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"All hail Starscream!

"Have no fear Lord Megatron, under my leadership Decepticon victory is assured!!!""


Starscream is Megatron's former right-hand and a secondary antagonist in Transformers: Prime. He dreams of seizing leadership of the Decepticon faction for himself, and has even succeeded on a few occasions, only to have it taken away by Megatron. Though not physically powerful by Cybertronian standards, Starscream is arguably more dangerous than Megatron as he is power hungry, egotistic, cowardly, paranoid, unpredictable and willing to kill on sight even if it includes his own men. Starscream's role in the series often changed from time to time. He is also noted for being the first and only Decepticon to have permanently killed a member of Team Prime without hesitation.


War for Cybertron[]

For the last thousand years of the Great War, Starscream was in charge of an orbital facility that had the capability of producing Dark Energon, though they maintained only a small stockpile because of its unpredictable and uncontrollable nature. The station's force of neutral soldiers were no match for Megatron's invading forces, while Starscream and Jetfire's repeated warnings that no one could control Dark Energon had no effect on Megatron's determination. Instead, Megatron tempted Starscream with knowledge of his past, reminding him of his demotion from Sky Commander to a mere guard over an all-but-derelict station, and offered to let him join the Decepticons, something Starscream scoffed at — at least, at first. Starscream attempted to destroy the station's stock of Dark Energon before the Decepticon leader could reach it, but failed, and watched, first with amusement as Megatron entered the storage chamber...and then with shock as Megatron infused himself with the substance and bent it to his will within moments. Starscream quickly volunteered his services for the Decepticon cause, causing Jetfire to label him a traitor and leave to warn Zeta Prime . Megatron sent him with Thundercracker andSkywarp to Cybertron to reactivate the Energon Bridge. Starscream performed the mission successfully using his trademark style, flair, and modesty, never mind Megatron's taunting and unreasonable impatience, or Thundercracker's warning him of the danger of certain courses of action, or even Skywarp's cluing in to his constant insults.

During the Battle of Iacon City, Starscream led the Decepticons aerial squadrons and Brawl led the Decepticons' ground assault, while Megatron, Soundwave, and Breakdown went behind enemy lines and tried to secure the Omega Key. When Megatron's group met up with Brawl, Starscream refused to send Dark Energon bombers, saying that he wouldn't let Brawl waste anymore of "his ships". Megatron took issue with Starscream dubbing the bombers his, and overrode Starscream's refusal. Later that evening, while looking for the "real" Omega Key, they ran into it: Omega Supreme. Starscream assumed Megatron was killed when Omega attacked a dropship Megatron was heading for and declared himself Decepticon commander. Shortly afterward, Megatron managed to communicate with Starscream and ordered him to attack Omega Supreme, getting the massive Autobot off of Megatron's back. By the time Megatron's group were heading for the Autobot turrets, Starscream was ready to sound a retreat, which Megatron overrode with the threat of marking any retreating Decepticon as "kill on sight". Fortunately, Megatron arrived moments later and managed to defeat Omega Supreme, making the retreat unnecessary. Later on, he was present at the Core of Cybertron as Megatron corrupted it with Dark Energon.

As the Battle of Iacon continued, Starscream fought through Jetfire and Silverbolt, and attacked Optimus's group in the Decagon. However, the Air Commander was injured by Optimus's Energon Axe and forced to retreat. The wound was apparently bad enough to cause him to sit out the remainder of the conflict.

Fall of Cybertron[]

Under Megatron's orders, Starscream and the Combaticons ambushed and captured Optimus Prime under the ruins of Iacon during the assault on the Ark. Starscream's gloating on how he defeated Megatron's nemesis would earn him a blast from the Decepticon leader's Fusion Cannon. Starscream's luck would take an uphill turn, however, for Megatron was soon crushed by Metroplex, leaving him the new leader of the Decepticons. At the urging of both Prime and Metroplex, Starscream ordered the Decepticons to retreat.

Starscream's reign as a leader was lackluster at best. He used most of the Decepticon energon and supplies to further his own ego and cover the Decepticon bases with portraits and effigies of himself and constantly broadcasting self glorifying speeches to his troops. Anyone who wasn't on board with Starscream's reign was thrown into the prisons of Kaon. Needless to say, the prisons were full to bursting as barely a handful of Decepticons had any faith in their new leader. When the Autobots acquired the entire energon supply the Decepticons kept in the Sea of Rust. Starscream sent the Combaticons to stop the transport. When the transport was out in the open, Starscream ordered an assault on it, despite the fact the anti-aircraft gun were still functional. As the Decepticons suffered heavy losses, Starscream aborted the mission and ordered a full retreat. The Combaticons ignored the order and brought the transport down, at the cost of half the energon on board. Despite the fact that the Combaticons had saved the mission he had abandoned, Starscream accused them of failing and had them arrested.

Later, Starscream decided to have a coronation for himself (despite the fact he had been in charge for some time now). Though sadly it was not to be, as a newly rebuilt Megatron crashed the event and took his crown back from the would-be king, much to everyone else's elation. Luckily, the Air Commander escaped Megatron's wrath, swearing revenge.

Seeking the means to get back at Megatron, Starscream made his way to Shockwave's lab. He came across Grimlock and promised to free him and his team if they would serve him. The Dinobot 'kindly' refused the offer by throwing him into the control panel, freeing himself. This apparently knocked Starscream out as he didn't get back up. Presumably at some point after, Stascream apologized to Megatron and came back in the ranks of the Decepticons, since most of Decepticons that might have arrested him were cut to pieces by a rampaging Grimlock.

Transformers: Prime[]


During his time on Cybertron, Starscream lead a squadron of Energon Seekers. They traveled across space in search of Energon.

Assisting Shockwave[]

Having captured Arcee, particularly pleased that he had captured a supposedly fast Autobot. Starscream claimed that she faced a rare opportunity and revealed his intentions for her to decode an encoded Autobot transmission for the Decepticons, assuring her that if she did so, she would die quickly. As Arcee stayed mute, Starscream ordered her to speak up, claiming he could not hear her as she supposedly whimpered. Following the latter's suggestion to Starscream to get fragged, he began to laugh and believed she would be more inclined to cooperate when her own well-being wasn't at stake, bringing out fellow captured Autobot Cliffjumper. As the two sat behind him, Starscream exclaimed that Cybertron was little more than a graveyard and angrily yelled at Arcee to give him the code. As Arcee insisted that she was not afraid of latter and downgraded him as not being Megatron, he viciously attacked her with his claw-like hands.

