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Starscream starts out as a neutral being neither Autobot nor Decepticon. He at some point sides with the Autobots and is charged with defending an orbital spacestation that manufactures Energon and contains Dark Energon by Zeta Prime and Jetfire. After meeting Megatron, he decides to join his insurrection of Decepticons as leader of the aerial forces, plotting to ultimately betray him when the time is right. He is the leader of the Seekers.



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I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Prime cartoon

Does Megatron really look like that in the morning?

During Megatron's search for an army in deep space, Starscream was left in charge of his forces on Earth. When the Autobot Cliffjumper was out on patrol, he stumbled upon a large Energon cache. Unfortunately for him, the Decepticon flagship was right above him. After a grueling battle and the destruction of the Energon deposit, Cliffjumper was captured and brought to face Starscream on the Nemesis. Starscream proceeded to kill Cliffjumper by stabbing him in the chest with his bare hand after he inquired to Megatron's whereabouts. A little later, Starscream decided to send some troops after Arcee in Nevada. When Soundwave picked up a signal in space, Starscream reluctantly agreed to activate the Space bridge, which turned out to be Megatron returning from his journey in space. Darkness Rising, Part 1 Starscream proceeded to show him a large energon mine they had been excavating for most of his absence. Megatron revealed the existence of Dark Energon to Starscream, and explained the myth that it could revive the dead. When asked if he would be willing to make the "ultimate sacrifice", Starscream hastily offered his master the broken body of Cliffjumper. When a revived but crazed Cliffjumper started attacking Decepticons, Starscream showed little apprehension toward the project. After Optimus Prime and his team found the Energon mine, Megatron ordered Starscream to destroy the mine in order to prevent the Autobots from seizing the Energon, an order he willingly carried out. Later Starscream expressed his concern of Megatron being too close to the Dark Energon, and protested when his master put some into his spark chamber. Darkness Rising, Part 2

Later, Megatron prepared his large mass of Dark Energon and soon sent it through a space bridge to Cybertron to awake its fallen warriors. However, thanks to the efforts of Optimus Prime and his team, the spacebridge exploded, taking Megatron with it. As a result, Starscream was left in command of the Decepticons. Darkness Rising, Part 5

After assuming command, Starscream decided to reawaken the sleeping warrior Skyquake in order to bolster support from the troops. However, Skyquake refused to obey Starscream and instead chose to follow his true master's final order to him and destroy Optimus Prime. After detecting a Decepticon signal in the debris of the destroyed space bridge, Starscream left Skyquake to his own devices to investigate the energy signal. There, he found the barely online Megatron. In an attempt to finish Megatron off, Starscream ripped the Dark Energon shard out of Megatron's spark-chamber. Only the timely arrival of Soundwave's drone kept him from killing Megatron off completely. Masters and Students

The Holy Hand grenade of Antioch.

Starscream later summoned Knock Out and Breakdown to assist in the repair of Megatron. However, unbeknownst even to Soundwave, Starscream had plucked the Dark Energon shard from his Master's corpse, and intended to keep Megatron in stasis, keeping the power of the last remaining Dark Energon shard to himself. Later, Knock Out, Breakdown, and Soundwave went to a museum to retrieve an Energon Harvester that could remove energon from objects. After acquiring the Energon Harvester, Starscream used it to take the life of a fellow Decepticon, as well as threaten Knock Out and Breakdown with it. However, as he was collecting Energon, Bulkhead appeared and managed to stop Starscream by overloading the Energon Harvester. Deus ex Machina

As Megatron continued to lay in stasis, Starscream became anxious of his leader's eventual return, so he struck a deal with Knock Out to convince Soundwave that it was the right time to pull the plug on Megatron's life support. Unfortunately for Starscream, Soundwave noticed a cord that was connected to Megatron's head. The cord was generating the Cordical Phycic Patch between Bumblebee and Megatron that the Autobots were using to find information about a cure for Cybonic Plague after Optimus had accidentally contracted the virus. After tracing the cord, Starscream found Arcee and Bumblebee just as Bee was disconnected from Megatron's mind, unknowingly taking Megatron's mind with him. The Autobots managed to escape, but not before Arcee had the chance to shoot Megatron's central life-support tube. Starscream was actually pleased by this turn of events, and vouched to leave Megatron the way he was. However, at Soundwave's insistence, he soon had to relent and allow Knock Out to reattach Megatron's life-support. Sick Mind

