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The name or term Starscream refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Starscream (disambiguation).

Starscream is a hero on the wrong side. Over the centuries, he's come to believe both Optimus and Megatron have lost sight of what is best for the Cybertronian race, and simply pursue their own agendas. At some point, he came to the decision that, for the good of the species, a new leader must emerge, and he would be that leader. However, over time, he became as corrupt in his own way as Megatron, although he prefers subtlety and deception to Megatron's brute force. Now, what may once have been noble goals are buried under layers of self-interest, transforming Starscream into that which he supposedly despised.

"Starscream on himself"
Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday [src]

"Starscream expresses his life philosophy to Megatron"
―Not to call you a coward, Master, but sometimes cowards do survive.

Chinese name (Mandarin): Hong-zhi Zhu (红蜘蛛, "Red Spider")/ Xing Xiao (星啸,"Star 'Scream'")
Chinese name (Taiwan): Tīen-wáng Hsīng (天王星, "Planet Uranus")
Hungarian name: Üstökös ("Comet")
Hungarian name (Transformers (Titan Magazine) only): Csillagsikoly ("Starcream")


Defiance prequel comics

Before the war, Starscream was a Commander in the Cybertronian Defense Force and, who seemed to also have control over Captain Ironhide (to judge by his attitude) and the overall command of Lord Protector Megatron. Using his powerful starship mode, he patrolled for light years around Cybertron, locating and on occasion clearing dangers before they reached his home planet. It was Starscream who reported to the Lord Protector and Optimus of repeatedly encounter hostile scout ships in the nearby nebula. When these hostile aliens attacked Cybertron, Starscream led the air assault against their fighter craft and later led mop up operations after Megatron retired, injured from the battlefield. Defiance issue 1


Like a Vast Predatory Bird...

When Megatron ordered a full assault against the alien fleet, Starscream joined him, leading his Seeker brothers in devastating attacks against their foe. As the battle drew to a close he was given the task of finishing off the command ship and all inside, and became the first being, privy to Megatron's plans for dominance. Defiance issue 2

Starscream was put in charge of Megatron's plan to capture Optimus (now Optimus Prime). While the initial surprise attack proved quite successful, the followup was much less so, with Starscream getting flattened by Prime. Defiance issue 3

Ghosts of Yesterday prequel novel

Starscream had ascended to Decepticon leadership in the absence of their former lord, and though he had to seemed to carry on the long search for the lost Megatron and the All Spark to keep his position as leader, his greatest hope was that Megatron would NEVER be found. Some loyal Decepticons, especially Blackout, strongly suspected this and sought to frustrate Starscream's species-serving plans. Barricade allied him, but it is unknown what he actually thought. Bonecrusher hated him. Frenzy and Scorponok's opinions are unknown, but Frenzy's a complete lunatic and nobody cared what the pet little guy thought. During a search of an abandoned solar system, the Nemesis came across a vessel that bore a resemblance to Megatron's alternate mode. Starscream went to investigate it, intending to destroy it. After chasing off Bumblebee, he communicated with the creatures aboard the vessel, who called themselves humans. Starscream claimed that his people once lived with the Autobots, and that their treacherous leader, Optimus Prime, started a war for the All Spark. The humans told him of a robotic creature that they had found on their world, and Starscream, recognizing it as Megatron, told them it was an Autobot scout. While communicating with them, he downloaded all the information on their computers, learning that the All Spark was also located on Earth. He offered to help the humans to return to their world if they helped Starscream's group attack the Autobots, hoping that Prime would destroy them and be guilt-stricken in the process. The humans attacked Optimus and Bumblebee, but the two Autobots escaped. After their ship sank into a cavern, Starscream revealed his true nature and abandoned them. As a result, the humans concluded neither faction could be fully trusted. Way to make first contact there, Screamer.

Returning to the battle, he lied to his fellow Decepticons, claiming that the two Autobots were dead and that he'd been unable to communicate with the humans. Blackout, unconvinced by the story, challenged Starscream to single combat. Starscream lost, and the Decepticons launched an attack on the Ark. Unfortunately for Starscream, Optimus, Bumblebee and the human vessel showed up. Starscream, fearful of the information that the ship contained, ordered the Decepticons to destroy it. Unfortunately, Starscream experienced a minor mutiny when Bonecrusher and Blackout demanded answers, and even Barricade wanted to know why. As the battle drew to a close, Starscream was in a position to terminate Prime but came under fire from the humans' weapons. Seriously damaged, Starscream finished them off with a single plasma blast, then ordered the Decepticons to retreat, despite the advantage they had over the Autobots. The Autobots figured that Starscream would not risk traveling to Earth for fear of losing power, but Prime figured that it was only a matter of time before the desire for vengeance and the lure of the All Spark brought the Decepticons to that world. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

Sector Seven Alternate Reality Game

Starscream 1982

Disguised as an F-15 Eagle fighter jet, Starscream was active on Earth in early 1982, with documented sightings of jets sporting his unique colors on several continents before he was caught on camera transforming to robot mode in California. This sighting (and its subsequent leak) was the direct impetus for Hungry Dragon 1.

This seemingly contradicts Starscream's 2003 arrival on Earth in the Prime Directive prequel comic, though it's possible Starscream simply concealed an earlier visit to Earth because he had no desire for the Decepticons to find Megatron.

Later, during late April/early May 2007, Sector Seven intercepted two sound clips through Agent Cod3x and another source (currently unknown). Apparently, Starscream wanted to make his presence known and left a message announcing that he would have the All Spark, and that Agent Powers would be the one to hand it over. These messages were somewhat garbled, as they were apparently received over a SETI@home system. So far, only these two "blips" have been analyzed (the second still needing work), but more may come in the near future. Sector Seven (game)

Prime Directive prequel comic

Movie Starscream IDWprequel youcangonow

Starscream in the prequel comic

In 2003, Starscream's infiltration team, consisting of Barricade and Blackout, touched down on Mars and destroyed the Beagle 2 Rover. Starscream was disgusted with the rover, but Blackout and Barricade warned that there was an obviously intelligent species nearby, so they would need to be cautious. Starscream agreed, as long as they got to kill something. Prime Directive (IDW) issue 3

Splitting up, they headed to Earth, where Starscream scanned an F-22 Raptor fighter jet being tested by the US Air Force at Nellis Air Force base. He destroyed it, then adopted the vehicle form for himself. Leaving the scene of destruction, he radioed his fellow Decepticons to report in on their hunt for new disguise forms, which they did. He reiterated that their mission was to find the All Spark, to which Blackout responded with a reminder that the mission was also to find Megatron. Starscream dismissively replied, "Yeah, right... him too."

