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Megatron is giving a speech to his fellow Decepticons, with Starscream at his side. However, Starscream begins to make faces behind Megatron's back, giving him "rabbit ears" and the like, silently mocking their leader, and managing to knock it off every time Megatron turns and wonders just what's going on. The other Decepticons remain silent, unwilling to incur Megatron's wrath.

Starscream takes it too far when he turns around and shakes his can at the group, as Megatron rises in the middle of his speech and gives the unaware Starscream a cannon-blast right in a wall. Megatron just says 'much better' and continues on with his speech.


  • Written by:
  • Directed by:
  • Animation company: Studio 4°C
  • Original airdate: December 23, 2008 (via Yahoo's Y! Video site)

Featured characters


"And woe betide any who would seek to undermine my authority."

Megatron, seconds before blasting Starscream a new exhaust port

"Much better."

-We all agree with you Megatron.

DVD release


  • This short cannot take place within the normal cartoon continuity. It is set in the Decepticons' base in the old mine outside of Detroit, which was established at the beginning of the second season, yet has Starscream among Megatron's crew. Starscream was killed by Megatron in season one, and throughout season two was openly and repeatedly trying to kill Megatron as an outside agitator, having been reanimated by a fragment of the shattered AllSpark. However, he could have just been keeping Starscream as a punching bag. Who knows. Or the Decepticons' base is actually somewhere else other than the mine outside of Detroit, maybe the Season 2 Headquarters was just given the "furniture" and decorations like in this short.
  • Blackarachnia is also there for the speech. This is less of a continuity kerfuffle than Starscream's appearance, but still worth noting, since she hadn't been seen among the core Decepticon crew since before they came to Earth.
  • Lugnut stays awfully quiet with Starscream openly ridiculing Megatron behind his back, despite numerous past examples of Lugnut flying off the handle at every perceived sleight to Megatron's greatness.
  • None of this really matters because it's a funny short.
  • If all else fails, just consider this, along with every other short film, non-canon.

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Blackarachnia, Blitzwing and Lugnut all are drawn at about the same height. Blitzwing should tower over Blackarachnia, and Lugnut is even taller than Blitzwing. (This is probably because Lugnut & Blitzwing are hunched down.)
  • Blackarachnia's upper, um, chest area (just below her gold collar) is colored gold instead of "light black" as it should be
  • As Starscream makes faces at Megatron behind his back, a clip of his shoulder remains in the scene which obstructs his face.

Transformers references

  • TBA


  • This short was officially posted to Yahoo's "Y! Video" site as "Mocking Megatron", a special preview for the DVD set. It was also included as a bonus on the Transformers Animated Season 2 DVD alongside "Explosive Punch".
  • The title used on this wiki is the in-house production title of the short, as supplied by Derrick Wyatt.


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