Starscream on life support after being beat by Megatron

Sometime later, Starscream stole a giant telescope lens to melt away a polar ice cap to get to an unmineable energon deposit. However, as usual, his plans were foiled once again by Optimus, Arcee, and Bulkhead. Enraged, Starscream transformed into jet mode and bore down on Optimus, preparing to kill him while he was still recovering from the explosion of the telescope laser. However, ironically, Megatron suddenly appears, after his mind was returned to his body, and rams Starscream in vehicle mode, saving Optimus' spark. Shocked at seeing Megatron alive, Starscream cowers before his newly revived master, and knowing the consequences of his previous treachery, he tries to escape, although to no avail. Out of his Head

Starscream limps back on board, beaten and dismembered

Megatron proceeded to beat him to a pulp for his actions in trying to take his life, prompting Starscream to be sent to med bay for a while. However, before he has a chance to fully mend and recover from his beating, Starscream retrieves the original Dark Energon shard that Megatron had first infused to himself. Intending to use it to empower himself, Starscream traveled to the site of the Decepticon warrior Skyquake's demise, and broke the shard in half, infusing half with himself and the other to Skyquake's grave. Again, however, Optimus Prime shows up with Bumblebee and proceeded to blast Starscream's arm off, forcing him to retreat. After a quick discussion with Knock Out about the fate of his severed limb, however, Starscream decides to head back and see if he can still recover Skyquake, along with his lost appendage. Unfortunately, things don't go very well and Starscream is attacked by one of Skyquake's severed arms, and retreats once again back to base to gain a new arm. Shadowzone

When Breakdown was captured by Silas of M.E.C.H., Starscream asked Megatron if a rescue party should be sent out to save him. Megatron decided to leave Breakdown to his fate, as any Decepticon that could be captured by humans was considered weak to him. Starscream, however, secretly led a team of Eradicons to Silas's base, arriving in time to save Breakdown and Bulkhead (who had gone there to save his old rival) from Silas's forces. After learning that Bulkhead had freed Breakdown, Starscream thanked him, then immediately told Breakdown to kill him. After a brief skirmish, Starscream and Breakdown fled when the rest of the Autobots arrived. As they escaped, Starscream told Breakdown to remember his rescue when it came time to choose between him and Megatron. Operation Breakdown

Megatron brought Starscream along to a deserted Energon mine, which Starscream claimed was completely empty of Energon, but was quickly proven wrong when Megatron discovered leftover mining equipment and unmined Energon in the walls. Megatron decided that he had no more need for Starscream, and that his endless bouts of failed attempts to usurp power from him were beginning to become tiresome. Megatron prepared to exterminate Starscream, oblivious to Starscream's pleas for mercy. However, the appearance of Arcee and Jack temporarily saved Starscream from a certain demise. As Megatron opened fire on them instead, Starscream took advantage of the situation and made a break for it. This further enrages Megatron, and he proceeds to fire into the tunnel after Starscream. However, even after transforming and flying through to freedom, Megatron's shots ended up bringing the entire mine down on Autobot, Decepticon, and human alike. Ironically, even though Starscream was the only one intended to meet his end in the mines, he is the first to dig himself out. After a brief bout of gloating and congratulating himself on finally destroying Megatron, he remembered that his leader has survived much worse. Reasoning that abandoning his master would only lead to greater peril, Starscream reluctantly decided to go back into the mine. However he stumbled upon Bulkhead and Miko, trapped by rubble. Bulkhead was immobilized, but still managed to deliver a kick to Starscream's face as he tried to intimidate Miko. Soon Arcee showed up and apprehended Starscream. Instead of killing him, they had him take Bulkhead's place holding up a large boulder. As Starscream's physical strength was no match for Bulkhead's, it took a great toll on him to hold up all the rocks. Eventually Megatron appears, having dug himself free of his stone prison. Starscream pleads extravagantly for mercy and help, saying his intentions of rescue were true, but Megatron's only reply was a sinister scowl. Rock Bottom