As Arcee and Cliffjumper were held captive in the Decepticon prison cell, Starscream openly expressed his frustration to Soundwave. Though he wished to just eliminate the two and stop wasting his time, the code they carried was of too great importance for him to do that. As Starscream began to wish that he had a means of entering their minds, Soundwave directed him to Shockwave's base. Starscream was initially unwilling to take the prisoners to the surface, asking Soundwave rhetorically why Shockwave should be allowed all the glory. However, Starscream concluded that since he already had to deliver energon to the latter, he may as well have sent the two his way as well. As he and the others began walking, Starscream ordered Cliffjumper to stop talking following the latter's compliments towards the look of Kaon.

Starscream introduced Arcee and Cliffjumper to Shockwave as the latter walked into the room. He began to gloat over his accomplishments before deciding it would be best for Shockwave to have total concentration during his extraction. While the latter walked, he asked him if he was certain that he could extract the codes without damaging the Autobots' brains. As Shockwave reminded Starscream that he had invented the Cortical Psychic Patch and knew how it worked, Starscream claimed that he knew he did. As Cliffjumper claimed he would kill both Starscream and Shockwave after Arcee failed to respond following being connected, Starscream ordered that he shut up as he was trying to listen to Optimus Prime's message. Optimus stated that he had arrived on Earth and was seeking help from other Autobots as well, with Starscream turning his intentions to the planet. He was defeated by Cliffjumper and Arcee after Shockwave departed.


Following the Decepticon's interception of Optimus Prime's message, Starscream approached and landed on the planet Earth. When the Decepticons arrived on Earth, Starscream scouted an old Decepticon ship called the Harbinger that had crashed landed years back. However he failed to record the coordinates of the crash site or find the Immobilizer. In time, Megatron departed Earth to gather an army out in space, leaving Starscream in charge. Starscream spent his time sending out Decepticon grunts to search for energon deposits and managed to set up a lucrative energon mine in secret.

Murdering Cliffjumper[]

Aboard the Nemesis, Starscream gazed at energon before deeming it worthless to him before two Vehicons came aboard the ship, with Autobot Cliffjumper in hand. Cliffjumper insisted to Starscream that the two had not seen each other for a while before asking where his Master was. Angered, Starscream insisted he was his own master and viciously struck his hand into Cliffjumper's chest, causing the latter to bleed out energon and collapse to the ground before dying. After murdering the latter, Starscream told the two Vehicons to clean his body and it's liquids off the floor. Later, Starscream tended to affairs on one of the Nemesis' computers before being walked to by fellow Decepticon Soundwave, whom he addressed by name and asked what he wanted.

Soundwave played to him a recording of Arcee's voice during the latter's conversation with Cliffjumper shortly before his death. Starscream instantly knew it was her and expressed interest in killing her as well. Soundwave later came to Starscream after the former's last visit. Starscream asked him if he was certain Megatron was being detected, to which the former said yes. Starscream allowed him to open the Space Bridge for their former leader.

Reunion with Megatron[]

During his conversation with Megatron, he explained to the latter that during his absence and out of all the energon mines they had uncovered, their biggest one was laying below them as he spoke. He continued by stating the Vehicons had been mining without pause during his absence. As he ordered a Vehicon to give him a sample, Megatron stopped him and stated that he would resume leadership of the Decepticons now that he had returned. Starscream understood and asked if he should ready the Space Bridge for the presumably hundreds of Decepticons he had gathered in space. Megatron explained that his army would come and showed Starscream a sample of dark energon. Starscream said Unicron's name in astonishment and exclaimed that legends previously stated that Dark Energon held the power to revive the dead.

As Megatron asked him if he was prepared to die and serve as a test subject, he stated that his death would be unnecessary and got Megatron to turn his eyes toward Cliffjumper's corpse. As Megatron placed the shard in the deceased Autobot's chest, Starscream backed up. As the Dark Energon-fueled Cliffjumper attacked two Vehicons, he rhetorically questioned Megatron if his plan was to bring Autobots back from the dead to attack the group. Following Megatron's departure from the Energon Mine after slicing Cliffjumper in half, Starscream stayed and monitored the mining operation until being attacked by four of Earth's Autobots, one of which being Optimus Prime, whom he contacted Megatron about and confirmed his presence in the Autobots' assault. As Megatron ordered his evacuation, Starscream protested and stated his presence was needed in order for the Autobots not to gain control of their mining operation and claim the energon as their own.

Megatron insisted that Starscream blow the mines, which Starscream complied. As Arcee failed to recover Cliffjumper's body, Starscream appeared before the Autobots and taunted them before dropping a bomb in the mine and evacuating before the latter could detonate. Aboard the Nemesis, Starscream assured Megatron that he would no longer need to worry about Autobot interference, believing himself to have finally rid the Decepticons of the group.

As Megatron asked for evidence regarding his supposed factual belief, Starscream reminded him that he destroyed the mine as he instructed. As Megatron insisted that Optimus Prime could not be easily destroyed as he knows that Prime always survive in every battle, Starscream suggested that he take a break from leading the Decepticons. As Megatron prepared to shove a fragment of the dark energon into his spark chamber, Starscream urged him not to, stating that the latter would not know what it would do to him.

Kidnapping Fowler[]

As Megatron stood by himself after injecting the dark energon into his body, Starscream approached him. As Megatron claimed to have known what Unicron wanted him to do, Starscream asked him what he could do to assist the latter in his efforts before being told to stop graveling and to merely wait his command. As Megatron left the Nemesis, Starscream looked on and jumped as Soundwave appeared behind him before telling him that he feared Megatron had come down with a case of space madness while in orbit for so long. He concluded that their master had not been at sound judgment since his return and ordered Soundwave to increase their global surveillance.

Soundwave instead played Starscream a recording of Megatron's previous statement before angrily ushering that he was not deaf and assuring to Soundwave that it would be in Megatron's best interest for the Decepticons to see if Optimus Prime lived. Shortly afterwards, Soundwave captured William Fowler and brought him aboard the Nemesis, where he was held captive. Starscream insisted to the latter that he had come up with a solution that would save his family the grieving of his death, providing them with the location of the Autobot base. Fowler initially stated that he was inclined to follow through, but needed to ask Starscream something first. Starscream assured the latter that he was listening and exclaimed his leadership when Fowler wanted to speak to the leader the Decepticon ship. Starscream ordered the Vehicons bring over the Energon Prod and asked Fowler one more time for the location of the Autobot base.

When Fowler continued to not comply, he shocked the latter with the prod and proved his theory that energon and human systems did not mix.