Later, Starscream and Blackout detected the unique radiation of the All Spark and investigated, but Starscream soon realized it was a trap by Sector Seven. Starscream destroyed several AH-64 Apache helicopters while Blackout attacked Sector Seven's bunker and attempted to hack into their mainframe. When the humans severed the connection, the Decepticons broke off from the battle and linked up with Barricade, who was in pursuit of the Autobot Bumblebee. Prime Directive (IDW) issue 4

Transformers Movie Prequel comic

Starscream was leading an assault on the Autobots at Tyger Pax when Blackout arrived to reinforce them. They witnessed the launch of the All Spark into space, and immediately Starscream and Blackout began to bicker over their next move. Seeing Megatron leave the planet in pursuit of the All Spark, Starscream decided that so would they.

Many years later, Starscream's team made planetfall on Earth in Afghanistan, quickly attracting the attention of a nearby US military base, which sent out an armoured personnel carrier to investigate. After it was destroyed, the Decepticons attacked the base itself. During the rather one-sided assault, a human agent of Sector Seven was impressed by the alien invaders' ability to adapt to Earth's finest weaponry. Starscream agreed that they were impressive, and killed the fleshling. After Blackout left the group for another nearby base, Starscream told his fellow Decepticons that their mission wouldn't always be this easy, as the Autobots were bound to turn up. Planetfall

Transformers (2007 film)

Voice actor: Charlie Adler (English), Tadashi Miyazawa (Japan), José Sant'anna (Brazil), Axel Lutter (German)

Starscream was lying in wait at a US air base when covert agent Frenzy reported that the All Spark had been located, along with Megatron, underneath Hoover Dam. Though he had long feared this day would come, Starscream ordered the rest of the Decepticons to mobilize. The others responded.

The first to arrive, Starscream attacked the hydroelectric power plant attached to the dam to paralyse Sector Seven's operations and to speed the thawing of Megatron. With Frenzy's sabotage, Megatron quickly broke free of his icy restraints and escaped the facility. He almost immediately met with Starscream, who pledged his loyalty to Megatron. Demanding to know what had happened to the All Spark, Megatron was told that it was now in the possession of the humans. Furious, Megatron berated his chief lieutenant for yet another failure.

During the assault on a nearby city, Starscream tricked Captain Lennox's unit by posing as an F-22 Raptor providing cover. Starscream launched an attack that crippled Bumblebee as Ironhide realized too late who the fighter really was. As Sam Witwitwiticky ran with the All Spark, Starscream swooped down, blocking his path, only to be blocked by both Ironhide and Ratchet. After fighting without much effort, and beating the slag out of them, Starscream took off again.


Starscream shooting down jets.

While Megatron attempted to retrieve the All Spark from Sam, Starscream perched on nearby buildings and shot down thr Army Blackhawk helicopter when it attempted to help the human evacuate the Cube. F-22 Raptors from the US Air Force arrived and Starscream disguised himself. Pretending to be a part of their squadron, Starscream surprised the human pilots by transforming in mid-air; performing the best display of Jet judo in 20 years, destroyed three of the Raptors before he was fired upon.

Starscream bails

Starscream leaves earth.

Most of the Decepticons were defeated and their bodies cast into the second deepest part of the ocean, the Laurentian Abyss. Ultimately, Starscream returned from Earth to parts unknown.

Titan Magazines

"You could mark [your letters] 'All Hail Starscream' so long as you make it clear this is in no way a reflection on our glorious leader or a prelude to some sort of coup. Just so that we're clear on that."

Within seconds of Megatron's defeat, Starscream dubbed himself the new Decepticon leader, with the main problem being that he didn't actually have any troops to lead. To amend this slight impediment, he attacked several of the Earth machines which had been brought to life by the All Spark's energy and removed the energy from their bodies, which he then proceeded to implant into the corpses of Blackout, Barricade and Brawl. With his former comrades reanimated in this rudimentary manner, he directed the shambling husks to attack the Autobots, who were still recovering from their battle that had just finished. While the Autobots eventually destroyed the zombies, Starscream had escaped with several All Spark energy fragments still in his possession. Transformers Comic issue 7

Tf mag 10 2008

Starscream on the comic book cover

In an alternate reality where the Decepticons won at Mission City, Starscream remained on Earth serving under Megatron - and taking orders from Dropkick, who's got a higher rank. In secret, however, he was using Insecticons to implant cerebro-strips in the heads of useful humans; at will, he could control their minds, paving the way for a more subtle conquest when he finally got Megatron out of the way. Transformers Comic issue 15

He became aware of the moon-based Autobots and while ordered to join Dreadwing in beating up NATO, Transformers Comic issue 9 he got bored during the mission and left as soon as he could to attack the moon-based Autobots. Transformers Comic issue 10 He beat them up and viciously taunted them, forcing them to take the initiative and go to Earth - just as he wanted. Transformers Comic issue 11 As he hoped, the Autobots eventually won, killing Megatron, destroying the All Spark and halting the cyberforming of Earth... leaving him free to take command of the Decepticons! On top of that, he got his hands on the nanovirus the Autobots used on Megatron... Transformers Comic issue 13

One of his first acts as leader was to begin a bombing campaign against any human attempt to rebuild infrastructure or regain a foothold in the United States. He then organized an attack that would get all the Autobots together so a NATO tank regiment (its commander under cerebro-strip control) could wipe them all out. Transformers Comic issue 14 While this failed, Starscream has still ensured the new President of the United States is under cerebro control - and the Autobots have no idea he's in command... Transformers Comic issue 15

As of issue 7, he runs the letters page (renamed Star Screams from the original Mech Mail). He hates the letters, the readers, the comic, the editorial team, and probably the baby Jesus — but he's still got nothing on Armada Starscream's letter-answering stint. He has incredible hate for Jazz, gleefully recounting the guy's horrible death and going berserk at the idea of Jazz answering the letters. In #8, he revealed he hates the movie because he didn't get enough scenes in it, and is upset not enough people send in fan-art of him. In #9, he revealed he once had an F-15 mode and liked it - he doesn't care if this makes no canonical sense. In #11, he announced that the mother and aunt of a reader who wrote in complaining she was being told she was too old for Transformers and have been shortlisted to spend forever polishing his armour with their own spit, bless. He also maintains that his voice is not scratchy in any way.

