Titan4.3 Starscream wields static lance

A static lance is a hand-held melee weapon which energizes along the length of its shaft and delivers a shock capable of stunning a Transformer.


Titan Prime comic

Ice Breaker

Megatron and Starscream attacked the NS Yamal, intending to use the static lance they'd brought along to cause the ship's nuclear reactors to meltdown and expose energon deposits underneath the ice. Starscream used the lance to render the ship's crew unconscious, but while they were packing the reactors with explosives, the Autobots turned up. Starscream knocked out Ratchet with the lance, but when he tried the same trick on Bumblebee, the smaller Autobot dodged the strike and managed to kick Starscream. Taking possession of the lance, Bumblebee threw it to Optimus Prime, who zapped Megatron with it when the Decepticon leader tried to take it back.

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