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Starscream is a Predacon from the Beast Wars II era of the Generation One continuity who was later upgraded into Hellscream.

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Starscream is the effeminate Air Commander of Galvatron's Predacons on Gaea. He is partnered with the dull-witted BB; strangely, he seems to interpret BB's grunts of "Roger" into actual sentences. Though ridiculously girly, he is in reality a treacherous little so-and-so who will take any opportunity to seize power, much as his namesake. He hates the other Predacon Jet Warriors, Dirge and Thrust, considering them simpletons. In jet mode he can combine with BB into the "Formation Scream" which enhances their aerial attack power.

He was later upgraded via Angolmois energy into Hellscream.


Beast Wars II and Neo cartoons

Voice actor: Hiroki Takahashi (Japanese)

Starscream and BB were the right-hand men of Galvatron and Megastorm during the Beast Wars on Gaea. Starscream's major role during those Beast Wars, however, was to try and kill his fellow Predacons so he could move up the chain of command (he was gunning for Emperor of Destruction). At one point, he even went so far as to dunk Megastorm in a pit of pure Angolmois energy, assuming it would kill him. Unfortunately, all it did was upgrade Megastorm into Gigastorm.

Starscream later got his own Angolmois energy upgrade. Gigastorm, hoping to destroy all the Maximals at once, set up a series of bombs and then hid himself behind a mountain. Starscream and BB then showed up and tangled with the Maximals. They lost, but rather than face an honorable defeat, Starscream pleaded for the chance to switch sides and fight against the Predacons. This enraged Gigastorm, who then activated the explosives regardless of Starscream and BB's safety. The pair then fell into a pit of pure Angolmois, supposedly to their doom. However, Starscream weathered it quite well, emerging from the pit in a new cybernetic shark form as Hellscream.

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Hellscream and Max B (the upgraded BB) continued to fight for the Predacons up until the last battle on the battleship Nemesis. At the climax of that battle, Galvatron detonated the battleship, the explosion sending all the remaining Predacons, Hellscream included, floating helplessly through outer space.

After the defeat of Unicron, Hellscream and the rest of the exiled Predacons were invited back to Cybertron to help restore their home planet.

Beast Wars II comic

IDW Beast Wars comics

Starscream first met BB in a Maximal detention center, where he befriended the traumatized giant. During an escape from the prison, Starscream took BB with him, solidifying BB's loyalty to Starscream. Beast Wars Sourcebook

Hellscream became one of Shokaract's acolytes. He went on to help spread Angolmois across Cybertron, causing widespread chaos and violence, but was eventually defeated by Ravage alongside his fellow heralds and apparently fled the scene when Shokaract disappeared. The Ascending issue 4


Beast Wars II

  • Starscream and BB (Ultra, 1998)
Japanese ID number: D-13
A recolor of Dreadwing with Smokescreen, this toy is nearly identical to the unreleased Generation 2 Megatron ATB with Starscream toy. Starscream transforms into a fighter jet of undetermined (probably made-up) model. He has two side-mounted spring-loaded rocket launchers that become hand-weapons in robot mode. He can combine with BB's vehicle mode to form the large Formation Scream stealth bomber jet.
The stickers on his tailfins and on BB's arms call him "Starscrem." This is easily ignorable as bad transliteration.
This mold is also used by Smokejumper and Smokesniper.
  • Hellscream (Deluxe, 1998)
Japanese ID number: D-23
A heavy retooling of the Cybershark mold. This toy features a new mechanically styled beast mode head, fins and tail, a new robot mode head, arm, and leg. The beast mode head may be used as a hand-weapon, and the tail turbine has a spring-loaded mechanism for the included missiles.
This mold was slightly redecoed to make Universe Overbite. A retool of the original mold was used to make Sharp Edge.


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