Sinnertwin is a Decepticon Terrorcon from the Generation 1 continuity family

My name is WAY cooler than yours.

Like his fellow Terrorcons, Sinnertwin is a horrific insult to nature itself. Sinnertwin frequently patrols the Terrorcons' lair with the hope of finding anything unfortunate enough to be alive in his presense. Then comes the killing, and what with his multiple heads and sadistic nature, this is not something one would like to witness. Ironically, he's terrified of small creatures.

He has the most awesome name in Transformer history. No matter what Slayride says.

"Rip Autobots! Rr, rip and tear!"
―Cutthroat[[Grimlock's New Brain| [src]]]

French-Canadian name: Bipêcheur
Italian name: Bifrontbot


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation 1 Cartoon

Voice actor: ? (US), Tomomichi Nishimura (Japan)

IDW comic continuity

Sinnertwin is the acting treasurer of the Sixshot fan club. He isn't too good at the job, but he tries harder.


Generation 1

  • Sinnertwin (1987)
Team ID number: TR2
Japanese ID number: D-81

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