It's later revealed that Megatron did indeed show Starscream mercy and save him from the mine, and in doing so he practically crushed all of Starscream's ambitions to become the Decepticon leader. He acknowledged all the mistakes he made in the past, and has apparently made peace with the fact that he'll never become a true leader and overthrow Megatron.[Episode needed]

Through the Decepticon Airachnid, Megatron found out of the existence of a crashed Decepticon ship that contained a powerful prototype weapon. Starscream failed to report the ship's location and never found the weapon in question, so Megatron sent him along with Airachnid to locate the ancient ship and its cargo. Upon reaching the crash site, Airacnid was unable to locate the cargo hold in which the weapon was presumably being held. Starscream took this chance to gloat about his prior knowledge of the ship, and that it was shot into two pieces upon entering the Earth's atmosphere. However, this proved to be his undoing as in a fit of rage, Airachnid bound Starscream with her webbing and pried the location of the rest of the ship from him. As she made her escape, the Autobots, led by Optimus, showed up and took custody of Starscream after Aracnid abandoned him. Realizing that he was a prisoner, Starscream desperately requested to defect to the Autobots. Upon following Starscream's directions to the location of the other half of the Decepticon ship, the prisoner was left with Arcee while the others went after Aracnid. Arcee and Starscream soon learned they could agree on one thing; they both hated the spiderbot. When Arcee mentioned how Aracnid had terminated her partner, Starscream (believing that Aracnid was taking credit for what he had done) let it slip that he was the one who killed Cliffjumper, much to Arcee's rage. Starscream attempted to talk himself out of the mess, saying he was only trying to help Cliffjumper, but Arcee wouldn't hear of it. She gave him the key to the binders that held his wrists but he refused, saying that he'd changed. Arcee, disgusted at Starscream's cowardly pleading lowered her guard, allowing Starscream to make a sneak attack at her side and draw energon. After Starscream removed his wrist binders he began to fight with Arcee. At first, it seemed Starscream was winning, but Arcee struck back. Just as she was about to finish Starscream off, she saw Bumblebee standing on the hill and let Starscream go, who hobbled away. Unable to return to the Decepticons due to defecting and the Autobots would not want him, Starscream decreed he served no one and flew off on his own. Partners Starscream later follows a squad of Vehicons to the Nemesis in an attempt to steal some energon. He kills the two Vehicons guarding the energon, but is forced to hide in a nearby room when he hears reinforcements coming. He is not alone, for Optimus Prime who currently believes he is Orion Pax is there. The moment Starscream notices him he gasps and is ready to blow him away with his missiles. Orion Pax, Part 1 Starscream is confused when Optimus doesn't even know his own name and tells him he is Megatron's clerk. Starscream realizes Optimus has a form of amnesia and begins to tell him how Megatron is deceiving him. Before Starscream can manipulate him farther, a team of Vehcions bust in and tell him to surrender. Orion tells them to hold their fire giving Starscream enough time to transform and speed down the hallway. Starscream kills the Vehicons who try to stop him and then blows a hole in the ship to escape. Starscream is hit by laser fire and is forced to land near by. He then sends a high-frequency message to Ratchet telling him if he comes alone and fixes him, he'll tell him informantion regarding Optimus. Ratchet comes through a Ground Bridge with Bulkhead and tells him he must tell him everything he knows first before he repairs him. Starscream tells them everything, but the Autobots already knew this information. Bulkhead then lets Stascream know unless he knows where the Decepticon Space Bridge is, he can stay and rust. Starscream is at first surprised to hear that the Space Bridge is complete before laughing and telling Ratchet where his wound hurts the most. Starscream precedes to tell the Autobots where the Space Bridge is and after Ratchet fixes him, he flies away. Orion Pax, Part 2

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War for Cybertron

Voice actor: Sam Riegel (English)