The Reign of Starscream

Starscream assumed the role of Decepticon leader on Earth following Megatron's defeat. He retrieved his fallen ally Barricade, and headed for Hoover Dam to collect Frenzy. The Reign of Starscream issue 1

Starscream made his way to Hoover Dam, taking out masses of human soldiers and a less-than-functional attack drone. Starscream took a human captive along with Frenzy's body, but the fleshling didn't survive the Decepticon's trip to Mars. However, the trip, combined with the damage from the battle took its toll and upon finding the Nemesis, he had to be helped inside by Thundercracker. The pair discussed Thundercracker's progress with the space bridge terminal, the physiology of humans and the abilities of Starscream's new form. While recharging, he ordered Thundercracker to download the information from Frenzy, however, an Autobot scouting party interrupted their efforts. The Reign of Starscream issue 2

Starscream ordered Thundercracker and the drones to deal with them while he prepared for take off. After recovering, he made short work of the Autobots and dragged a damaged Thundercracker inside the ship, before activating the terminal and warping to Cybertron. He handed Thundercracker over to Ramjet, and ordered construction of a new All Spark, based on Frenzy's data. Approaching Megatron's citadel, Starscream, still impressed by the power his new form gave him, destroyed the former leader's figurehead. The Reign of Starscream issue 3


Starscream during another comic

Meanwhile, construction on the new AllSpark continues with the assistance of Autobot slaves. Starscream learns that the AllSpark is finished, and heads to the construction site. Starscream executes his plan to tie several Autobots and some Decepticon insubordinates to the new cube to power it. The Reign of Starscream issue 4

Starscream murders the Autobots despite their pleas, and sucks up their energy. Suddenly, Starscream is betrayed by Dreadwing and Ramjet. While battle ensues among them, the Autobots begin their assault. Starscream pursues Dreadwing, and in the process kills Divebomb and brings down a tower. Dreadwing escapes on the Space Bridge, but Starscream follows. The city of Trypticon is destroyed as the space bridge collapses. Dreadwing appears on Mars and Starscream sneakily comes behind and kills the traitor. Starscream then sets his sights on Earth, musing to himself that his kingdom will exist, no matter where. Before leaving, he promotes Thundercracker to commander, leaving him in charge of Cybertron while Starscream is away. The Reign of Starscream issue 5

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Transformers: The Game

Autobot campaign

At the More than Meets the Eye level, Starscream contacted Shockwave, but he didn't know that Optimus Prime would be there. Then at Hoover Dam, he sent Blackout to get Megatron and they succeeded. Then at Mission City, Starscream assaulted Jazz. Then he called for Blackout, who also got his butt kicked. Jazz, having also beaten each of the Dreadwing drones Starscream and Blackout had left behind, now fought Starscream and Blackout coming together and struggled. Transformers The Game (console)

Decepticon campaign

Starscream coordinated the missions for Blackout and Barricade while hiding in a military base. After receiving information from Barricade that Megatron had been located, Starscream ordered him to proceed to Hoover Dam, while he himself went to locate Bonecrusher and Brawl. However, the humans were aware of the three Decepticons and used drones, weapon platforms, and fighters based on Cybertronian design. Starscream moved back and forth between Bonecrusher and Brawl, rescuing them from human attackers. Starscream then proceeded to Hoover Dam. Blackout informed him that the structure was blocking their scans, so Starscream ordered him to tear it down piece by piece to find Megatron and the All Spark. When Megatron emerged, Starscream and Blackout bowed.

At Mission City, Starscream took a moment to ram Optimus Prime during the latter's duel with Megatron, and tried to go head on with Optimus Prime. After Megatron absorbed the All Spark and Earth was decimated, Starscream stood at his master's left side. Transformers The Game (console)

Transformers: Decepticons (DS)

Voice actor: Daniel Ross

After the disappearance of Megatron nearly a million years ago, Starscream took over the Decepticons as their leader. Arriving on Earth, he instructed Create-A-Bot to follow Barricade until he arrived. He confided in Create-A-Bot a great number of secrets, including the location of the All Spark and the identity of the lost Decepticon they were retrieving: Megatron. Starscream reasoned that he hid these things because revealing them would lead to a power struggle, but no one bought it except the rookie. Once the Autobots returned the All Spark to Tranquility, he gave chase after a now-All Spark-empowered Bumblebee, caught the "babbling fool" and destroyed a meddlesome Blackout, until Barricade got in the way.

After threat of execution for treason, Starscream proceeded to show the smaller Decepticon WHY Megatron picked him as his second-in-command: his brute strength and incredible battle strategy. After a severe thrashing, Create-A-Bot arrived with intent to kill. However, Starscream now had the All Spark and was unstoppable. They proceeded to battle over the Casino Strip, where Create-A-Bot took the All Spark from him and smashed it into his chest. Create-A-Bot was knocked back and severely damaged by the blast, but Starscream remained as powerful as ever, perhaps more so now that the All Spark had merged with his body. Transformers Autobots/Decepticons

Note: Starscream's body type is available in two forms, the regular Starscream playable in certain missions (unlocked by beating the game) and Generation One Starscream, based on the Target exclusive retooling/redeco. The G1 body is unlocked by earning 2500 WiFi tokens, or by downloading the preview movie for the game from a Target DS Download Station.

Transformers: The Game (PSP)

Starscream battled Shockwave over the leadership of the Decepticons back on Cybertron. Afterwards, Starscream attacked Hoover Dam to free Megatron from his "tomb". Transformers The Game (PSP)

Alliance prequel comic

In isolation on Mars, Starscream was just finishing marking himself in Cybertronian warrior tattoos when he received Barricade's message beacon detailing the single location of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Wreckage, and the Allspark, a secret Sector 7 base in the Nevada Desert.

