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Steamhammer has the physique to be a dull-witted legbreaker, and to be sure, he's very good in a fight. With his powerful fist and his mighty shovel arm, he is a deadly pugilist, and only the stronger Autobots like Landmine can really oppose him properly. Stoic and not given to mercy, he could run over a harmless petrorabbit without hesitation. When combined with his Construction Team into the mighty Constructicon Maximus, he is dangerous indeed.

Brute strength, however, does not win wars alone. Steamhammer is no Perceptor, but he is a skilled communications specialist and code breaker, and this is his preferred occupation: jamming transmissions, intercepting messages, and ensuring that his side's information is good, and the other side's is not. One must wonder, however, how he operates radio equipment and computer terminals with a shovel for a hand --


Japanese name: Scavenger


Energon cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Don Brown (English), ? (Japanese)

Steamhammer and the Construction Team took part in a bazaar tag team tournament with Barricade and the Destruction Team against Storm Jet and the Air Team. They Immediately combined in Constructicon Maximus and Bruticus Maximus. Distribution

Steamhammer was forced to battle Landmine on his own, but the Construction Team came back for him soon and they combined into Constructicon Maximus. Galvatron Terror

Later, after Constructicon Maximus got killed, Superion Maximus use the Construction Team limbs after his lags wer destroyed by Bruticusm, leaving Steamhammer in the background to dust. Spark

Note: Steamhammer only appeared in "Distribution" and "Galvatron Terror".All other times, he was only in shovel mode or the torso of Constructicon Maximus.



  • Steamhammer (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Team ID number: C5
EnergonSteamhammer toy

On his wall is a big poster of Mike Mulligan's Mary Anne with her doors open... but only his closest friends know that.

Steamhammer transforms into a green face shovel, of the super-sized quarry-mining variety. In robot mode, his left arm is made out of the steam shovel arm, and his spark crystal is located within the shovel. Like the other Energon combiner team leaders, he does not come with any weapons.
He forms the central body component of Constructicon Maximus, with the rest of his team plugging into combiner Powerlinx ports located in his arms and legs. Constructicon Maximus' head is located inside the steam shovel's cabin.
This mold was also used to make Classics Scavenger.


  • Steamhammer (Deluxe, 2005)
Steamhammer was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!. No mention of his combining ability is made on the cardback.


  • Steamhammer got his name indirectly from Generation One Steamhammer, by way of an abandoned OTFCC 2004 exclusive. At one point in time, the Rail Racer trains were offered to 3H as a possible set of exclusives. Due to a suggestion from Graham Weaver, one of them was planned to be named after the original Steamhammer, as it was a trainy kind of name. (Another of the three trains would be Astrotrain and the third was never decided on, though "Loco" or "Cowcatcher" was favored.) Hasbro changed their minds on the molds' availability, but they later used the "Steamhammer" name themselves, as they did similarly with "Vector Prime."

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