For over a thousand years, Starscream was in command of a space station orbiting Cybertron. Alongside Jetfire and his fellow Seekers, Thundercracker, and Skywarp. He was tasked with collecting and researching great quantities of Energon. Some time before receiving this post, Starscream was a powerful Sky Commander, but apparently had some sort of fall from grace that reduced him to this menial task. This station also housed the last known samples of Dark Energon, a dangerous power source known to be uncontrollable and deadly, with the ability to corrupt and destroy anything it comes in contact with. This made it a prime target for Megatron in an attempt to deal a final blow to the Autobot forces. When a small Decepticon task force, lead by Megatron himself, invaded the space station, Starscream warned them that his quest to gain Dark Energon was foolish and would only lead to his own destruction.

Starscream leads the Decepticon fleet

Despite the station's defense systems, Megatron was eventually able to break through and find the hidden sample of Dark Energon. In a last ditch effort, Starscream attempted to destroy the sample himself, but to no avail. Despite his warnings, Megatron made direct contact with the Dark Energon, and revealed the unprecedented ability to actually control the substance. Starscream was not only stunned, but impressed, and after seeing him use the Dark Energon to destroy the soldiers under his command, offered to join forces with the Decepticons, by giving Megatron the station and telling him he knew how to manufacture more Dark Energon, on the condition that Megatron would teach him to control the dangerous power himself. Jetfire, of course, was not too happy about this.

Going clubbin'

Starscream immediately set out on his first mission, to reactivate an ancient Energon Bridge, which powered the station to manufacture Dark Energon. His two allies, Thundercracker and Skywarp, joined him in this quest. Almost immediately he made his intention to usurp Megatron known to his two subordinates, neither of which were particularly impressed. The Seekers fought through both defense systems and Autobot forces, destroying an Autobot battleship and eventually the main defense system's controls, and infused the bridge with Dark Energon, setting off a chain reaction that let the evil power source flow freely.

Later, Starscream was given command of the frontal assault during the Battle of Iacon, while Megatron and his elite troops engaged in a sabotage mission behind enemy lines. He refused to offer air support to Brawl and his troops, despite their pleas for help. When Megatron was presumed lost during the mission, Starscream immediately assumed command of all Decepticon forces and declared himself their new leader. His unofficial tenure was short lived, as Megatron was soon revealed to be alive, well, and more than a little angry at his shenanigans. Megatron did, however, casually mention that for all his faults, he admired Starscream's unique ambition, and considered it a worthy addition to his Decepticon forces. Starscream would offer his brief aid to Megatron as he battled the gigantic Omega Supreme, though his efforts were not much of a help, turning Omega's attention on him.

When Optimus joined the Battle for Iacon, Starscream eventually faced off against the Autobot's temporary leader in person. Though he was defeated by the future Prime alongside with Bumblebee and Ratchet, he managed to escape, proclaiming that they hadn't seen the last of him. His boos fight is also annoyingly long, and even the Thermo rocket launcher cannot track him if he leaves the Decagon building. This makes it almost mandatory to try and fight him when he sets down onto the ground.

Rise of the Dark Spark

Voice actor: Sam Riegel (English)

Fall of Cybertron

Voice actor: Sam Riegel (English)

Starscream has since been promoted to Megatron's second in command but his hunger for power keeps him ambitious. When Optimus called forth Metroplex from his slumber and began attacking the Decepticon Warp Cannons, Starscream chose to lay in wait for Optimus in the control center for the third warp cannon. When Metroplex is temporarily disabled by the cannon, Optimus is forced to disable the cannon manually and walks right into the trap set by Starscream. Starscream then captures the mighty leader of the Autobots.

Starscream then brings Optimus before Megatron in order to gloat at his victory, only to be shot in the face by Megatron. When Metroplex regains consciousness and subsequently smashes Megatron into oblivion Starscream takes over command of the Decepticons and orders a retreat back to base.

"Come my armada, attack, attack, at-oh, right."

