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The toys of Starscream.



He's Emo-tastic!

  • Starscream with Swindle (Mega-Con, 2002/2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MD-02
    • Accessories: Port wing/sword, 2 "fireblast" missiles
Starscream transforms into a Cybertronic jet fighter. In both modes, pressing down on his cockpit canopy activates electronic sound effects; in jet mode, it also deploys his Mini-Con partner Swindle if he is stored under the cockpit. Plugging a Mini-Con onto his rearmost Powerlinx plug releases two spring-activated over-shoulder spring-loaded missile launchers, as well as more electronic sound effects. His left wing detaches and unfolds to form a large sword for use in robot mode.
The Takara version of this toy is largely identical to the Hasbro version, but uses a brighter light gray plastic, gold paint instead of yellow, more detailed paint applications on the wings, and has a "separated" Decepticon sigil deco. The canopy section on the Japanese version is parallel to the rest of the jet mode, while the American points more downward. This is due to a retooling of the area that meets his chest, and was done for safety reasons, making the nosecone "collapse" easier if pressed point-first into, say, your little brother.
This mold was also used to make Universe Ramjet, Armada Skywarp and Armada Thundercracker.


  • Starscream (Happy Meal premium, 2003)
Part of the McDonald's Armada promotion, this version of Starscream transforms into a Cybertronic jet the somewhat resembles his larger toy. It features a pull-back motor gimmick that propels his jet-mode forward, then leaps up to instantly convert to robot mode, like the Generation One Jumpstarters. In jet mode, he can combine with the other three Happy Meal Decepticons to form a goofy-looking super vehicle.


Starscream's attempts to take over Block Town were less than successful.

  • Starscream with Swindle (Built to Rule, 2003)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
Built to Rule Starscream is a building-brick set that can be assembled into a Cybertronic fighter jet or a robot, or to whatever else you feel like. He came with a building-brick version of Swindle. The set features two missile launchers that use a unique "twist-block" pressure-launch mechanism.
This set was later released in different colors as Thundercracker and Zapmaster.


"Man, your face is red. Like a strawbrary!"

  • Starscream Supermode with Spark Grid (Mega-Con, 2003)
    • Japanese ID number: MD-09
    • Accessories: Port wing/sword, 2 "fireblast" missiles
The Takara version of the Armada Thundercracker toy represents a powered-up version of Starscream instead of a new character. This toy is almost identical to the Hasbro Thundercracker, but uses a darker, more vivid blue plastic and a darker, more vivid red. Also the canopy section on the Japanese version is parallel to the rest of jet mode, while the American points more downward. This is due to a retooling of the area that meets his chest and was done for safety reasons.
This mold was also used to make Universe Ramjet, Armada Skywarp and Armada Thundercracker.


Takara Starscream, now with G1 sweetening.

  • Starscream (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-01
    • Accessories: Energon sword, energon rifle, 2 missiles

Hasbro Starscream, all spooky.

Energon Starscream transforms into a jet fighter loosely based upon the F/A-22 Raptor (which would later be used as the alt-mode of another Starscream), cast mostly in dark clear-green plastics to emphasize his "energon ghost" status. The toy also features numerous spots of sculpted battle damage and asymmetrical plastic-color layouts to further enhance the effect. He comes with two very large accessories, a sword and a non-firing blaster, which can combine to form a really larger sword and/or non-firing blaster. In jet mode he has two wing-mounted spring-loaded missile launchers, which can flip up over his robot-mode shoulders for "Hyper Mode".
The Japanese version of this mold, called "Nightscream", uses gray plastics instead of stony-blue, a lighter shade of red paint, and darker blue plastic and paint.
He is not a retool of Generation 2 Smokescreen, dammit.


  • Prowl with Longarm & Starscream with Zapmaster (Multi-pack, 2004)
Part of a Sam's Club exclusive set, the original Starscream toy was redecoed in primarily dark gray with burgundy and black accents. His Mini-Con partner was Zapmaster this time around rather than Swindle. The set also included Energon Prowl as an Armada Red Alert redeco with Longarm.


Takara "Nightscream" has two scoops of G1 in every toy.

  • Energon Starscream (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-19
    • Accessories: Sword, rifle, 2 missiles

Hasbro Starscream has twice the G1 for half the price.

Energon Starscream was redecoed into a more Generation One-inspired color scheme, primarily light gray with blue and red accents. His assymetrical arm coloration continues in this mode due to the use of unpaintable plastics needed for structural support.
The Takara "Nightscream Rebirth" release of the toy has some significant differences, the most notable being the use of clear-blue plastics in the place of some of the solid-gray in the Hasbro version. Gray plastic was used in place of black, and many paint details were different. It also came with a yellow version of Energon Insecticon's energon drill weapon and Decepticon-style energon chip.
The Hasbro version of this mold was used as the model for the unreleased Attacktix vehicle-mode Starscream piece.


Starscream's attempt to infiltrate the Space Police was only marginally more successful.

  • Starscream (Built to Rule, 2004)
The Energon version of Built To Rule Starscream was designed with a much more solid skeleton with larger, blockier limbs. He can be rebuilt from a Cybertronic jet fighter with pressure-launch missiles, to a robot, to basically whatever you feel like doing with the parts.
Unfortunately, due to the slow performance of the Built to Rule line overall, the Energon versions only had a limited, test market release initially in and around Cincinnati, Ohio. The sets later filtered out into many "Tuesday Morning" chain discount stores at drastically dropped prices.


I am Vegeta, King of all Saiya- I mean, I will be leader of all Decepticons!