Starscream continued to interrogate William Fowler, asking him if he realized that the Autobots had abandoned him. Starscream exclaimed that he was the only one Fowler could rely upon anymore and told him to tell him what he wanted to know as he revealed the Energon Prod was still at his disposal.

After the latter continued to stall, Starscream shocked him once again and smiled after doing so. He then ordered one of the Vehicons presently with him uncover the commotion then-currently going on aboard the Nemesis. As the interrogation continued, he was intercepted by Autobots Bumblebee and Bulkhead. As he made a comment regarding the two, Arcee made her presence known by lowering her gun on his head. He exclaimed that it was time that he and Fowler made their leave before being shot at maliciously by the three Autobots, whom he immediately retreated from. Megatron returned to the based and found out what Starscream did in his absence and proceeded to trounce Starscream for his disobedience and the disabling of the Nemesis, therefore delaying his plans. Starscream managed to quell his master's anger by telling him that he knows how to get his plans back on course.

As it turned out, his plan was to send Soundwave down to use the Giant Sized Array radio telescope on Earth to set the space bridge's target. Once the bridge was properly targeted, Starscream opened it so that Megatron could throw the chunk of Dark Energon though. Starscream moved the ship back to a safe distance when the fighting on the rim of the space bridge became more intense, while imploring his master to withdraw as well. Alas, the space bridge exploded, apparently taking Megatron with it, and Starscream gave a brief eulogy before declaring himself leader and dancing in celebration and ordering the Vehicons to chant his name.


As Starscream viewed archived footage of Megatron's death, he concluded that the latter made a grand exit. As Soundwave approached him, Starscream issued a command for him to create an audio-visual in order for him to address the Vehicons. During his broadcasted message to the Vehicons, he claimed Megatron's death to be a blow to the Decepticon cause. As he delivered his speech, a Vehicon asked what chance the Decepticons had of conquering Earth with Megatron gone if they couldn't do it under his command. Starscream replied by stating that he had studied for millennia under Megatron and was more than ready to lead the Decepticons to victory. After his soldiers continued to be ill-motivated, Starscream concluded to Soundwave that he would need to find warriors dedicated to taking orders.

While with Soundwave, Starscream explained that during the Great War much energon was hidden on their current location and explained that Megatron had sent several of his finest warriors to guard it. He finished by stating that the warriors now laid in stasis, waiting to be reawakened. Starscream exclaimed that Megatron searched distant space for warriors when many were there. As Soundwave could not pinpoint the stasis-laying Decepticon's signal, he was both surprised and angry and exclaimed that he knew they were close. After ordering him to post the power to his sensors, Starscream succeeded in locating the stasis warrior and went off to awaken the Decepticon.

His mission was a success and he succeeded in reactivated the statis-induced Skyquake. As he allowed the latter to bow, Skyquake was adamant on his decision to stay loyal to Megatron. Starscream informed the latter that Megatron had perished and became annoyed by Skyquake's disbelief, wondering why everyone was having such a hard time believing. However, Optimus Prime arrived with a peace offering, exclaiming that Starscream could lead the Decepticons to a more righteous path. Starscream told the Optimus that he would be willing to consider a truce, if he were to bow before him. However, Skyquake was not easily willing to change sides and quickly struck Starscream and charged at Optimus. As the two fought, Starscream conversed with Soundwave over the fight.

He wanted his fellow Decepticon to make sure he captured Optimus being defeated by Skyquake for future reference. However, Soundwave started to channel Megatron's life signal. As he did, Starscream initially ordered him to ignore it before choosing to investigate as Soundwave continued recording. When he arrived to the remains of the Space Bridge, he discovered Megatron, still alive and breathing. Initially removing the dark energon from his chest and kicking the latter, he decided to bring him back after Laserbeak arrived.

Capturing Wheeljack[]

Starscream detected a signal from space and Soundwave intercepted communication from the ship which revealed to be Wheeljack. Starscream summons Makeshift and has him take on the form of Wheeljack while he sends Vehicons to capture the real Wheeljack before the Autobots meet him.


With growing fear amongst the Nemesis of Megatron's condition worsening, Starscream was forced to employ the help of fellow Decepticons Knock Out and Breakdown, whom were viewed as experts. However, Starscream was confused when only Knock Out initially showed up on the Nemesis, reminding him that he had asked for both of the two before asking where Breakdown was and being explained to that he was currently tracking something. As Knock Out believed Megatron to be in requirement of a laboratory assist, Starscream showed him the latter's heavily damaged and comatose body after his fight with Optimus Prime on the Space Bridge.

After Soundwave successful tracked down an image of the Harvester and Knock Out confirmed it as such, Starscream told the two and Breakdown that Megatron's well being would have to be halted as the group would turn their efforts to retrieving the Harvester. They succeeded and Starscream used the Harvester on a Vehicon. As Knock Out and Breakdown looked on in fear, Autobot Bulkhead arrived on the scene and was promptly being absorbed by the Harvester. While using the Harvester on the latter, he commented on his size and believed an extended length of time was needed to absorb him fully. However, Bulkhead managed to get to the Harvester, punch Starscream in the face and cause it to implode upon being tossed into the air.

Dark Energon Misuse[]

Following Megatron's beating of him, Starscream laid on Knock Out's medical table. As he breathed heavily, Megatron approached him and asked him rhetorically if he was resting comfortably. Megatron informed him that despite his injuries, the Decepticon would make a rapid recovery. Starscream returned his medical report with a compliment to Megatron, detailing the speed of his wrath before the latter was surprised to see how quickly the two had changed positions and confirmed they would never do so before he walked off. Angered, Starscream removed the cords out of his chest and began to walk. As he was limping, Knock Out tried to get him to rest again, in fear of his safety before Starscream claimed himself to be fine and Knock Out to be that of an excellent physician. As he walked off, he came across the shard of dark energon that he took from Megatron's spark chamber and went to the site where Skyquake was buried.


