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A stasis pod is used to store a Transformer protoform newborn until it has its spark installed, is given programming, and is formatted into a functional adult Transformer. The protoform is sealed safely inside the stasis pod, supported by nothing more than a lubricating fluid. In normal use, an exploration ship will carry several stasis pods, seed a planet with them, and the stasis pods would scan for native forms and birth new Transformer life.

Additionally, some of such a vessel's stasis pods will house "blank" protoforms, which are lifeless and do not contain sparks. One such blank protoform was used by Rhinox to restore Optimus Primal to life; Megatron used another blank to create Dinobot 2. These blank protoforms are likely to serve as backup bodies; should any of the crew be damaged beyond repair, their spark and memories can be transferred into the protoform. Blank stasis pods may also result from pods that crashed but were damaged to the point where the spark extinguished leaving a blank stasis pod.

Because a stasis pod's life support functions are so efficient, they can also be used to transport adult Transformers, usually for long-distance travel. They have also been used to carry sentenced criminals into exile. (For example, the Axalon carried the murderous Protoform X and the thief Packrat.)

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