The name Starscream has been applied to several Transformers characters, all of whom tend to get killed.

"Starscream" is also the title of an episode in the Cybertron animated series.

Starscream should not be confused with...

  • Terrorsaur the backstabbing Predacon pteranodon from Beast Wars, who fulfils the same role in that series that Starscream does in most others. He even dies, but he fails to get up again.
  • Skywarp (G1), although understandable if someone has done a really convincing paint job. Making this mistake can have bad repurcussions for your future sanity.


  • Starscream is the third most predominant persona type in the various Transformers continuities, after Optimus Prime and Megatron.
  • Starscream is pretty much always killed by a Decepticon, rather than an Autobot. Remember kids, don't annoy the guy with the big gun strapped to his arm. Sooner or later, he will snap.
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