Starscream accompanied Megatron to an abandoned energon mine. Starscream claimed that the mine has been striped of any energon, but Megatron insisted to indulge him by continuing into the cave. They came at a part that still had energon drills remained and in an attempt to make an excuse, Starscream try to blame Soundwave of being in charge of transporting mine equipment. Megatron did not buy it and punched into a wall and extracted a hidden cache of energon, revealing that Starscream has hoarding a supply of energon for his personal use. Starscream tried to deny the claim, but Megatron crushed the energon telling him not to take him as a fool, revealing to Starscream that he has been aware of his transgressions from removing the Dark Energon from Megatron's chest to attempting to use that same shard to resurrect Skyquake as an undead warrior and losing an arm which has been replaced. Starscream is shocked that he knew about it and Megatron revealed that Soundwave is very competent at surveillance and the reason that Megatron kept Starscream around for so long is that he has found Starscream's tactics and failures amusing, but at last found it tiresome and predictable, hitting rock bottom. As Megatron prepares to terminate Starscream while he is begging for another chance, they both spotted Arcee and Jack entering the chamber. While Megatron was distracted by the intruding Autobot, Starscream fled and after Megatron was buried by the collapsing cave, Starscream was in jet mode trying to escape the tunnel but was hit by a boulder before he reached the exit. Starscream managed to dig his way out of the mine and gloated that Megatron is the one that hit "rock bottom." Before he could fly off, he realizes that Megatron has survived worse and others would look for him and take away the glory that he felt should be his. Starscream returns follows a banging sound and believing that it was Megatron, breaking an opening with a prepared speech, only to discover it was Bulkhead and his human friend Miko trapped in the cave. Starscream entered the room and began to taunt Bulkhead and threatened Miko. Bulkhead couldn't physically move because he was holding the ceiling. Jack operating a driller, entered the room preventing Starscream from harming Miko and took her out of the room. Starscream tried to plan to use Bulkhead as a way to please Megatron, but he was greeted from behind by an armed Arcee and she forced him bear Bulkhead's burden. As Starscream struggle to hold the massive boulder, Megatron appeared at the entrance. Starscream tried to assure him that he returned to save Megatron and begged for mercy.


Following his near-death experience with Megatron, Starscream claimed to have realized that he was never meant to lead, instead only to serve as a servant of Megatron. Starscream thanked Soundwave for listening and noticed Megatron talking to Airachnid, whom stated that Starscream neglected to mention something. As Starscream moved in on the two and heard of a crash site, Starscream told the two he had scouted the ship during the Decepticons' arrival on Earth and knew it's coordinates by heart. As Megatron's instructed, Starscream was accompanied by Airachnid on the mission.

As the two landed, Starscream criticized Airachnid's chosen vehicle mode. Starscream revealed to her that he had previously killed Cliffjumper, much to Airachnid's surprise before she revealed that she knew of Starscream's previous begging for his life when he and Megatron were alone. As Airachnid went through the files, she could not find it and questioned Starscream over it before he claimed that the information was need to know. Starscream was immediately attacked by Airachnid, whom believed that Starscream was trying to make her look bad to Megatron. As Starscream called her nothing more than an opportunist, Airachnid sarcastically referred to him as one to talk. Though Starscream believed that she may have been right, he claimed to have changed and lived only to serve Megatron. However, Airachnid claimed that Starscream would not live to serve anyone if he did not reveal what he knew.

During their bickering, Starscream told her the coordinates, with the belief that he would be freed after doing so. However, he began to yell at Airachnid to release him after the latter started to walk off. Airachnid claimed that she would come back for him after finding her destination, if she did not get lost without him. However, as she walked, Autobots arrived. During her running and pursuit by Arcee, Starscream begged to be freed only to be captured by the other Autobots. As Optimus discussed ending Airachnid's life with Arcee, Starscream was forced ahead by Bulkhead, whom insisted that he hurry up. Starscream told the group that he would give them all of Megatron and the Decepticons' secrets. After Bulkhead asked what he wanted in return, Starscream revealed he wanted to join the Autobots. When questioned over his sudden compliance, Starscream revealed that Megatron had tried to kill him and Airachnid had left him to die and questioned why he should not expose them. Starscream was hauled off in Optimus's trailer, where he was released from and left with Autobot Arcee while Optimus Prime and the others went off to confront Airachnid. As the two waited, Starscream concluded that he was not that evil before Arcee dusted him off. He brought up Megatron, whom he referred to as the true evil one. As he and Arcee started to relate over their disliking and even hatred of Airachnid, Arcee revealed that Airachnid had terminated her partner. Starscream became angered, stating that was his doing before Arcee questioned him as to whom he was referring to.

However, Arcee soon realized that Starscream had killed Cliffjumper and tried to fight him. Initially hesitant, Starscream gained an upper hand on her before she attacked him with all of her might. As she prepared to finish him off, Starscream cited that she might as well as he would otherwise be killed by Megatron. He soon begged and pleaded her after discovering that she was actually going to go though with it. After escaping her wrath, Starscream regained flight and stated that he would become independent.


A few months after his swearing to become independent, Starscream returned to the Nemesis. However, he was met by two Vehicons. Initially trying to assert his authority until the Vehicons explained that Megatron ordered his capture upon his possible return to the ship, Starscream hesitated and tried to stall his seemingly upcoming capture before he attacked and killed the two. As he made his way further down the ship, Starscream ran into a room that contained Orion Pax, whom had forgotten of his experience as a Prime.

Starscream sent Autobot Ratchet a high frequency signal, detailing that he had information regarding Autobot leader Optimus Prime's current state and requesting that he come alone and bring a medical kit. As Ratchet arrived, he quickly recalled that in his message he stated the medic come alone before Bulkhead rhetorically asked him when the Autobots started taking orders from him. Starscream revealed to the two that Optimus had forgotten of them before Bulkhead revealed that the Autobots already knew of his amnesia. Starscream questioned how they could have learned of that and soon revealed to them what he knew of the Space Bridge.

Allying With MECH[]

Following his last contact with the Autobots, Starscream followed a signal and realized it was a trap upon landing, as he saw Bumblebee in a comatose state being experimented on by MECH. He concluded that Bumblebee would serve as a better victim than himself. Shortly after their stealing of his T-Cog, Starscream followed MECH to their base and laughed at them. As he walked in, he concluded the group did not learn much from their dissecting of Breakdown before the rogue humans pointed their weapons at him. Silas told Starscream that the group learned enough to know where Decepticons weak areas were. Starscream revealed to them that he was no longer affiliated with the Decepticons and claimed that if he were there to exact revenge, the group would be pleading for mercy.

Following Silas' asking of why he was there, Starscream revealed he wanted to make an alliance with the humans and stated he and MECH had much more in common than they believed, even stating that he was not merely referring to their shared battle scars. As Silas asked what he could possibly gain from the alliance, Starscream concluded that he would gain inside knowledge. With his statement, Silas ordered MECH troops to drop their range on him and Starscream stated that he had made a wise choice.

He explained that T-Cogs reject any power source, outside of Energon. He explained to Silas that Energon was the substance that flowed throughout all Cybertronians, regardless of their affiliation. His proposal continued with his statement of not having any means of acquiring it before giving MECH's homemade robot a sample of Energon. Starscream soon began to talk to Silas about Megatron, referring to the latter as a great strategist with a very small mind when it came to working with humans. However, Silas merely ignored his comments and Starscream brought up his killing of Autobot Cliffjumper to a MECH soldier before the latter ran off. As he, Silas and the others glared at the Energon, Starscream identified it as such and noticed it was in its purest state. Starscream and Silas believed it was ready to be mined and processed, to give what he believed was an edge for the two.

