"Corkscrew" Ships

"Quintesson Ship"

Quint ship

The quintessential Quintesson spacrcart, this ship is often somply refered to as "the" Quintesson Ship.

The Quintesson Ship spins on its axis as it moves through space. (It's not clear why, that's not the way its gravity goes...) Though its unique design means it's best served by a planetary starbase with a cradle capable of recieving it, the Quintesson ship is capable of burrowing 'tail first' into the ground and balancing witht he aid of a landing stabilizers.

"Research Ship"

Quint ship killingjar

The Quinesson research ship is much smaller than the "Quintesson Ship." It features a unique forward-mounted engine design and can be equipped with a mirage sequence for disguise. The research ship is equipped to crew nine (with nine escape pods) though it can be manned with a creq one 1, providing he has an assistant familiar with its functions.

Trident Attack Craft

Trident attack craft

Man, the Quintessons will sell to anyone.

The Trident Attack Craft is a small Quintesson ship, crewing two. Uniquely, either 'end' of the craft can serve as its prow. The 'cockpit forward' orientation has more powrful engines, while the 'prongs forward' orientation places its primary weapons towards the enemy.

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