at all. Just killing time."
  • "Leadership team? Me?"
  • "Yes, uh quite a surprise."
  • "Excuse me. I'd like to have a word with you. Actually, more like a claw."
  • "I've never seen this type of Mini-Con working for Decepticons."
  • "Ah, but appearances can be deceiving." - Steeljaw in Decepticon Island (Part 1).
  • "I wouldn't recommend fighting, Lieutenant. It would be so futile."
  • "Welcome, old friends, at last. To the first outpost of my new Decepticon Empire."
  • "You should be honored, Bumblebee. You're the first guests on my Decepticon Island." - Steeljaw to Bumblebee in Decepticon Island (Part 2).
  • "Imagine that. A Decepticon turning out to be less than trustworthy. Don't be so hurt. You put me in a position to possess two Decepticon Hunters. You practically begged me to seize power. I merely accepted your gift."
  • "Bring her down!"
  • "I thought you'd come here. You need some way to attack the entire island at once, am I right?"
  • "Let's see. Not explosives. You wouldn't want to destroy yourselves. Cryo-gas? Whatever it is, step away."
  • "I read in our ship's library computers what these weapons can do when three individuals combine them. But I'm curious what happens when one being brings them together. Shall we find out?"
  • "I feel like I could take down all of the Primes together. What chance do you have?"
  • "I honestly can't decide if you're that weak or I'm that powerful."
  • "Looks like this armor is more than a fashion statement."
  • "Interesting. I simply imagined a force beam, and the weapon provided it."
  • "Get away from those!"
  • "You haven't won. I will still claim my throne."
  • "This isn't over. I will tear you to ribbons, Bumblebee!"
  • " There. The ones who betrayed me stand revealed to all of Cybertron and Earth is once more a world for the winning. Until we meet again."


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  • Steeljaw has the unique honor of being the first main antagonist in an American Transformers series who isn't Megatron/Galvatron, as the latter decided to reform in the prequel. Although, he acts like Megatron due to his intentions of ruling Earth with his fellow Decepticon prisoners. However, he also acts similar to Starscream. (Unlike Starscream, who prefers to run from a battle in most occasions, Steeljaw shows no fear when he collides with an Autobot, he is more likely to enjoy fighting them).
  • He is voiced by Troy Baker, who is known for voicing various villains, similar to Frank Welker, the voice of Megatron.
  • Steeljaw's intention of reuniting the Decepticons in his image is similar to that of Starscream at the end of Predacons Rising, only Steeljaw has had more success than Starscream ever did.
  • It is unknown if Steeljaw is still good at the end of the series.