Starscream held Bumblebee's T-Cog hostage from the latter. While holding his removed organ, Starscream began to mock Bumblebee for not being able to transform, even referring to the latter as a failure as an Autobot. After blasting Bumblebee's T-Cog, Starscream mocked him one last time and retreated to Silas, whom he claimed to that the T-Cog was destroyed in the battle and assured to that they would retrieve another from the Autobots. However, Silas refused to wait and instead had his MECH soldiers take Starscream's.

Insecticon Encounter[]

Starscream was searching for Energon. While doing so, he negatively commented on how he perceived himself as being reduced to searching for scraps. After falling and landing on ground, he began to hear a series of sounds and followed them, finding an Insecticon. Starscream immediately ordered the lone Insecticon to deliver it's findings to him, but was met with refusal. He questioned if the Insecticon would dare to turn it's back on a superior life-form as he believed himself to be. He referred to himself as commander Starscream and smacked the Insecticon in the back, causing it to launch after him. As the creature tried to get him after he went into a hole, Starscream realized he'd had enough and claimed that the Insecticon could keep the Energon, exclaiming that he hoped the latter choked on it.

Just then, the Insecticon left him alone and went to and praised Airachnid. Starscream saw this as blasphemy, questioning the monster on how he could reject him as a commander while a savage like Airachnid was worshiped. Following Airachnid's explanation that she and the Insecticon were related, Starscream questioned why she was there. Airachnid revealed to him that she had become rogue as well and was in need of Energon, similarly to how he was. Starscream questioned if her expulsion from the Decepticons came from an encounter with the Autobots or if Megatron had invited her for a planned termination before she revealed that Megatron had no involvement and that his lackey was killed. Starscream tried to appeal to Airachnid over using the Insecticon at her disposal to rule the Decepticons, with both he and Airachnid as dual-leaders. However, she revealed that she was not interested in his ambitions and instead attacked him with her Insecticon.

Starscream would next contact Autobots Bulkhead and Ratchet again, detailing that he had information that would be found valuable and requested Ratchet once again bring his medical kit. As Ratchet told him to explain quickly, Starscream revealed that Airachnid had gone. However, he lied and stated that she planned to strike against humans, when in reality all she wanted to exact revenge on was Megatron. As Starscream offered the location of Airachnid's location, Ratchet claimed he did not believe the Decepticon. Starscream questioned why he did not, referencing the fact that he had told the group the location of the Space Bridge so they could revive Optimus Prime from his state of Orion Pax. However, Bulkhead reminded him that he stole Bumblebee's T-Cog. Starscream did not care and stated that Bumblebee got it back before revealing to the Autobots that MECH had taken his instead.

During Arcee's battle with Airachnid, she was webbed up and soon to be killed. However, Starscream intervened by firing at Airachnid and stayed behind with Arcee after she escaped from the scene. Starscream recollected that in a similar scene she allowed him to live and was expected by Arcee to kill her. However, Starscream merely cut her loose and told her to consider them even before walking off.

Red Energon[]

Starscream used a computer at his base and went through several pictures, one of which being a monkey. During his search, he discovered the humans had uncovered Red Energon. Counting his Apex Armor along with it, Starscream concluded that he would be both stronger and faster. Starscream arrived at the location of the transported Red Energon and found Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Arcee. He demanded they surrender the energon to him before he placed the Apex Armor on his chest, suited up and claimed to have no problem with fighting for it. Starscream initially had no difficulty in fighting the three, but soon was met with a surprise in the form of Smokescreen. After the two of them exchanged comments, Starscream asked Smokescreen if he had any last words, Smokescreen had four: "Kiss your armor goodbye!" Using the Phase Shifter, Smokescreen kicked a shocked Starscream out of the Apex Armor. Starscream snatches a chunk of Red Energon and destroyed the rest in an attempt to destroy the other Autobots.

The Destruction Of The Autobot Base[]

As Starscream stood alongside Megatron, he continued to watch for Optimus' decision on whether or not to save the humans. During the stand off, Starscream tapped on Jack's glass container and was eager to open it and kill the human. Eventually, Optimus Prime decided that their human allies were a necessity and willingly traded them for the Omega Keys, with Starscream handing Arcee an imprisoned Jack. After successfully retrieving the humans, Optimus Prime destroyed the Omega Lock and retreated to Earth. In the wake of the destruction, Starscream smacked fellow Decepticon Knock Out and urged him to tend to Megatron, whom had his stolen Prime arm sliced off.

He went with the other Decepticons to Earth, where he happily transformed into his jet mode and lead the Vehicons against the Autobots. As Autobot Wheeljack arrived on the scene, he managed to shoot the latter down and claimed that his shooting was how one could wreck a Wrecker. Following the Autobot's retreat from their base, Starscream joined Megatron in viewing the ruins of the destroyed base and stated that it was the place before Megatron corrected his tense as past instead of present. As the two viewed it's ruins, Starscream proclaimed that their united front against the separated Autobots would result in their victory.


Starscream was put in charge of hunting for Autobots. To do so he interrogated Wheeljack and had Soundwave monitor global communications. Eventually, Soundwave found Jack and Starscream sent two Vehicons to go and kill him and Arcee. This only resulted in Laserbeak being knocked offline. Starscream's past would haunt him as it turned out Shockwave had survived. Starscream then had to share his rank. He was still second in command for all military operations, Shockwave was second in command for all science projects. Desperate, Starscream tried using the human internet to find potential leads on Autobots, which only led to embarrassing him. He later allowed Wheeljack to escape, so that when Wheeljack met the other Autobots, the Armada would kill them. However, Wheeljack found the tracking device and  lured the Armada into a trap to kill them. Later, Shockwave unveiled a Predacon. When it returned empty-handed from its Autobot hunt, Starscream mocked it, creating a new enemy.

Starscream sent Vehicons to take care of Jack and Miko when they showed up on different sides of the country and all the Insecticons when an Energon mine was under attack. However, these were all traps laid by Autobots to reduce the numbers of the Decepticon army. When Megatron, realized Starscream had left the Harbinger systems fully operational and unsecured Starscream ordered his Seeker Armada to destroy the Harbinger. Before they could launch Darkmount came under attack and Starscream coordinated an aerial defense, which resulted in most of his flyers being horribly killed. Shockwave then offered to release the Predacon. Starscream was quite pleased when the Predacon was Ground Bridged away by the Autobots. The Decepticons then captured all the invaders and Starscream found they were being led by Ultra Magnus and that Optimus Prime was not present. After Prime did show up the battle ended with Starscream ordering a full retreat as Darkmount was destroyed and the Nemesis was relaunched.