  • Starscream (Voyager, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GD-03
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, missile, Decepticon Cybertron Cyber Planet Key
Galaxy Force Starscream transforms into a Cybertronic starfighter. In both modes, plugging a Cyber Planet Key into his back end flips out a spring-loaded blade from each arm. His spring-loaded missile launcher can be used as either a hand-held weapon, or mounted under his jet-mode nosecone. He comes with a Cybertron-Decepticon-style Cyber Planet Key.
This mold in these colors was never released in the Hasbro Cybertron line, most likely to not interfere with sales of the much larger Supreme Starscream toy (see below). It was later used to make Shattered Glass Starscream and the 2008 Universe Dirge.


Honeycomb big? Yeah Yeah Yeah! It's not small? No No No!

  • Starscream (Supreme, 2005)
    • Accessories: Missile, "Crown of Leadership", Decepticon Cybertron Cyber Planet Key, Gold Earth Cyber Planet Key
Supreme Starscream is a colossally-upscaled version of the Voyager-class Starscream toy, with quite a few changes. The most notable is the change in his Cyber Planet Key gimmick: each arm has a separate Key jack in it rather than the Voyager's single joint-jack. While the right arm still deploys a blade, the left arm now reveals a "null laser cannon" spring-loaded missile launcher and expanding prongs of undetermined function (beyond looking neat). The original back-mounted Key jack still exists in a fashion, though it does not activate any gimmicks and merely serves as a Key storage space (a rarity among Cybertron toys). A second storage-only jack is found on the underside of the same assembly. The two small guns on the sides of his cockpit can swivel up to firing position in robot mode, and he also has several electronic light and sound gimmicks, including one activated by moving his sword-arm.
He comes with a Decepticon "Crown of Leadership" that fits over his noggin, and also is the only Cybertron toy to come with two Cyber Planet Keys, a Cybertron-Decepticon Key, and a gold-bordered Earth-style Key. Both Keys have the Key Code "s5a3" tampographed on their backs. (The placement of these accessories in the box varies in later releases.)
In Japan, this toy was released as a Toys "R" Us exclusive, basically unchanged in US packaging.



  • Starscream vs. Vector Prime (Multi-pack, 2005)
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, missile, Decepticon Cybertron-style Cyber Planet Key
This burgundy and black redeco of Galaxy Force Starscream came in a two-pack with an unaltered Vector Prime, and was exclusive to Toys "R" Us stores. It was also sold for slightly less than the cost of two Voyagers.
This mold was also used to make Shattered Glass Starscream and the 2008 Universe Dirge.



  • Starscream (Legends of Cybertron, 2005)
A colossally downscaled and simplified version of the Cybertron Starscream figure was released as part of the first wave of the Legends of Cybertron series. He transforms into the same Cybertronic starfighter altmode, and has flip-out weapons (one sword, one non-firing blaster).
In Japan, the toy was sold as part of the very short-lived "EZ Collection". It was given more extensive paint applications than the Hasbro version.
This mold was used to make Legends of Cybertron Ramjet, Skywarp and Sunstorm, and Universe Ramjet and Thrust. It was also slightly recoloured to look like the origonal Starscream as a limited promo release with the War for Cybertron game, changing the black on the feet and hands to blue, weapons to metalic red, tail to red with blue trim and cockpit to orange


  • EZ Collection Clear Set (Multi-pack, 2005)
A three-pack of EZ Collection Megatron, Galaxy Convoy and Starscream using clear plastics in some parts was released in Japan. It was a mail-away exclusive to TV Magazine.


He keeps flying in circles for some reason.

  • Starscream (Booster, 2006)
    • Attacktix ID number: TF08
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Class: Captain
  • Special: Rally - 14/26 (54%) success ratio
  • Point Cost: 10
  • Base Speed: 6
  • Attack Type: Shooter (Large Missile)
Attacktix Starscream is based on his Cybertron incarnation. His Special Power, Rally, enables a player to return any one of their already-defeated Decepticon pieces to play. If Starscream's speed wheel reads 8 stop moving him there - you'll be able to move him 2 extra tix next turn and even if he gets shot down his special power is always white when he's on 8 speed.
A Captain figure Starscream works very well with his own redeco, Skywarp, supporting his Infiltration power.
  • Starscream (Booster, 2007)
    • Attacktix ID number:
  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Class: Captain
  • Special: Transform
  • Point Cost: 30
  • Base Speed: 4
  • Attack Type: Shooter (Small Missile)/Flight
This as yet unreleased Starscream is a missile launching piece based on his "Energon Energon" form's vehicle mode. His vehicle form can detach from his base and fly on a string, enabling him to get better shots of opposing pieces, or even airlift allies (or enemies... is that a legal move?). His "Transform" power would probably allow you to bring any Starscream figure into play from your back-ups -- making Starscream an even more effective figure when working with Skywarp. But as the toy was never released, we'll never know.
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.


  • A soft-plastic PVC figurine of Starscream's animation model was released in "Act-9" of Takara's Super Collection Figure series. It came in both full-color and pewter-finish version, one each per case of twelve.
  • A larger non-transforming PVC figure of Starscream was released in the Mega Super Colleciton figure series. Like other toys in the line, he came with a few extra pieces, like a separate wing-sword, and a mini-PVC of his Mini-Con partner Swindle.


Starscream's emptiness can only be filled by love or electronics.

  • Aaron Archer has expressed disappointment in how the Energon Starscream toy turned out, largely its design cues not quite coming across as intended.
  • Cybertron Voyager Starscream was designed with a soundbox in mind (even including the requisite speaker and battery brackets when you crack one open), but the final Hasbro and Takara versions have no electronics.

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