Starscream went straight to the location only to find a reanimated Wreckage attacking the humans. Feeling him a traitor for having provided Sector 7 with information, Starscream viciously attacked his former companion. Starscream won, thanks to the timely intervention of Bumblebee, killing Wreckage.

Revenge of the Fallen film

Voice actor: Charlie Adler (English), Antonín Navrátil (Czech)

Starscream warning sam

When Megatron arrives back to the Nemesis, Starscream says that the fallen asked him to make a new army which is his honor. Displeased, Megatron strangles him and pins him against a wall, where protoforms are being created, but with far less Energon than desired. Megatron consults with his master, The Fallen, who concludes that he shall rise when the last Prime is dead, Starscream returned to say that boy will not escape them as they has him in their sight and they will find the matrix of leadership if not the hatchlings will die.


Starscream helps Megatron along with Grindor defeat Optimus.

When Grindor captured Sam, Mikaela and Leo, Starscream sliced open their car and repeatedly spat on them. The battle ensued outside in a nearby forest, where Starscream attempted to recapture Sam and fight off the Autobots. Starscream fought repeatedly head-on with Optimus Prime. While Optimus was distracted and cornered, Megatron pierced his Spark, killing him. But Autobot reinforcements had arrived and Starscream fired a few shots before flying away.


Megatron pushing the blame to Starscream

After the forest battle, Starscream and Megatron flew atop a building, Megatron stepped on Starscream's spark,claiming that Starscream was useless for losing an insect which Megatron himself was killed by.Starscream argues that there are among 7 billion people on Earth and got freed when he said that the boy could be anywhere and reattaches his arm.A while later,Starscream is seen hanging to the rooftop of a building.

After Soundwave alerted the Decepticons that Sam had been found in Egypt, Starscream flew in and detonated an EMP to disable communications. Once Bumblebee, Skids, Mudflap, Sam, Mikaela, Leo and Agent Simmons arrived, he bombarded them with missiles. He also met up with Megatron at the top of the pyramid,apologizing for being the bearer of bad news and telling him that the soldiers had brought the body of prime.Sam and Mikaela hid from the barrage amongst some old houses, Starscream landed nearby and fired several missiles while leading several decepticons including long haul and ravage to find sam.He eventually found them and flushed them out due to sam killing an insecticon.They attempted to escape but Starscream fired several missiles which could have easily killed them,yet they managed to survive miraculously. He then circled the NEST base, calling to Rampage to spring the trap they had baited with Sam's parents.When a protoform that resembles bonecrusher and several others killed arcee,chromia and possibly elita,Starscream was firing shots in the background too.Starscream was also seen leading several protoforms to fire shots at the army of humans and autobots.

When the Fallen and Megatron engaged Optimus in their final battle, Starscream managed to evade all shots from the autobots and the soldiers which was a given for him. When Optimus hits Megatron in the face, badly wounding him, and after Megatron calls out frailiy to Starscream, they watch as Optimus kills the Fallen. Starscream says to his leader, "Not to call you a coward, master, but, sometimes cowards do survive." They then flew away


Starscream giving golden advice to Megatron.

Revenge of the Fallen (franchise)

Revenge of the Fallen: The Game

Voice actor: Charlie Adler (English)

  • He is available in a Generation One color scheme, and his original G1 self is downloadable as a secret character.
  • Starscream's primary weapon is a powerful Gatling Cannon, and his secondary weapons are Lock-on Missiles, which can be fired on up to three targets at once. Starscream's vehicle mode is an F-22 Raptor fighter jet, and his special ability, the "Null Reactor", slows down enemies that are hit by his weapons - a reference to the original Starscream's Null-ray.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Autobots (DS)

Starscream first appeared when Optimus Prime had located the newly arrived protoform in Sao Paul, Brazil. the air warrior attempted to get the Protoform to join the Deceptiocns, but the Cybertronian was already an Autobot. Starscream was distracted by Optimus and a fight ensued, allowing the protoform to escape and scan a form. Starscream is later found in Rome, Italy, giving instructions to drones about obtaining information from the NEST data vehicles, and then flies off.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Decepticons (DS)

The story began with Starscream arriving in Sao Paul, Brazil. He eliminates several N.E.S.T. UAVs, then meets up with Grindor and Sideways. After being alerted that a high energon radiation signature has been detected, Starscream heads to the crash site, finding a Decepticon protoform, whom he orders to stand down. Optimus Prime soon arrives to claim the protoform but it is too late. Starscream battles with Optimus to allow the protoform to escape. Starscream later attacks an oil rig in the Atlantic, successfully demolishing it with the help of Grindor.

After Create-a-bot plants a tracking device on a N.E.S.T. chopper in Siberia, Starscream arrives to finish the base. Starscream then helps destroy N.E.S.T. defenses in a Chinese airport to allow Create-a-bot to demolish any reinforcements.

Later, Starscream destroys much of the Deep-6 Carrier fleet in the Indian Ocean to allow the Doctor and the rookie to revive Megatron. Starscream then serves as Create-a-bot's liaison to help secure a Mexico city and it's communications, destroy Area 51, re-establish contact with a Decepticon communications base in Arabia, finish off military hardware in South Africa, and demolish a military base in the Sahara desert.

When the Fallen arrives at Cairo, Egypt, to oversee the re-activation of the Star harvester, he is impressed with Create-a-bot's efforts, and betrays Megatron when he fails to destroy Optimus Prime, whereas the rookie did not. Starscream laughs at Megatron's expense, proclaiming himself as the new Decepticon leader.

Dark of the Moon film

Voice actor: Charlie Adler (English), Tadashi Miyazawa (Japanese)

Starscream meets with Megatron, Soundwave and Laserbeak in Africa and compliments Megatron on his on-going recovery from his injuries from his last battle with Optimus. At the National Mall, Starscream gain knowledge about Megatron's plan with Sentinel Prime and Megatron explains how he and Sentinel made a deal and were supposed to meet up on Earth before they were both waylaid. Megatron and Starscream watch as the Decepticon invasion force arrives through the space bridge.