Beast Hunters[]

When it looked like the Decepticons were about to embark on another scavenger hunt, Starscream was dismayed, but fortunately it turned out that Shockwave had micro-chipped all his creations, and the fossils they needed would be easy to find.

Following the surprise return of the existing Predacon, Starscream was dismayed to find it put in his charge. He had immense trouble controlling the beast and resorted to using the Apex Armor to protect himself from its attacks. Megatron sent Starscream and the Predacon to Scotland, where they found the Autobots had destroyed a team of Decepticons hunting for bones there. While the Predacon took on the Autobots, Starscream found Miko trying to reach Magnus's ship and accidentally lost the Apex Armor to her. Battle ensued, but when the Predacon left for the Nemesis, Starscream and his two seekers found themselves outnumbered by Autobots and retreated. In Megatron's bad books again, Starscream was further inconvenienced when the Predacon damaged the ship's communication dish. Though he tried to have it repaired by the Vehicons, it didn't go so well, and Megatron eventually found out. 

Starscream found Knock Out in the middle of experimenting with Synthetic Energon on CYLAS, and had the medic add Dark Energon to the mix, believing it would allow Megatron to control the results. Instead, the new mix transformed CYLAS into an energon sucking zombie and created a plague which resulted in Knock Out and Starscream being chased through the ship. Confronted by Megatron, they were forced to admit what they had done, and were sent to locate and destroy CYLAS. They eventually found he had already been dispatched, but to Starscream's dismay, the deed had been done by the recently freed Airachnid. Fortunately, he didn't have to deal with her as well, but he later had to face Megatron's wrath over his part in the affair. 

When Megatron took him to another abandoned mine, Starscream assumed his demise was near, but they were merely visiting Shockwave's off-site laboratory. The Predacon unexpectedly arrived and Starscream hit it with a metal pipe, only for it to transform and speak. The Decepticons quickly realized that despite Predaking's loyalty, it would not take him and his fellow Predacons long to realize their superiority to the Decepticons, so Starscream hatched a plan to kill two birds with one stone, luring the Autobots to the laboratory so its destruction could be blamed on them. The plan succeeded, and in the aftermath, the Decepticons discovered that the Synthetic Energon stored at the base had created cybermatter. Starscream managed to talk his way out of being disfigured by Shockwave over not warning the latter that the Autobots were attacking the lab. As Shockwave was put in charge of perfecting the Synthetic Energon formula, Megatron assigned Starscream to gather technology to repair the Omega Lock, which they would need for a delivery mechanism. After establishing the location of the Autobot base when they kidnapped Ratchet, Starscream was sent with his armada to destroy the hanger. He did so with aplomb, unaware that the Autobots had swapped the letters on the hangers and he'd destroyed the wrong one. The error came back to bite him when the Decepticons detected an probe carrying Laserbeak's transponder. Starscream went out and personally destroyed the probe before fleeing through a GroundBridge to escape Optimus. Back on the Nemesis, when Predaking found out about the Decepticons' earlier treachery and went on a rampage, Starscream aided Megatron by blasting Predaking in the back. Though the Predacon was defeated, the ship next came under attack by Autobots. Starscream took his elite squad of flyers (which was now five or six bots) with him to defend the Omega Lock's control station. Their battle was driven into the Omega Lock control room where Starscream tried to grab the Star Saber only to end up battling Arcee. He watched with glee as Megatron killed Bumblebee and watched with horror as Bumblebee killed Megatron. He promised to avenge his master, but Shockwave pulled him away. When the Nemesis reached Cybertron, Starscream and Shockwave made their way to the escape pods, only to find there was one left. They ended up having to share it with Starscream complaining about how cramped it was.

Predacons Rising[]

Starscream and Shockwave secretly worked together to desperately revive the Decepticons by attempting Project: Predacon once more, Shockwave would clone the Predacons Skylynx and Darksteel as the first of their army, while Starscream was sent to found Predacon bones. Starscream then came across the Predacon burial grounds and summoned Shockwave to follow. Unknown to both of them, Unicron in Megatron's upgraded body had arrived shortly after and was surprised that he wasn't the only one looking for "Mighty legions". Starscream seemed shocked that Megatron was alive (unaware it was actually Unicron) and praised the Allspark, claiming that Shockwave and him had worked tirelessly to clone more Predacons. After being violently informed by Unicron that he wished to destroy Cybertron and not conquer it, Darksteel and Skylynx attacked. After Unicron crushed Skylynx and Darksteel, Starscream witnessed Unicron raise the whole burial ground with Dark Energon. Starscream ran away, leaving Shockwave to defend himself. Starscream somehow got onto the Nemesis and freed Knock Out along with several Vehicons. When Knock Out praised Starscream and told them they can finally get off the ship, Starscream informed him that they were to actually take over the ship, by any means necessary. Starscream, Knock Out and many Vehicons stormed the bridge and demanded the Autobots to turn over the ship, pointing the Immobilizer at them. He was soon tricked by Bumblebee and was left struggling to hold onto the relic, both him and Bumblebee were surprised as Knock Out's hand (under the effects of the Phase Shifter) came through Starscream, snatched the Immobilizer and whacked Starscream with it, knocking him out. Starscream escaped his prison cell when the undead Predacons damaged the ship and forced it to crash land. When Unicron was defeated and Megatron had control of his body again, Starscream rushed over to him and claimed that his new body armor would "take things to the next level." When Megatron refused, Starscream then claimed he was traumatized. It took a shouting from Megatron to get him to shut up before flying away, telling the Autobots that they all have a lot to think about.

Starscream flew to Darkmount and told himself that since Megatron no longer wishes to continue the Decepticons cause, he would be all too glad to do so himself when making himself comfortable on a throne. He was interrupted by Predaking, Darksteel and Skylynx. When Starscream acted out of fear and told them that "perhaps a throne is more befitting for an actual king?", Predaking responded that he did not wish to claim thrones, but to settle scores. As the three Predacons approached him, Starscream cowered on the throne.


Originally, Starscream was a seemingly loyal follower of Megatron. During the latter's return to Earth, he promptly allowed Soundwave to transport their leader back to Earth. He was surprised when he issued back his leadership of the Decepticons, but continued to serve him willingly. His mistreatment at the hands of his master shortly before the destruction of the Space Bridge caused him to revolt his return. However, against his own wishes, he was forced to bring Megatron back to Earth after being spotted by Laserbeak.

