This article is about the Elite Guard flagship from Transformers Animated. For the Autobot ship from Generation 1, see Steelhaven (G1).


First Cybertronian ship in history that hasn't violently crashed upon entry into Earth's atmosphere.

Steelhaven is used by the Cybertron Elite Guard to travel. Most likely, Ultra Magnus is the captain of the ship. It has an impressive suite of defenses to keep icky organics out.


Elite ship


Transformers Animated cartoon

The ship was first spotted as it streaked across the Detroit skyline and landed. On orders from Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime activated the ship's forcefield to quarantine it against the organics of Earth. However, as Cybertronian technology its forcefield was no match for the Key, which permitted the tiny organic to enter and scare the bajoobies out of Jazz. The Elite Guard

After the revelation that Detroit was host to numerous scattered AllSpark fragments, Ultra Magnus stayed on board, ready to report any "supposed" Decepticon activity directly to Cybertron Command. Optimus and Sentinel reported to Magnus about the reported Decepticon activity, which itself was a trick by the Headmaster to get Sentinel's body, though Optimus stretched the truth on his behalf. The Return of the Headmaster Soon Magnus received a report from his agent Ironhide who was stationed on the rim of the galaxy. Ironhide, while under heavy fire, informed Magnus that the Decepticons were growing bolder and attacking remote Autobot colonies and space bridges. Magnus made preparations for the ship to leave Earth. The ship's forcefields were shown not to penetrate below the ground, which allowed the cloaked Decepticons to tunnel beneath it and steal the ship's subspace transmitter. After finding out that Optimus was telling the truth about the Decepticons, the Elite Guard flew the ship back to Cybertron to defend it from the 'Cons. Mission Accomplished

On its way back to Cybertron, the Decepticon captive Starscream broke out of the vessel and headed back for Earth. Due to the theft of the transmitter, the Elite Guard were unable to contact the Autobots on Earth about it until they landed on Cybertron. A Fistful of Energon


  • The Steelhaven's appearance looks like a cross between the Titanium Series version of the Ark and the Autobot shuttles from Transformers: The Movie.
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