His first in-command mission was retaking the energon Shockwave lost from the Sea of Rust. He called off the mission, but the Combaticons continued on and lost half the energon, making Starscream mad enough to arrest them but not enough to destroy them. Shortly before his "coronation", Megatron was reconstructed by Soundwave and decided to ruin it. Enraged that he is getting tossed around too much, he heads on over to Shockwave's tower to humiliate him in the middle of one of his test's. In the process tries to befriend Grimlock, who uses him (literally) to free himself.



  • Starscream (Deluxe, 2011)
    • Acessories: 2 x missile racks
Starscream comes with 2 missile racks, and each can attach to either wing. This is not show-accurate as in the show he has one missile on each wing, while the toy has three molded together on each rack. The paint job is nicely appilied, however, it lacks some red parts here and there, such as on his head fin. The transformation is fairly smooth, and is very well engenired. In robot mode, Starscream is very show accurate and is also very poseable. The missiles can attach to either forearm or store under the wings.
  • Starscream (Voyager, 2012)
    • Accessories: Missile pod/light-up null-ray blaster, 2 x missiles

  • Starscream Vs. Bumblebee Entertainment Pack (Deluxe, 2012)
    • Accesories: 2 x missile racks
This is a redeco of the First Edition Starscream that comes in a pack with a redeco of Revealers Bumblebee. It also contains a DVD. This Starscream is colored pruple and white, similar to a Skywarp type figure.


  • Starscream (Deluxe, 2013)
    • Acessories:

Beast Hunters

  • Starscream (Deluxe,2013)

This version of Starscream's Jet mode is fairly similar to what has come before, but has the now Infamous beast hunters spikes added. He also has some yellow stripes. He includes 2 purple missiles and a clip-on capture claw, the missiles peg under the wings, and the claw under the jet. In robot mode, the yellow paint again showed. While he is again recognizable as Starscream, he has many more protruding spikes and bulkier armor, but retains his slimmer design.


Starscream's alt mode in War for Cybertron

Starscream in Transformers Prime

  • Starscream and several other Seekers' alternate mode appears to be an homage to his various forms throughout continuities. The basic triangular shape resembles his "Tetrajet" Cybertronian mode from "More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1", while the cockpit and nosecone look like his classic F-15 Earth mode, and the swept-forward wings that pop out when he boosts are similar to his Transformers Animated counterpart.
  • In his vehicle mode, there is the Decepticon Insignia between his engines. The same Insignia is also on the backs of Thundercracker and Skywarp, at the same place.
  • His face design, with more detailed but blocky features, is very similar to his later design in IDW comics.
  • Megatron's explanation as to why he tolerates Starscream has been long-awaited by many fans, though a similar explanation also appeared in IDW's All Hail Megatron.
  • This Starscream appears very peculiar when compared to most Starscreams. He has been seen to warn Megatron against danger, such as when he pleads for Megatron not to inject a shard of Dark Energon into his spark chamber or to flee the explosion of the space bridge. He also shows concern for his troops when he rescues Breakdown from M.E.C.H.. A third and final difference that this Starscream has is that he appears to have some form of honor as he spares Arcee's life when she is disabled and defenseless in payment for when she spared his life in a previous encounter.
    • However in later episodes, he has shown a talent in lying to cover his true goals and expose Autobots to his claws. This could be part of Starscream's act so not to reveal his treachery to Megatron or the other Decepticons.
  • He has similar traits of being a leader with Optimus Prime, such as planning discipline for those who engage in racing for enthusiasm. Though unlike Optimus and even Megatron, Starscream's favorite activity is administering punishment.
  • It seems that the stiletto heels and bird-like legs Starscream's design acquired over Transformers Animated have been given even greater emphasis - and that chin...
  • Megatron seems to find Starscream's blatantly mutinous nature amusing, perhaps even believing it keeps him sharp for other takeover attempts.
  • He has a penchant for preforming a swan dive of a cliff, ledge, etc. before transforming. He has done this in two episodes. He even feels he transforms with "an exceptional sense of style'.
  • Unlike his G1 counterpart who had a buddy who betrayed him and became an autobot, it is Starscream who betrays his buddy and becomes a decepticon.
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