As a leader, Starscream more or less carried a similar campaign to Megatron's, only instead being more merciful for failures. Though, he managed to find other ways of punishing his warriors like scratching Knock-Out's finish when he disobeyed orders. Upon Megatron's regaining of health, Starscream completely lost any type of loyalty to his former master after he viciously beat him for his attempt to kill him. His backstabbing tendencies were carried on by other rogue Decepticons, such as Airachnid, whom tried to convince her Insecticon to kill him after Starscream proposed they team up to overthrow Megatron. Despite getting what he deserved, Starscream never understood why he had difficulties with others. What he failed to realize that his treatment was a direct result of how he treated others and how they felt after dealing with him. In other words, they reacted badly to him because he treated them so badly.

He also shows no concern in mistreating or respect for others, like Predaking, Skylynx, Darksteel, Shockwave, and the Autobots. He appeared remorseless for desecrating Skyquake's burial place by reviving the deceased Decepticon as a dark energon terrorcon that was trapped in the Shadowzone and when Megatron killed Dreadwing, who wanted to seek vengeance on Starscream for desecrating his brother Skyquake by raising him from the dead.

Starscream was ruthless, cruel, conniving, selfish, cunning, coward and above all arrogant. As mentioned before he is traitorous on occasion. Ironically, in spite of his otherwise veil nature and grand ambitions for himself, Starcream is through-and-through a coward and terrifyed of a multitude of things. His insecurity ampliefies this even further, as with his relationship with Predacons. When he does something, it is usually for his own personal benefit. His greatest weapon is his cunning and resourceful nature. He also has some sense of honor as he will repay his debts. Compared to his master’s competent leadership, Starscream is a pale shadow. While Megatron is a genuine military strategist he fails to inspire, intimidate or even get respect from his fellow Decepticons. Starscream has little combat experience and is completely outmatched by Megatron as a fighter in every way. His ego and grandiose ambitions often work against him more often than not. Finally, perhaps the most apparent contrast between them is Starscream’s regular cowardice and Megatron’s ruthless determination and low tolerance for failure.

After being abandoned by his former master, Megatron. Starscream bears tremendous grudge on him for facing depths of suffering from Megatron's wrath. He become power-hungry as he desired to use the seven weaponized Mini-cons to power himself up and using Megatron's creation, the Dark Star Saber (although Starscream wasn't fully power-up) to exact revenge on Megatron.

Powers and Abilities[]

Starscream was able to transform into a jet that is similar to a General Dynamics F-16 Falcon and it is assumed that he was able to fly up to Mach 2 or greater. In robot form, he wielded a missile launcher on each arm, and it can be assumed that he reloaded them after use. His clawed fingertips were razor-sharp and have been shown to puncture thick armor, (such as when he killed Cliffjumper). In order to fire the missiles, he bent his index finger. Starscream has shown some military strategic ability, though not to the extent of Megatron's. He could also retract his hands and extend energon blasters from his forearms where his hands usually were. Next to Megatron, he is a joke and stand a nusence at best. He lacked much physical power in Cybertronian terms, but he was very speedy and agile.


Overall, his cowardly nature and his inability to inspire the Decepticon troops was what caused most of his plans to go awry. But his biggest weakness was frankly, himself. His enormous ego, backstabbing ways and plans of grandeur often caused him to overlook important details and potential consequences which usually came back to haunt him. His ego allowed Dreadwing and Optimus to get the better of him when he stole the Apex Armor. He was also incredibly insecure although his insecurity made him unpredictable.


Starscream Relationships


  • Following his encounter and battle with Arcee in Partners, Starscream had a scar on his right cheek for near the entirety of the second season until after Regeneration.
  • After loosing his T-cog in Operation: Bumblebee, Part 2, Starscream was unable to fly or used his built in blasters. Unlike Bumblebee he has missiles on the side of his arms so he can still use them as his only weapon until Regeneration.
  • During Transformers Prime, Starscream's wings would sometimes droop down when he was scared or sad. In Scattered, his wings fluttered when he (proudly) told Shockwave he "advenged" his supposed death by killing Cliffjumper, revealing his wings moves when he feels boastful.
  • Starscream is the only main Decepticon from the first season to not have been seen during the finale.
  • After Breakdown's demise, Starscream seems to have taken over the role as Bulkhead's rival and main enemy. Though there were signs of hatred between Bulkhead and Starscream even before Breakdown's demise.
  • Megatron and Starscream are the only characters to appear in every episode of the third season.
  • Starscream always mentions killing Cliffjumper, until Miko ended it with bringing up Hardshell's death. She killed Hardshell and Starscream was surprised.
    • Though Miko was only able to do so by using Wheeljack's ship, the Jackhammer, and not really be herself, unlike Starscream.
  • He is also the first Decepticon to be shown not changing his ways, as Knock Out, Megatron (and possibly Shockwave) decided to stop on their cause. This is rather ironic as he was the one who left the cause and went solo for almost a full year.
    • In the sequel Robots in Disguise, other Decepticons who have also decided to not change their ways, despite their break up by Megatron, are shown, such as Steeljaw.
  • His statements calling humans vermin is a similarity with his live action counterpart, who called humans vermin pretty much every time he interacted with them. The movie version of Megatron calls them insects as well, but not to the degree his first lieutenant does.
  • If picked for the multiplayer in the game version of the show, he will say "Sometimes cowards survive!" a reference to his live action counterpart who said "Cowards do survive" to Megatron in Revenge of the Fallen urging him to retreat. The line has become famous among fans.
  • Starscream's jet mode is a jet that resembles a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.
  • Some of Starscream's personality and physical attributes are shared by Steeljaw, the main antagonist of the sequel.
  • Starscream was confirmed to appear in Season 3 of Transformers: Robots in Disguise by a video at the San Diego Comic Con.[1]
  • His appearance, with the exception of his face, is also different than how he appeared in Transformers Prime and closely resembles that of his G1 counterpart, the reason for this change is currently unknown. However, its possible Starscream found a way to give himself an upgraded form, similar to Optimus Prime and Megatron/Galvatron, though this has yet to be confirmed.This is also noted by Fixit after he first meets Starscream, stating that his "configuration does not match the visual references in [his] database" and asking if he "have been working out". According to Bumblebee, Starscream was previously believed to be dead, probably due to his last encounter with the Predacons, but survived, much to his surprise. In Transformers Prime, Starscream's appearance look similar to his Live-Action movie counterpart except his face.
  • Starscream's RID form looks exactly like he does in the comics. However, the only features in his RID form which he also has in Prime is his long chin, stiletto-like feet and missile launchers.
  • Like Windblade, his feet resemble stilettos, although he is male.
  • In the RID flashback of Mighty Big Trouble, Starscream's Prime form was used.
  • According to his voice actor, Starscream once swallowed a bird by accident while flying.