When the Autobots are forced to leave Earth, Starscream watches the launch of the Xantium from the upper atmosphere. He transforms and swoops down to the planet, he fires missiles at the ship, destroying it. He believes that he has killed the Autobots.

During the battle in Chicago, Starscream transforms from his jet mode and attacks the NEST Osperys and destroys many of them, killing several NEST soldiers. He later take a few potshots, separating Sam Witicky and Carly Spencer from the troops and ambushes them, glad to have the chance to see and kill Sam. Starscream flips the bus over powerfully with one arm and they enter the bus. Starscream slices the bus with his strong buzz-saw.

Starscream then taunts Sam for running away using his insect's instinct,with him here to scare the hell out of him. He then show his anger towards Sam by spitting on him and bangs against the bus repeatedly to scare Carly. Sam shoots a grapple grappling hook into his right optic(which should not be so accurate), causing Starsream to fly around, dragging Sam with him.

Starscream attempted to remove the hook by banging his own head on the ground and trying to fly on top of a building, but his boosters were malfunctioning. NEST proceed to attack Starscream, although Starscream managed to shoot, the soldiers were surprisingly able to evade his shots,they shot him continuously, causing him to panic and turn around,allowing Sam to jump onto his shoulders and jam a boomstick into his other optic, rendering Starscream totally blind.

Starscream was forced to kneel down and bang his head on the floor repeatedly, he then tried to kick Sam and Lennox to no avail and somehow managed to fly on top of a building allowing Lennox to cut Sam free and the boomstick detonates kill him instantly. Dark of the Moon

Age of Extinction film

Five years after the Battle of Chicago, Starscream was listed as "deceased" by the CIA taskforce "Cemetery Wind". Age of Extinction

The Last Knight film

Starscream's head was among a number of items peddled by Daytrader to the Autobot forces. The Autobots were unamused. During the Deception raid on the Autobot "base", Megatron found Starscream's head and lamented that his treacherous friend could not witness the end of the war. The Last Knight

Dark of the Moon video game

Voice actor: Steve Blum Starscream first appears in chapter 3 when he knocks Mirage off from the bridge and injures him severely. Starscream also appears in chapter 5 when he is ordered by Megatron to fly to a secret NEST facility in the snowy ravine of Nepal to kill Stratosphere, the Aerialbots and their advanced technology MechTech


Transformers (2007)

  • Starscream (Legends Class, 2007)
Movie Legends Starscream

The 2007 film Starscream toy

Legends-class Starscream is a highly simplified, low-cost version of Starscream in his F-22 Raptor body. As such, he has a greatly compromised transformation sequence due to the smaller parts count, with limited articulation and detailing. He's also the bronzest F-22 Raptor Starscream toy there is.
  • Battle for the Allspark (Toys'R'Us exclusive multi-pack, 2007)
Movie Allspark Legends pack

The Toyrs r us exclusive starscream

A Toys R Us exclusive, this six-pack of Legends class figures contains unmodified toys of Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream and Barricade.
  • Nightwatch Optimus Prime vs. Stealth Starscream (Legends Allspark Battles two-pack, 2008)
The previously released Legends-class Starscream toy is redecoed predominantly black and silver, somewhat resembling Generation One Skywarp. He comes with a redeco Legends-class Optimus Prime in his Nightwatch color scheme.
  • Protoform Starscream (Deluxe, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MD-05
MovieProtoform Starscream toy

A protoform Starscream

    • Accessories: Gun with missile and flame attachment
Based upon the "Protoform" (Cybertronian) appearances of the Transformers in the movie, Protoform Starscream transforms into his "entry" mode Cybertronian rocket thing. This mode somewhat resembles a Cybertronian spaceship, with a visible bridge between the two dorsal fins. A flame decoration piece fits onto the back of the "vehicle" over the missile projectile, creating the illusion of a flaming comet's tail . The bottom of the vehicle has small wheels to roll the toy across smooth surfaces.
In robot mode, Starscream marginally resembles previous Starscreams, mostly G1 Starscream, with the large turbines on his chest, wings and vents on his legs. Due to his extensive use of ball joints, he has excellent articulation. Starscream is armed with a spring-loaded missile launcher that fires the previously mentioned projectile cast in the same bronze color as his body. Alternatively, the flame decoration can be fitted onto the end of the barrel.
This toy also has an Automorphing feature, as most of the figures in the main line do. Pushing his head back during transformation will move his shoulder pieces back into place, while moving the shoulders forward will make the head pop back up. While either the missile or the flame can be placed into the gun, the flame can be placed onto the missile, using both at once. However, in some cases, the flame does not have a snug fit on the missile and falls off easily. This makes firing the missile rather awkward and makes the gun look extremely goofy.
It's also entirely possible that this figure will eventually suffer from GPS, as the bronze plastic it is cast in has the same characteristic swirling exhibited by older figures that rapidly deteriorated. However, newer materials and processes may prevent the toy from ever seeing a single crack form. It is highly suggested that this toy not be painted or altered in any way to maximize its lifespan.
  • Protoform Starscream Fusion Cluster Edition (C3xHobby Convention exclusive Deluxe, Japan 2007)
    • Accessories: Gun with missile and flame attachment
An extensive redeco of the Protoform Starscream mold that was exclusively available at the Japanese C3xHobby Convention in August of 2007, and later offered by e-Hobby in limited quantities. Most of the body is made out of transparent orange plastic, while orange and yellow paint are used on the front end of the "entry" mode, mimicking the heat effects of sudden atmospheric entry. The flame attachment is made out of clear blue plastic, with the tail end being covered in gold paint.

