The easily bamboozled Galvatron of Space.

Start Your Own Decoy Collection was a bonus pack-in flyer included with those carded toys that had a decoy. The mini-comic inside was titled The Decepticon Deception.

  • Release date: 1986


The Decepticons have somehow stolen the Creation Matrix. First Aid (drawn as Ratchet) develops the decoys to distract the Decepticons, while the Autobots sneak into Decepticon headquarters and shootretrieve the Matrix.

Upon learning of the ruse, Galvatron angrily declares that the Decepticons will develop their own set of Decoys, presumably to try the exact same trick, later on. This plan cannot fail.


  • Like some of the mail-away brochures, this one was quite tiny, folding down to just over 1" x 2". The small size allowed it to be packed in with small toys such as the Scramble City-style combiner limbs, alongside their equally small sticker and combination instruction sheets.
  • The back includes a list of all the decoys available. As the number far exceeds the number of carded toys available at the time, the only way to get them all would be to buy multiples of the same Transformer.
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