  • "All hail...Starscream!"
  • "What?! I just watched you perish!"
  • "Eh. You're in my head, aren't you?"
  • "I can't hear you!"
  • "One more time!"
  • "I have been a fool. Made mistakes. Monumental ones. I now realize I was never destined to be a leader... or even an equal partner. And, I am at peace with that. I have gained a clear understanding of my place in the universe. Of who am I. Of who I was always meant to be. Starscream, second in command, humble servant to Lord Megatron. Thank you for listening, Soundwave."
  • "If there's something I hate more than eight-leggers, it's two-wheelers."
  • "Consider us even."
  • "Optimus Prime!!!"
  • "Umm... Why would I not?"
  • "And in return..."
  • "What a team we make. I am so glad you prevailed Optimus Prime."
  • "Nobody's perfect."
  • "I have been a fool, made mistakes, monumental ones. I know understand my place in this universe. Starscream, aligned with no side, servant to no one."
  • "Oh, thank the Allspark!"
  • "Forget the head! Go for the spark!"
  • "Farewell, Lord Megatron! May you 'Rust in Peace!' "
  • "I will avenge you master!" 
  • "Your elbow articulator is digging into my lateral flexor!"
  • "Perhaps a throne is more befitting for an actual king."
  • "We're doomed!"
  • "I feel your pain. Really, I do....Agh!! Scrap that hurt!" - Starscream killing his treacherous clone.
  • "Curse you and your logic"
  • "I will silence you forever"
  • "Fine, I hope Unicron destroys you first"
  • "Yes well, we all have plenty to think about, don't we"
  • "Apologies Lord Megatron, I can't say I'm following"
  • "Terrorcons, created from Predacons"
  • "Scrap!!!"
  • "How is it that speed enhancing Energon, takes longer to process than Regular Energon!!!"
  • "I haven't had this much fun since I punched that hole in Cliffjumper!"
  • "Ugh! Will my torment never end?! First I had to vie for Megatron's favor against that treacherous harpy Airachnid. Now I must contend with Shockwave and his incorrigible beast."
  • "How I would love to stuff Shockwave and his mangy abomination right into that stasis pod beside her. The only reason his Project Predacon is currently in full swing is because I supervised the acquisition of his dozens of Predacon bones."
  • "Will you please keep your lab rat quiet while I'm airing my grievances?"
  • "Heheh! My, my, my. Whatever have you been inflicting upon poor Cylas?"
  • "Despite your justifiable lack of regard for his human side, it doesn't trouble you to watch what remains of your former partner endure your - scientific endeavors?"
  • "What just happened?"
  • "Such as?"
  • "Such power and fury! Megatron has long desired a beast-machine super-soldier, and we now possess the means of delivering one to him."
  • "Master, if I do say so myself, I have made the most intriguing discovery. It appears that..."
  • "He was otherwise engaged."
  • "Just how much of this - synth en have you given him?"
  • "This will not do! Megatron already possesses one unruly beast, with that Predacon of his! What good is another freak of nature that cannot be controlled? Wait! I'm a fool."
  • "Oh, on the contrary, dear Doctor. Adding Dark Energon to the formula should provide Lord Megatron with full control over his super-soldier."
  • "That was the result of a massive infusion. I am suggesting a drop or two merely enough to allow our Master to command his warrior at will."
  • "Not on this project! Super soldiers fall under military operations, meaning, dear Knock Out, that you now report to me. Are we clear?"
  • "Humans in any form cannot be relied upon."
  • "Oh, for the love of... now what?!"
  • "Then perhaps we should withhold any infusions for a while might calm Cylas down a bit, make him a tad more manageable."
  • "Do you think he's actually trying to...?"
  • "See if you can hold him off!"
  • "Out of the question! Megatron will undoubtedly hold us responsible."
  • "Well, you are, mostly. Anyway, his lordship doesn't need to know that not if we handle this the right way."
  • "Use your head, Knock Out! This ship is crawling with highly trained Vehicon troopers, armed for combat. The moment Cylas attempts to feed, they will neutralize him for us. Problem solved."
  • "Once we recover Cylas' body, we must dispose of it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • "No trace of him can be allowed to remain."
  • "Daaaah!"
  • " I do not appreciate your tone, Knockout. This brewing catastrophe is hardly my fault."
  • "Oh, no? You're the Mastermind who chose to experiment with synthetic Energon."
  • "I thought you said he had no spark!"
  • "What?! How do you know?!"
  • "Bah! Forget the head! Go for the spark!"
  • "You're saying Cylas could beget more Terrorcons?"
  • "You, there have you noticed any unusual activity? this sector?.."
  • "In here! Knock Out, this situation might be a bit more dire than either of us ever imagined."
  • "Drained of our precious fluids."
  • "If this is indeed the end, if we are to become Terrorcon chow, it has been an honor serving Lord Megatron with you."
  • "Well, then."
  • "Y-yes. Absolutely nothing, my liege."
  • "Allow me to handle this. It's Knock Out's fault!"
  • "He infused Cylas with a cocktail comprised of Dark and Synthetic Energon, creating a monstrous mutation, which is now on the verge of turning your entire crew into mindless Energon-sucking Terrorcons!"
  • "Uh, my liege?"
  • "We did try to tell you."
  • "Out of the question. Can you imagine if the Predacon became infected? Nothing could stop it."
  • "Our ordeal is finally over! Scrap!"
  • "Actually, my liege, I have good news. And bad news."
  • "Lord Megatron, if you will just allow me to explain things "

Robots in Disguise[]

  • "Oh please, There will be plenty of time for bowing and scraping."
  • "Now. Where. Are. My Mini-cons?"
  • "What is it you're so eager to-"
  • "It can't be! The Dark Star Saber..."
  • "It was forged by Megatron. How appropriate. With the Mini-cons, I can take the revenge I seek on my old master. But with this as well, I can conquer galaxies."
  • "Hmm, I'm not powered up completely. But, it will do for now."
  • "The Saber resisted!"
  • "Hello Bumblebee. Nice to see me, isn't it?"
  • "I may have no longer the power to defeat you on my own, Optimus. But I still have six mini-cons and the Dark Star Saber!"
  • "You'll pay for your crimes against me, Optimus. You! Then Megatron!"
  • No! I will have my revenge! I will have my victory!!"


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