Movie Voyager Starscream toy

A voyager class Starscream based off the 2007 film

  • Starscream (Voyager, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: MD-08
    • Accessories: Six missiles
The Voyager-class version of Movie Starscream transforms into an officially-licensed Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet, albeit in beige.
Pushing the fighter along a smooth surface causes the missile-launching barrels to rotate and fire their projectiles, which can also be stored in the black flip-up braces on the launchers. During transformation, pushing up upon the canopy fuselage piece activates Starscream's Automorphing gimmick, which pushes panels out of the torso, wings and stabilizers. In robot mode, Starscream is mostly faithful to his movie CGI model, except for being bulkier around his chest, lacking engines on his back and having the very large Gatling cannons serve as his arms (a facsimile of his much slenderer weapons from the movie). Interestingly, his projectile missiles are sculpted to resemble fingers, should users choose keep them loaded while Starscream is in robot mode, which is nearly impossible because of the hair-trigger on the launchers. An interesting note is Swindle's (or Camshaft's) hands, when detached, make a snug fit in between the three main cannons. Go on, try it yourself, yes, we'll wait...
This toy was later retooled and redecoed into Movie Thundercracker, and, as Wal-Mart Revenge of the Fallen exclusives, Ramjet and Skywarp.
  • Battle damage three-pack (Sam's Club exclusive three-pack, 2007)
A three-pack, exclusive to Sam's Club stores, consisting of redecos of Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Deluxe Class Arcee, both with a battle damage deco, and an unchanged Voyager Class Starscream.
  • Starscream (Target exclusive Voyager-sized toy, 2007)
    • Accessories: Six missiles
Starscream target

A Starscream Target exclusive that has the G1 paintjob

An extensive redeco of Voyager class Starscream available only as a Target exclusive, this version is redecoed in a color scheme based upon Generation One Starscream. This version of Starscream shares the retooled version of this mold with Movie Thundercracker, giving Starscream a new, vaguely G1-ish head sculpt. The packaging for this toy explains that Starscream altered his appearance following his escape at the end of the film in order to avoid detection. This is possibly a set-up for the yet-to-be-made sequel. Also, G1 Starscream is an unlockable form for Create-A-Bot in Transformers: Decepticons and an unlockable skin in the Ps2 version.
  • Starscream Vardia Red Model (Toshiba exclusive Voyager-sized toy, 2007)
    • Accessories: Six missiles
Starscream Vardia red

A Toshiba exclusive pink Starscream based off of the 2007 film.

In a joint venture by Paramount Home Entertainment Japan and electronics giant Toshiba, Starscream Vardia Red Model is an exclusive redeco of Voyager Starscream only available with Toshiba's new Vardia RD-A301 HD DVD recorder. The package also comes with an HD-DVD copy of Transformers, five HD DVD-R and five DVD-R discs.
Starscream Vardia Red Model is extremely red, with some gold, a little black and Toshiba Vardia markings on his hull. With the player expected to cost just under 100,000 yen, this may be the most expensive Transformers exclusive to be released in relatively large quantities.
This one also makes him look incredibly immaculate. What Decepticon would be pink?!
  • Deep Space Starscream (Target exclusive "Premium Series" Voyager, 2008)
A Target exclusive, Deep Space Starscream is a redeco of the first version of Voyager class Starscream, based upon the colours used by Industrial Light and Magic on Starscream's CGI model (instead of the totally made up and inaccurate tan colouring on the previous release). As such he is metallic silver with complementary greys in fighter mode, including the 'First Fighter' (FF) squadron markings indicating he is an F-22 Raptor from Langley Air Force Base. In robot mode reveals gold paint inside his chest detailing and red for circuitry detailing. Oddly, his eyes are painted red, but the rest of the light pipe that makes up the back of his head is left uncolored, making the glowing eye effect no longer work while STILL retaining the miscolored bronzed glass color that the clear plastic was molded in, though the paint is fairly easy to remove.
Deep Space Starscream is presented in 'Premium Octagonal' packaging very similar to Robo-Vision Optimus Prime. Even though Hasbro officially considers him as part of the Premium Series, this is not indicated anywhere on the packaging.

  • Battle Blade Starscream (Fast Action Battler, 2007)
Japanese ID number: QC-02
Movie FAB Starscream

Battle Blade Starscream

Fast Action Battlers "Battle Blade" Starscream transforms into a somewhat superdeformed F-22 Raptor, simplifying the overall design to the point of his feet noticeably sticking out the aft of the fighter, and has a truncated transformation sequence reminiscent of past Transformers such as Generation One Jetfire and Cybertron Thundercracker. Rather than having a separate weapon, he only has a claw-like blade that flips over the right hand (hence "Battle Blade") and non-removable missiles in the palms of his hands.
This toy was later redecoed as Claw Slash Ramjet.
There is a Korean fake of this toy going around, under the name of "Latent Spider". Fortunately no real spiders have been found latent inside the toy.

Revenge of the Fallen

  • Starscream (Legends, 2009)
A repaint of the 2007 Legends-class Starscream figure, his colours now more closely resembling his movie appearance. His cockpit is painted blue, he has Cybertronian marks on his wings and he is painted a much lighter shade of bronze.
  • Starscream (Voyager, 2009)

Voyager class Starscream, 2009

A completely new mold, this Starscream has thus far been received far better than the previous version. His jet mode features less robot on the bottom, and comes with two missiles that clip underneath his wings. His humanoid mode, which has hands, and has launchers that launch the missiles. His Mech-Alive gimmick is, like his original Movie toy, in his chest. In order to activate it, you move his head. The missiles rest above the hands, slightly resembling his trademark null-rays. He is a bit smaller than the 2007 voyager. The paint used for the tattoos is known to have the same problem as the paint on Transformers Animated Soundwave's back, it is known to rub, scratch or smudge off over time, most notably on the head.
  • Nebular Starscream (Voyager, 2010)
Nebular Starscream is a redeco of Voyager Starscream in a metallic-maroon sort of colour with the Cybetronian tattoos in metallic aqua.
  • Starscream (Leader, 2010)

A 2010 Leader-class Starscream

A larger and even more accurate Starscream. Features a removable very film accurate six rocket launcher that can be clipped onto either hand as seen in the movie and a lot of lights and sounds. In addition to the rockets, he has a spring loaded machine gun on his right wrist, as seen in the movie, and a spring loaded missile launcher on his left wrist, also seen in the film. He is about the size of Leader ROTF Optimus Prime and a tad bit larger than ROTF Leader Megatron. This figure is considered to be the best version of Starscream that has come from the movie line.

