Starhoppers are starships in the Beast Era.
Starhopper deepmetal

Flying Manta Ray

Starhoppers are single-passenger spaceships of Cybertronian craft. They are capable of performing quantum scans of nearby planets.


Beast Wars

Depth Charge piloted a Starhopper while tracing the spark energy signature of Protoform X. The ship fell through a temporal anomaly and crashed in an ocean on prehistoric Earth. It was destroyed by Rampage. Deep Metal


  • Depth Charge's Starhopper was numbered 04.
  • The presence of Arabic numerals on Depth Charge's starhopper, if taken as canonical rather than a production oversight, implies a of connection between that ship (or its place of origin) and human cultures.
  • Depth Charge's own vehicle mode bears a resemblance to a starhopper, with vertically-oriented triangular "wings" held out from the hull on thin shafts.
  • Cheetor was familiar enough with Starhoppers that he was able to identify one at great distance.
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