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Steeljaw's Pack is a group of Decepticons, led by Steeljaw, who appear in Robots in Disguise. Ever since Steeljaw escaped from his stasis pod, he has been recruiting a variety of dangerous Decepticons to help him in his mission to turn Earth into a Decepticon homeworld. Also, all the original members of Steeljaw's Pack had their Decepticon logos scratched out by Steeljaw so that their tracking systems were terminated. While this is mainly to avoid Autobot detection, they appear to treat it as a genuine symbol of membership in the pack.


In Trust Exercises, Steeljaw displayed his interest in uniting the Decepticons and making Earth their new home. He would subsequently recruit Thunderhoof in As the Kospego Commands!, and later employed Minitron in a scheme to rescue others that Team Bumblebee had captured. This plan, which took place during True Colors, was only partially successful. By controlling Grimlock, Minitron managed to secure Underbite, but he himself was captured by Team Bumblebee. At the same time, Thunderhoof was tasked with finding the group a new base, and succeeded in locating an Abandoned Steel Mill that soon became home to the members of the Pack. As of Sideways, the group included Steeljaw, Thunderhoof, Underbite, and new arrivals Fracture, Airazor, and Divebomb. After clashing with the Autobots and being briefly captured, the Pack escaped with the addition of Clampdown to their ranks.

In Lockout, the Pack managed to seize control of Denny Clay's Scrapyard, which doubled as Team Bumblebee's base. By modifying the Scrapyard's defenses, Steeljaw set up a subsonic field that prevented the Autobots from returning after they were lured away by Kickback, another escaped Decepticon that the pack tied up and left near the base. However, Russell Clay managed to escape capture, and he and the Autobots succeeded in shutting down the field. The Pack were then defeated by the Autobots, preventing them from freeing the other Decepticon prisoners held at the Scrapyard. After this, Steeljaw was contacted by Megatronus, who revealed himself as the one responsible for causing the crash of the prison ship Alchemor that had carried the captive Steeljaw and most of the Pack's membership. He then offered to give the Pack the Earth in exchange for their help in escaping the dimension in which he had been imprisoned.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, the Pack succeeded in capturing Team Bumblebee members Strongarm and Sideswipe while gathering materials for a Space Bridge intended to bring Megatronus to Earth, as well as other devices Megatronus had instructed them to create. Counting on the members of Team Bumblebee to come looking to rescue their captive teammates, Steeljaw instructed Fracture and his Mini-Cons to invade the Scrapyard and capture Fixit so that the captive Decepticons could be freed and added to the ranks of the Pack. However, an impatient Megatronus soon had them at work completing the Space Bridge at the foot of the Crown City Colossus, the statue's metal frame being essential to dissipating the massive energies that would be unleashed by his arrival. Before departing, however, Steeljaw and his remaining troops captured the Autobots' latest recruit, Windblade, during her flyby recon of their base. Fracture's squad was defeated by the unexpected arrival of Optimus Prime, but the Pack succeeded in bringing Megatronus to Earth despite his attempt to stop them.

Battlegrounds, Part 2 Steeljaw and his Pack were betrayed by their "benefactor," as Megatronus revealed his intent to destroy both Earth and Cybertron using a Spark Fuser that the Pack had crafted for him. Steeljaw was quick to attack him despite being heavily outmatched, and ordered the rest of the Pack into action as well. However, having witnessed Megatronus' power, the remainder of the Pack turned tail, only to be intercepted by Team Bumblebee, who fought and incapacitate the three Pack members. They were quickly defeated, while Steeljaw was sent flying into the distance by Megatronus. Following Megatronus' defeat, Thunderhoof and the other recaptured Pack members were placed in stasis pods while Steeljaw remained at large and Megatronus' fate remained uncertain.

In Metal Meltdown, Steeljaw found Kickback and attempted to recruit him for a new team. However, Kickback revealed that he was already on a new team. Steeljaw followed Kickback to a swamp where the back end of the Alchemor was used as a base for a group of Decepticons. Steeljaw followed Kickback inside where he also met up with Scorponok and Glowstrike.

In Misdirection, Steeljaw tricks the Autobots into thinking that he was injured so he could sneak into the Scrapyard. He escapes from his stasis pod and entraps the Autobots' allies, allowing him to release some of his old pack members (Thunderhoof and Clampdown), along with some new Decepticons. He then sends them to Decepticon Island and presents them to Glowstrike and Saberhorn as new recruits, earning their trust.

Since then, Steeljaw dispatched his new team on various missions, aimed at scavenging human technology to rebuild the wrecked stern of the Alchemor. In Bumblebee's Night Off, Bisk was captured during his mission with his Mini-Con partners Anvil and Hammer, and Quillfire was also captured with his Mini-Con partners Back and Forth in Impounded. In Portals, Steeljaw met with his pack while Glowstrike and Saberhorn were away, interrupting a squabble between Clampdown and Thunderhoof concerning his leadership. He considered using his pack to stage a blunt coup, but decided against it.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), Clampdown was captured by the Autobots and questioned about Decepticon Island, but to no avail. Later, the remaining members of Steeljaw's Pack battled the Autobots when they launched a direct raid on the Alchemor wreckage. Steeljaw and the rest of the Decepticons were ultimately defeated when they were frozen by a stasis bomb in Decepticon Island (Part 2).


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  • Megatronus Fallen Prime (Formerly, presumably offline)



Robots in Disguise

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  • Underbite and Fracture were both defeated by Optimus Prime with ease.
  • Thunderhoof is the only Decepticon to have used humans as part of his plans.
  • Fracture is the only member of the Pack to not have been an inmate aboard the Alchemor or to have an animal-like appearance.
  • Clampdown is the reason Thunderhoof got arrested by the Autobots.
  • Kickback, despite genuinely wanting to join, was only used by the Pack as a decoy.