Dark of the Moon

  • Starscream (Deluxe, 2011)
A downsized version of Movie-verse Starscream, he turns into an F-22 Raptor, with tattoos. He comes with two MechTech weapons that feature a gun on one end and a blade on the other, which can combine to form a dual-pointed spear.
  • Starscream (Voyager, 2011)
A larger and more movie-accurate version of Starscream, which includes twin wrist-mounted blasters. He has a red cockpit and silver tattoos rather than the yellow cockpit and black tattoos of the Deluxe-sized Dark of the Moon Starscream toy. It is exclusive to the website in theory, although it has been spotted in some Target stores. This Starscream is a repaint of the Voyager class Starscream from the Revenge of the Fallen toyline.
  • Starscream / Orbital Assault Carrier (Cyberverse Action Set, 2011)


Robot Heroes

  • Armored Bumblebee vs. Starscream (2007)

The Robot hero's Starscream

Robot Heroes Starscream is sculpted in a crouching pose, possibly inspired by his landing when talking to Megatron in the film. He has the standard Robot Heroes articulation of both shoulders and his neck, however the pre-posed nature means his right arms is really more useful as a support than a usable joint. Notably, he has a red Decepticon insignia, um, okay then!

  • Bumblebee vs. Starscream (2008)

Another Robot hero's Starscream

This version of Starscream is almost a prelude to the previous one, as he's now sculpted in a touching down pose as opposed to a full land. Like the previous mold, it has articulation at the shoulders and neck. Unfortunately, the left arm is lifted straight out to side, allowing him to rotate the arm but not pose it. This version also has a red Decepticon symbol. not again!

  • Starscream Barrel Roll Blaster (2007)
This version of Starscream's altmode turns into not a robot, but a robot fist holding a two-barreled blaster. The guns in this form fire Nerf N-Strike-sized foam missiles.
  • Lunchables "Pocket Transformers" toy prize (2007)

Pocket Transformers Starscream

Free inside specially marked boxes of Oscar Meyer Lunchables, Starscream is one of six "Pocket Transformers" toy prizes. Molded in green, his tablet unfolds to reveal a picture of his robot mode inside.
The Lunchables website code engraved on his back is "MISLEAD."
  • Starscream Micro Flyer (2007)
  • Starscream Burger King free toy (2007)
A non-transformable version of Starscream, cast primarily in chalk-grey plastic. It can rotate its arms at the shoulder. The toy's main gimmick, though, is the wheel in his chest. Striking the wheel causes it to advance to the next slot, revealing damage to Starscream's torso. A second tap reveals even more damage. Despite being a free pack-in toy, the figure is surprisingly well molded, having well defined head parts and the twin afterburners on his back that even the Voyager version lacks. It even has six fingers (or rather, four fingers and two thumbs) on each hand!



Starscream chases down Stratosphere.

  • The card back of Protoform Starscream's packaging features him with a completely different, earlier head sculpt. What's more, this head design is featured on his protoform body in IDW's movie prequel comics.
  • He is the first Starscream whose death scene was used in an official advertising commercial (the Chevy vehicle commercial for Dark of the Moon). His death scene was even seen in the trailers for Dark of the Moon.
  • Starscream perhaps shows a trait of cowardice by when he usually does not fight Autobots but instead rather attacking human soldiers. These include in the 1st film where he kills off a helicopter and an F-22 and in the 3rd film where he attacks the Ospreys and Sam Witwicky.
  • Starscream may not play a large role in the live-action movies like the cartoons, but he plays a major role in online computer games Victory is Sweet and Starscream Showdown. Both games have Starscream fighting Optimus as the finale of the game.
  • His protoform was not the only design to get a new head. The earliest concepts of Starscream's head were more skull-like and oblong in shape. This was, of course, redesigned to look more "like a samurai helmet." Unlike the redesigned head of Megatron, Starscream's earlier face only shows up in ONE piece of media: the book Look and Find Transformers.
  • Starscream seems to be able to fly while out of his jet form, using the F-22's engines on his back. Whether this is his actual robot form or a form between his robot and jet forms isn't known, though it appears the latter is true, as seen when he attacks the other F-22s (see picture above). However, in the sequel, after telling Megatron that cowards survive, he uses his "jetpack" to fly away, while in humanoid mode.
    • It is possible that he just extends the thrusters away from his body so that he doesn't burn himself. He is seen able to achieve escape velocity so it is definitely possible for him to propel his body when not in vehicle mode.
  • Starscream had more screen time in Dark of the Moon than in the first two films. The longest scene was where he tried to attack Sam but ended up getting killed by him.
    • On-screen in the first movie, Starscream has only one short conversation with Megatron and a total screen time of less than 2 minutes. However, during those ten minutes, he blows up a power plant, blasts Bumblebee's legs off, pounds the slag out of Ratchet and Ironhide, blows up a helicopter, AND takes on a squadron of F-22's. It's like he KNEW he wasn't going to get much screen time...
  • It has been suggested that, following his attack on the F-22 squadron over the city, Starscream was able to hide among the survivors and take part in the attack on Megatron, shortly thereafter. This theory is speculative; while it fits the character of the G1 Starscream from the '80s, there is nothing actually on the screen to suggest it (except for the fact Starscream is nowhere to be seen following the strike and is later seen leaving Earth's atmosphere). (Roberto Orci was asked, but refused to give a definite answer.)[1] In The Reign of Starscream the first issue reveals that during the battle, he was highly tempted to fire on him, but that kid beat him to it before he could fire. Whether this will be retconned is unknown.
  • The Sector Seven online ARG used the "Masterpiece" version of Generation One Starscream to represent the "real" Starscream who had infiltrated Earth. A lot of Generation One cameos were made in this manner. Make of that what you will.
  • Even though Starscream has only two lines of dialogue in the first movie, José Sant'anna, who played the G1 character in the Brazilian dub of the original cartoon, was re-cast to play the role in the movie. However, his voice was so heavily modulated that only someone with a really good ear could recognize him. Go figure.
  • Speaking of two dialogues, most of his lines are Cybertronian and in vehicle mode at the same time. He begins his role with speaking Cybertronian and ends it with saying another Cybertronian line that isn't subtitled. That's all he got to say.
  • In the game Transformers: Decepticons for the DS, when Megatron defeats Starscream, he says "You are guilty of the one most unforgivable crime. FAILURE!". This is the same line Gobulus said to Cobra Commander just before Golobulus turned Cobra Commander into a snake in the film G.I. Joe: The Movie.
  • Megatron stomps on his groin in Revenge of the Fallen when they fly to the helipad in New York (which is actually shot in Los Angeles). He also gets hit with HIS OWN ARM.

