Grimlock watching Underbite being placed back into stasis.

Stasis Pods, also referred as Stasis Cells, are standardized by Autobots to store unconscious Decepticons in cryo-stasis, or even vice-versa.


In Pilot, Part 1, the Autobot ship Alchemor stored a large number of stasis cells containing inactive Decepticon fugitives. When the Alchemor crashed on Earth, it released its containment of stasis cells. Fixit checked the wreckage and soon found out that a majority of the stasis cells were ruptured and their contents released. Underbite broke out of his stasis cell and Grimlock later goaded Underbite into freeing him from his own damaged cell.

In Pilot, Part 2, Fixit successfully repaired a stasis cell to store Underbite.

In W.W.O.D.?, Terrashock's stasis cell was discovered by humans at the Crown City Museum of Natural History and Sciences. Terrashock broke free from his cell and was later captured by the Autobots. In As the Kospego Commands!, Fixit was nearly crushed by a stack of pods until Bumblebee stopped it from falling him.


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