  • Probably the only Starscream who is actually competent enough to be a good Decepticon leader — possibly even a better one than Megatron. (Let's face it, the crushing defeats the Decepticons suffered at the end of each movie didn't happen on Screamer's watch.) After all, he did take charge during the countless centuries while Megatron was absent and the two years he was dead. He also appears to care more about the lives of his troops, evident in the movie comics, where he looks on with disbelief as Megatron pursues the Allspark as the other Decepticons fall in battle. Not to mention that he seems to grasp a couple of essential concepts that Megatron does not, such as the tactical retreat and the art of strategy beyond blind aggression.
  • For some reason, only Michael Bay knows, Starscream now has tribal tattoos. According to the voyager class Revenge of the Fallen toy, Starscream got his tattoos from Cybertron because of the wars he won. However, that doesn't really help the whole "robots in disguise" thing. It is also possible that due to Starscream's new task of tending the hatchlings on the Nemesis, he didn't need to worry about disguising himself. Other sources suggest that the tattoos are the Cybertronian symbols of revenge, which Starscream was supposed to wage on Revenge of the Fallen, but never did.[October, 2009]
  • He is the only Decepticon having fought in the first 2 wars and to survive the first 2 live-action films. Barricade survived the first film but never showed up again in Revenge of the Fallen but did return in Dark of the Moon. He did say, sometimes, cowards "DO" survive.
    • He does not, however, survive in "Dark of the Moon"
  • Hasbro mentions that his arch-enemy is Megatron. Whuh?
  • His rivalry with Megatron was never shown in the three films, with the only hint for his desire of leadership was pathetic excuses for leaving him behind dead on Earth in Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Starscream obviously hates Sentinel Prime because he replaced Megatron as the leader of the Decepticons. Instead of waiting for Sentinel Prime to be attacked so he can kill him, Starscream was interested in capturing Sam Witwicky, who no longer served any purpose in the war in Dark of the Moon.
  • In the second film, Starscream's voice seems to be higher, more sniveling than in the previous film, probably to sound more like his Generation One counterpart. In an unusual twist, the Revenge of the Fallen game has him using the original voice.
    • Starscream's different voice in the second film sounds nearly identical to that used by his voice actor, Charlie Adler, for Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Resolute and G.I. Joe Renegades, likely as a homage to the Decepticon Air Commander and the leader of Cobra having the same voice.
  • Starscream has two additional forms in Revenge of the Fallen game: Generation One Starscream is downloadable only on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game; Starscream in Generation One color is only unlockable on the Xbox 360,PS3 and PC versions of the game. He is playable in all versions of the game, along with Megatron and Sideways. In the PS3, XBox360, and PC versions, he has to destroy a museum (The museum Sam Witwicky entered to bring Jetfire back to life).
  • In the PS2 and WII versions of Revenge of the Fallen, he frees Megatron from the Laurentian Abyss to not disappoint the Fallen, and wounds Bumblebee and Jetfire.
  • He was the only Decepticon who was able to get extremely close to killing Sam Witwicky in all three films.
    • In the first movie, he jumped onto the ground where Sam was which caused numerous cars to fly into the air.
    • In Revenge of the Fallen, he was the one who cut up the car Sam was trapped in and close enough to spit on him. Also, he was almost close to killing Sam during the forest battle.
    • In Dark of the Moon, after showing up near a bus where Sam and Carly were, Sam Witwicky climbed on top of Starscream and stabbed his eyes before giving the final blow to Starscream's dignity.
  • Starscream seemed to have a great dislike of, possibly a mild obsession, with Sam Witwicky for some unknown reason.
    • In Revenge of the Fallen, he growled and spit at him upon meeting him for the first time, and said "Come here, boy" with a menacing low tone while pursuing him in the forest.
    • In Dark of the Moon, he gleefully chased him and Carly when he could've focused on wiping out Epps' team, stating with pleasure "What a treat! You and me, alone!", taunting Sam all the while and calling him "boy" in the same condescending tone. This ultimately led the least dignified death in the history of The Transformers at Sam's hands when he pushed Sam into battle with him.
    • Starscream's fixation on Sam might stem from his failure to kill Megatron permanently; sure, the kid killed him, but he didn't stay dead, even though this was not his fault; he could just be projecting his anger on Sam.
  • Why didn't Starscream just take the All Spark from Sam when he had the chance?
    • Probably he actually was going to but was attacked by Ironhide and Ratchet, or he wouldn't dare let Megatron decide to kill him for doing so.
  • He obviously didn't learn from Megatron's first death at Sam's hands about how dangerous Sam can be when backed into a corner and he, for some reason, apparently wasn't grateful for Sam killing Megatron the first time given his hatred of the human (despite him doing Starscream a favor).
  • When Starscream's lifeless body falls of a building, you can see that his arm was blown off by the explosion that killed him. This is the same arm that Optimus Prime cut off in the forest battle in Revenge of the Fallen.
  • Total On-screen Transformations: 13
  • In Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon, he seems to be a bit of a coward and Sam Witwicky was able to kill him, yet in the first film he battles Ironhide and Rachet head on, badly damaging them both.
  • In his death scene in Dark of the Moon, why didn't he just cut the grapple-glove line with his saw-blade?
  • As with Megatron, Starsreams death has also caused discontent among the fans. Many think that Starscream being brought down by Sam is fitting, given their relationship in the trilogy. However, most have been outraged that it was a human who killed him instead of an Autobot. Main reasons are because Starscream has been almost neglected in the whole trilogy, most people aren't too fond of Sam's character and some are just GEEWUNers.
  • It seems possible that the Transformer seen on Mars in the first movie is Starscream, even if the Transformer had a different body-shape, Because the sound heard in the background was the same noise Starscream emits while walking.


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